Adaptive Trader Pro Review


In this post I will be reviewing the Adaptive Trader Pro automated forex robot for the Meta Trader 4 trading platform. The real verified account trading results at the time of me writing this review are very impressive with over 1300%+ in gains and a low 9% draw down. It is averaging around 40% profit per month and has thus far turned a $2,000 deposit into over $26,000. There has been hundreds of trades so we know that the strategy is reliable and the winners are outweighing the losers which is great as it means that one loss will not wipe out all of your gains. Adaptive Trader Pro is suitable for beginners to forex trading as it comes with detailed setup instructions and is easy to get it up and running on the free to download Meta Trader 4 trading platform – no prior forex trading experience is required. Considering it has been running for around 8 months and doing so well it would be interesting to see if this continues and now may be the best opportunity to get it and take advantage of its superb performance.

Adaptive Trader Pro Strategy

As mentioned previously, Adaptive Trader Pro is a 100% fully automated forex trading robot with a unique algorithm built in. It uses a steady and reliable trading system that is able to adapt to nearly any market condition & can making extreme profits with small risk on any forex account – as proven by the real verified results being shared by the developer. There are no hedging, martingale, arbitrage or extreme scalping strategies used by the robot. As the name suggests, Adaptive Trader Pro can be used on any pair you wish although from analysing the real results I would recommend the EUR pairs as they seem to be performing the best. Again like I always say, please ensure that you are using a regulated true ECN forex broker for the lowest spreads and plenty of liquidity for quick execution and limited (if any) negative slippage.

Adaptive Trader Pro Verified Real Results
Adaptive Trader Pro Verified Real Results

Adaptive Trader Pro Back Testing

The Adaptive Trader Pro developer has not shared any back tests on the website but that is fine as we have a good amount of real live data to analyse. Also, due to the adaptive nature of the robot it may not be ideal for back testing.

Adaptive Trader Pro Live Results

To see the latest live verified trading account performance of all forex robots please visit my best forex robots results page.

Adaptive Trader Pro Summary

Overall I would say that despite being new (2016) this forex robot has been very impressive during the time it has been running on the verified real account. It has made huge gains with very low risk and has a favourable risk to reward ratio. There are ample opportunities for it to trade considering that it runs on any currency pair. It is suitable for any level of trading experience and comes with full support, life time license, free updates and a money back guarantee. If you are happening to be reading this review some way away from the time when I wrote it and the results are still great, that goes to prove even further this would be an excellent fully automated forex trading solution.


Adaptive Trader Pro

Adaptive Trader Pro










          • MetaTrader 4
          • Any Currency Pair
          • Unique Algorithm
          • 1-2 Licenses
          • Free Updates
          • Full Support
          • Any Deposit
          • Any Leverage
          • Detailed Instructions
          • 60 Day Money Back Guarantee

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