Gold Signal Provider Review


In this post I will be reviewing the Gold Signal Provider service. This is a signal service for trading gold. The signal provider claims the gold signals generated over $50,000 in just 5 months’ time. Whilst these gains are impressive I would like to see verified account proof and also they do not specify what the trading position size was to achieve this. I mean really high lots with huge risk could quite easily achieve this. In any case, I am not writing off these claims as they have some recent gold signals published on the website that show good results. For the small monthly cost with no minimum contract required it could be worth trying out the signals but I would do so on a demo account until the signal results could be verified as being worthwhile.

Gold Signal Provider combines three different gold trading strategies based on historical probabilities and sends you the signals via email between 3-4am GMT. If you have the free MetaTrader 4 app for your phone you could easily place the trades based on the signals straight from your phone as soon as you receive the email. This gold signal service will of course save you the time and hassle of analysing the charts yourself.

Overall, if the recent signals displayed on the Gold Signal Provider website were verified I would be confident in this service although considering it is very reasonably priced and comes with a 60 day money back guarantee I would be happy to test these signals on a demo account for a month or so to see how well they actually perform and to verify the signals posted on the website.

Gold Signal Provider

Gold Signal Provider










          • GOLD
          • Multiple Timeframes
          • 60 Day Money Back Guarantee
          • Full Support
          • Email Signals

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