Forex Capital Funds Review

The  Forex Capital Funds (FCF) is prop firm where they are on a mission to revolutionize the trading world. Their goal is simple: to try empowering traders worldwide by unlocking the transformative potential of their skills. They firmly believe that talent knows no bounds, and lack of capital shouldn’t hinder ..Read More

Deepvue Review

The Deepvue is the ultimate destination for revolutionizing the way trader’s invest. The platform ethos is centered on transforming the conventional investment landscape into a dynamic realm where the traders can thrive. How? By offering an unparalleled trading platform that seamlessly combines power, intuition, and comprehensiveness. Here at Deepvue, the ..Read More

Traderlion Review

TraderLion is one of the premier destination for all things related to trading, investing, and financial empowerment. Whether the trader is a seasoned trader looking for advanced strategies or a beginner eager to embark on your investment journey, TraderLion tries to offer comprehensive resources tailored to meet the trader needs. ..Read More

Low Resistance Liquidity Run

A Low Resistance Liquidity Run (LRLR) is a phenomenon which epitomizes a rapid and forceful alteration in price direction, often signaled by the emergence of large, attention-grabbing candle movements on trading charts. The occurrence of an LRLR is frequently intertwined with the alignment of higher time frames with meticulous analysis, ..Read More

Broadening Formations

The broadening formations is a pivotal chart pattern, carefully analyzed by smart market observers. Delving into the complex dynamics of price movements, this pattern tries to stand out for its distinctive characteristics marked by escalating price volatility. Visualized through the divergence of two trend lines—one ascending and the other descending—broadening ..Read More

Unmitigated Order Blocks

The Unmitigated Order Blocks is a technical indicator in the realm of trading tools which is engineered with precision and tailored for traders of all levels. This custom indicator simplifies complex market dynamics by highlighting unmitigated order blocks. But what exactly are these order blocks? They’re strategic price levels where ..Read More

ICT Optimal Trade Entry

Step into the realm of ICT trading strategy, where Optimal Trade Entry (OTE) levels try to serve as indispensable guideposts for traders navigating the market’s ebb and flow. These OTE levels mark pivotal moments where the market undergoes a noticeable retracement in a particular direction, prompting smart traders to seek ..Read More

ICT Intraday Bias

The ICT Intraday Bias presents a comprehensive methodology that delves into the depths of market dynamics. Through diligent examination of previous market highs and lows, this approach unveils invaluable insights into liquidity patterns and potential directional shifts. By leveraging this analysis, traders gain the ability to not only anticipate forthcoming ..Read More

ICT Power of 3

The ICT Power of Three (PO3) is an acclaimed strategy designed to navigate the complexities of the market through three key stages: accumulation, manipulation, and distribution. By honing in on discernible patterns within price movements, PO3 tries to empower traders to execute informed decisions regardless of market conditions, be it ..Read More

Balance Price Range

In the world of financial markets, a Balanced Price Range (BPR) unveils itself as a fascinating phenomenon, characterized by a swift and alternating dance of price movements. Picture this: prices soar to lofty heights with rapid momentum, only to swiftly reverse course and descend into the depths, or perhaps they ..Read More