Prop Firm EA V2

Prop Firm EA V2 is a Meta Trader 4 Forex robot that discovers interesting trend reversal signals by combining tops and bottoms with a news filter. With the Prop Firm EA, you can expect minimal drawdowns. You could modify the input numbers to experiment with the default stop loss and ..Read More

Prado EA

Prado EA is an expert advisor that trades pending orders, instantly sets stop loss and take profit, and employs a multifunctional trailing stop. The EA has four trading methods as of version 7.0. A smoother profitability graph is achieved for any market behavior due to the simultaneous operation of four ..Read More

Pegasus Pro EA

Pegasus Pro is based on the HFT (high frequency trading) algorithm, but it is so sensitive and is completely automatic. Pegasus Pro can scalp in any scenario. You may want to attempt backtesting with the smallest spread: (MAX 5 for major currencies). You may want to ensure that the server ..Read More

Panther Trader Pro EA

The Panther Trader Pro EA is a trading robot which uses trend-following strategy that primarily trades during the Asian session. The EA has been submitted to stress tests for 17 years, as claimed, and has passed each year with a favorable profit/drawdown ratio. It analyzes the market without the use ..Read More

Morpheus EA

The Morpheus EA is a trading robot which uses breakout strategy to produce market entry signals when the price crosses a price range boundary. The developer claims to have used adequate historical statistics from the last 15 years to develop the strategy. He claims to have used the finest signals ..Read More

Boomerang EA

The Boomerang EA is an automated trading system that has gained attention from the forex community within a short period. As automated trading systems become increasingly popular, the Boomerang Trading Advisor show an approach to Martingale-based strategies. This article will provide an in-depth analysis of the principles behind this trading ..Read More

Bestgrid EA

By utilizing an aggregate strategic analysis, the Bestgrid Expert Advisor identifies critical consolidation levels, and trades are only opened within these levels. This approach allows for a more accurate estimation of potential price movements, which can lead to more comprehensive market analysis. The EA offers flexible settings for stop loss ..Read More

BKK Scalper EA

The BKK Scalper Expert Advisor is a specialized tool used in trading that employs a distinct algorithm designed to recognize specific entry points in exhausted market trends. “Exhausted trends” refer to market movements that have lost their momentum and are likely to reverse direction soon. This is where the concept ..Read More

Aura Pro EA

Automated trading systems have become increasingly popular, and one such system is the Aura Pro EA. This EA is based on deep machine learning and hyperparameter search technology and is an option for traders seeking to diversify their portfolios. In this comprehensive review, we’ll take a closer look at the ..Read More