Absolute Renko Winner

The Absolute Renko Winner is an expert advisor (EA) designed specifically for MetaTrader 4 (MT4) that utilizes Renko charts to execute trades. Renko charts are popular among traders due to their ability to filter out noise and provide clearer price trends. This review aims to provide an in-depth analysis of the Absolute Renko Winner EA, including its features, performance, and overall value for traders.

Absolute Renko Winner
Absolute Renko Winner


  1. Renko Chart Trading: The Absolute Renko Winner EA capitalizes on the power of Renko charts to identify and act upon significant price movements. Renko charts, known for their simplicity and ability to remove market noise, help traders focus on essential price levels and trends.
  2. HG Renko Builder: This included indicator assists in generating accurate Renko charts, eliminating the need for manual chart construction. The HG Renko Builder simplifies the process by automatically building Renko bricks based on specified parameters, allowing traders to save time and concentrate on trading strategies.
  3. ARW Indicator: The ARW indicator is a valuable addition to the Absolute Renko Winner package. This indicator provides visual cues and signals to help identify potential trade setups and entry/exit points based on Renko chart patterns, price action, and trend analysis. It enhances the decision-making process by offering valuable insights into market dynamics.


The performance of an expert advisor is crucial to evaluating its effectiveness. While the Absolute Renko Winner EA demonstrates promising features, it is important to assess its performance through various factors:

  1. Backtesting: Backtesting is a fundamental method for evaluating the historical performance of an EA. Traders can apply the Absolute Renko Winner EA to historical data to assess its profitability, risk management, and overall stability. It is advisable to conduct thorough backtesting across different market conditions and time periods to gain a comprehensive understanding of the EA’s performance.
  2. Real-Time Trading: Real-time performance is a critical aspect of any EA. While the Absolute Renko Winner EA might show positive results during backtesting, it is essential to deploy it in live trading conditions to confirm its effectiveness. Traders should monitor the EA’s performance closely and make necessary adjustments if needed.

Value for Traders

  1. Trading Efficiency: The Absolute Renko Winner EA offers traders a time-saving solution by automating trade execution based on Renko chart analysis. Traders can focus on strategy development and market analysis, rather than spending time constructing charts manually or monitoring charts for trade setups.
  2. Trade Customization: The EA provides traders with the flexibility to customize various parameters according to their individual preferences and risk tolerance. This allows users to tailor the EA to their trading style and adapt it to different market conditions, thereby enhancing the potential for good trades.
  3. Educational Material: The Absolute Renko Winner EA comes with a manual that explains its features, installation process, and trading strategies. The inclusion of educational material is beneficial for traders, particularly those who are new to Renko chart trading or EAs in general. The manual helps users understand the concepts behind the EA and guides them in optimizing its settings for their specific needs.

Price and Discounts

The Absolute Renko Winner EA is initially priced at $397, which may be considered relatively high compared to other forex EAs available in the market. However, it is worth noting that discounts and promotional offers can often be found on different websites, which may provide an opportunity to acquire the product at a more affordable price. Traders should explore various sources to find the best available price and evaluate the potential return on investment based on their trading goals.


The Absolute Renko Winner EA offers a comprehensive solution for traders seeking to leverage the power of Renko charts in their trading strategies. With features such as the HG Renko Builder and ARW indicator, this EA provides valuable tools for Renko chart analysis and trade execution. While performance evaluation through backtesting and live trading is essential, the EA’s potential value lies in its ability to enhance trading efficiency and customization. Traders should consider their individual trading preferences, risk tolerance, and available discounts to make an informed decision on whether the Absolute Renko Winner EA aligns with their trading goals.

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