DD Markets Forex Signals Review


In this post I will be reviewing the DD Market Forex Signal Service. This forex signal service has been around since 2014 with a proven track record of results that show the signals are producing consistently good results. What I like most about the DD Markets signals is the detailed and thorough professional and thoughtful analysis that goes into each trade. The trades are based on technical and fundamental analysis across multiple markets including forex. Signals are sent to you via email and are based on the long term charts (usually h4 and above). This is a good thing as the longer term timeframes are less susceptible to getting whipsawed in and out of trades whilst also give you room to catch some big moves. The technical analysis used is key support and resistance levels with consideration to the overall trend forecast. These analysis have proven for years to be the bread and butter of successful forex trading.

DD Markets Forex Signals Trade Example
DD Markets Forex Signals Trade Example

There are multiple examples of trades from DD Markets signals showing exactly why they were taken. There is a great success rate especially around fundamentals such as the 2016 Brexit vote. You can look back over the history of all the DD Markets forex signals and see how much pips were won or lost – overall the signals produce a lot of profit especially considering all of the hard work is done for you. It is great for you to be able to choose to take trades on your preferred pairs whilst leaving out others and you can even add your own technical and fundamental analysis to “double confirm” the trading signals provided. As far as a forex signal service goes, it would be hard to find a service with as much a detailed analysis as DD Markets provide. When you signup you have access to the member area which includes lots of screenshots of trades and allows you to start receiving signals from within the members area and/or in your email inbox.

DD Markets Forex Signals Results October 2016
DD Markets Forex Signals Results October 2016

DD Markets Forex Signals

DD Markets Forex Signals










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