Profit Line Indicator

Profit Line Indicator computes the potential profit or loss from a certain trading arrangement. It is a useful tool since it mixes risk and money management. Money management is crucial since it improves your skill set and gives you peace of mind even when the market is working against you. ..Read More

Price Alert Indicator

A disciplined trader has done their research and knows the price levels at which they want to be notified. This entails objectively examining markets and focusing on past fundamental events as well as upcoming fundamental events that may function as a catalyst for pricing. Following that, a disciplined trader develops ..Read More

Advance Sentiment Oscillator

The Average Sentiment Oscillator was invented by unknown Forex enthusiasts to gauge the overall market sentiment for a particular currency pair. It was officially used in the market in the early 2000s. What is the Average Sentiment Oscillator? The Average Sentiment Oscillator is a popular technical indicator used in Forex ..Read More

VIX Indicator

Developed by the Chicago Board of Options Exchange Market Volatility (CBOE), VIX measures market volatility. In this guide, we’ll talk about what the VIX is and what its trading strategy is. What is the VIX indicator? VIX, or volatility index, measures the implied volatility in the market. It is known ..Read More