Action Forex Signals Review


In this post I will be reviewing Action Forex Signals. Action Forex Signals is a forex signal service that delivers forex trading signals to your inbox and/or via SMS every day. The forex signals are primarily for the major currency pairs and in real time. If you access your email from your phone then you can always download the free MetaTrader 4 app to place trades based on the signals.

Action Forex Signals provide a 7 day $1 free trial with no minimum contract or obligations which gives you limited time to test the signals they provide.

Action Forex Signals requires no previous trading experience as you can choose to buy and sell depending on the signals provided without you needing to do any further market analysis. However, should you wish then you can cross verify the signals provided with your own chart analysis for double confirmation and added pace of mind.

Action Forex Signals Review
Action Forex Signals Review

Action Forex Signals are provided by forex traders who use a combination of technical and fundamental analysis for each signal.

The Action Forex Signals cover the 1 hour, 4 hour and daily time frames. You may choose to take signals from one or all of these time frame.

Each signal includes the entry price, stop loss and take profit level. You are free however to set your own levels. I would just ensure that I maintain a favourable risk to reward ratio and good money management.

Overall, Action Forex Signals can be used by traders who do not have the time to conduct chart analysis themselves and want forex signals for entries on the major currency pairs across the higher time frames. As previously mentioned there is a free trial with no obligations although I would like to have seen more real examples shared on the website.

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  • Major Currencies
  • Multiple Timeframes
  • 60 Day Money Back Guarantee
  • Full Support
  • Email/SMS Signals
  • Risk Free Trial
  • Forex Trading Signals