Forex Time Robot Review


In this post I will be reviewing the Forex Time Robot. Forex Time Robot is a completely automated forex trading system for the EURUSD 15 minute charts and runs in the free to download MetaTrader 4 trading platform. The website has published real verified accounts showing how this forex robot made around 20,000% in profit at the time of writing this review. These gains seem very unrealistic but it is hard to argue with the verified proof that even shows the profit withdrawals made from the real trading account. Despite these gains, the developer states that a user should be realistic which is fine when you consider even a fraction of the gains seen on the developers live account would still be fantastic. This is a unique Forex Robot that combines different trading strategies with different trading sessions and a unique money management system.

Forex Time Robot Trading Strategy

The Forex Time Robot does trade very frequently targeting small and consistent profits. The win rate is very high (around 97%) with the maximum consecutive wins currently 150 and the maximum consecutive losses only 4 in comparison. The average profit is also around the same value as the average loss which gives it an acceptable risk to reward ratio of around 1:1. The risk to reward ratio combined with the extremely high win rate and frequent trades makes this a forex robot that can generate significant profits in a short space of time – as proven by the live account results on the website. Forex Time Robot has built in money management features that calculate risk based on the account free margin which is ensures that you do not over leverage or blow your account by calculating lot sizes too high as can happen when working with account free balance. Robots that use account free balance do not always take into consideration existing open trade and margin level which can lead to a margin call and stop out. Forex Time Robot hides the stop loss and take profit from your broker which may give comfort to some traders although I believe you should be using a true ECN forex broker with no dealing desk intervention in which case it would not make a difference. The exact strategy is clarified within the instructions however the developer states that it uses a combination of intraday strategies, hedging, and averaging in/out of positions. This helps to manage losing trades and maximize profit potential. It has a different trading strategy for each trading session and a news filter. There are some very long and through videos on the website that show you the Forex Time Robot in action.

Forex Time Robot Review Real Account Statistics
Forex Time Robot Review Real Account Statistics

Forex Time Robot Back Testing

There are no back testing results on the website but they are not required as the developer is sharing real live account verified results.

Forex Time Robot Live Results

To see the latest live verified trading account performance of all forex robots please visit my best forex robots results page.

Forex Time Robot Summary

Overall the Forex Time Robot is a very well thought out fully automated trading system that has been professional developed and tested. It is unique as it uses a combination of different trading strategies depending on the current trading session. It does well to combine both technical and fundamental analysis with a unique money management strategy that can turn losing positions into winning positions and recover from losses quickly without needing to take too much risk. It trades the EURUSD which is a very liquid currency pair with low spreads so therefore less trading costs. The website is not written in native English but this should not at all deter away from the quality of this very good Forex Robot – backed up with real live verified results. It also comes with full support, detailed instructions and a 60 day money back guarantee. Visit the Forex Time Robot website for the latest results and to see some videos of it in action.

Forex Time Robot

Forex Time Robot










          • EURUSD
          • 15 Minute Timeframe
          • 1 License
          • 60 Day Money Back Guarantee
          • Full Support
          • Lifetime Updates
          • Detailed Instructions
          • No Minimum Deposit
          • Any Leverage
          • MetaTrader 4

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