IUX Review

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IUX is a leading online trading platform designed to cater to both novice and experienced traders. Founded in 2016, IUX has established itself as a reliable and feature-rich broker, offering a diverse range of trading instruments, advanced tools, and competitive trading conditions. In this review, we’ll explore the various aspects ..Read More

30-Second Chart Trading

Developed for traders looking to thrive in fast-paced markets, trading on a 30-second chart offers an exhilarating approach to seizing potential trading opportunities in real time. This ultra-short timeframe empowers traders to execute multiple trades within a single session, enabling rapid decision-making and the ability to capitalize on fleeting market ..Read More

UniTrader Review

Unitrader is a premier platform for professional Forex and CFD trading. Developed by the Boston Unisoft team, who have over a decade of experience in the Forex and CFD markets, this platform brings together advanced technology and a deep understanding of traders’ needs. Throughout their extensive research and analysis, the ..Read More

Funding Pips Review

Funding Pips has become a leading prop trading firm, focused on empowering traders with tools and opportunities in financial markets since August 2022. They’ve thoroughly studied proprietary trading dynamics, leading to a well-structured funding program. Key Features of Funding Pips Funding Pips offers a single funding program for traders of ..Read More

Fintokei Review

Fintokei, a new trading education and evaluation platform, launched in Japan in April 2023. Supported by Purple Holdings and Purple Technology, Fintokei is expanding into Europe. Despite lacking a listed address and registration details on its website, its innovative offerings have caught the attention of many in the trading community. ..Read More

FlexyTrade Review

With futures trading being as cutthroat a business, figuring out an adaptable platform that offers the potential market presence alongside best-in-class conditions and features is essential. One particular choice that many point to is called FlexyTrade, and for good reason. The platform provides advanced solutions for trading without the need ..Read More