30 Days Trading Transformation Review


In this post I will be reviewing the 30 Days Trading Transformation (30 DTT) course. It is very rare I find a vendor with a forex trading product that focuses on the psychological aspect of forex trading which is ironic when you consider that being a successful trader is almost 99% psychology! “Trading in the Zone” by Mark Douglas is perhaps my favourite book that covers trading psychology and specifically trading discipline. I highly recommend reading this if you haven’t already.

Anyways, this 30 Days Trading Transformation course is along similar lines in that it will not give you a set in stone trading system but it will give you something worth a lot more and that is the right mind set to prepare you for the world of forex trading. These aspects are way too often over looked by traders who just want to “get rich quick” but they are imperative to your success.

Well, what if I use a forex robot you ask, surely trading psychology does not matter then? WRONG! It does because you still need the psychology such as discipline and patience to trust the forex robot long term and not to give up on every single forex robot after just 1 losing trade. Think about it.

30 Days Trading Transformation Course

The 30 Days Trading Transformation course is a useful way to prepare you psychology for trading forex. It covers some of the most important aspects that will make you consciously aware of your feelings and emotions when trading which will in turn ensure that you are always ticking to your trading plan and do not get yourself into a mess. Trading after all is a business so it should be treated and organised just like any other business.

30 Days Trading Transformation Review
30 Days Trading Transformation Review

30 Days Trading Transformation Summary

There is no shame in acknowledging that you need support and it is a brave task to admit so, this 30 Days Trading Transformation will give you all that support and more and help you have a much more positive outlook which will in turn help to improve your trading results. It is logical, if you are happy, calm, organised and focus then you will perform much better than if you are upset and angry which will let fear, greed and other negative emotions take over. For the price it costs the 30 Days Trading Transformation course I cannot recommend enough to get your trading psychology in check! Stop blaming everyone else for your results and look within, you just might have found your solution.

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  • Trading Psychology
  • Trading Emotions
  • Brain Training
  • Discipline
  • Patience
  • Control
  • Organisation
  • Consciousness
  • In the Zone
  • Trading Coach