Advanced Swiss Scalper EA

The Advanced Swiss Scalper EA has been specially created to perform automated trading with CHF (Swiss Franc) pairs in the MT4 platform.  It uses a combination of advanced algorithms and indicators to identify potential trading opportunities in real time and then executes trades automatically without human intervention.

Apart from algorithms and multiple indicators, the robot comes with built-in risk management tools enabling you to control your risks according to the changes in market conditions.

As a scalping EA, the Advanced Swiss Scalper operates in full function when applied within M5 and M15 timeframes. However, it may trigger frequent entries during highly volatile markets because of applying it on shorter timeframes. Using it in an MT4 platform employed by ECN brokers may help you minimize the cost of high-frequency trading.

This guide explains how the Advanced Swiss Scalper EA works, including its key features and MT4 settings.

Advanced Swiss Scalper EA Strategy

While applying the Advanced Swiss Scalper EA in MT4, focus on the major CHF pairs such as EUR/CHF, USD/CHF, and GBP/CHF. Besides, you can also use it to trade minor Swiss Franc pairs like CHF/JPY, AUD/CHF, and EUR/CHF, which are usually traded in higher volumes compared to other minor pairs.

Advanced Swiss Scalper EA Chart Setup in MT4
Advanced Swiss Scalper EA Chart Setup in MT4

Before activating the Advanced Swiss Scalper EA for live trading, ensure you have thoroughly sorted its MT4 settings and made necessary changes according to your trading requirements.

Advanced Swiss Scalper EA Features

  • Specially developed to trade CHF pairs.
  • Supports trading with ECN brokers.
  • Applicable to M5 – M15 charts.
  • Customizable money management features.
  • Simple demonstration of trading states.
  • Includes multiple stop-loss and take-profit parameters.
  • Show the information panel on the price chart.
  • Easy-to-use features for beginners.

Advanced Swiss Scalper EA Settings in MT4

  • Stop New Year Trading – Stop activating fresh orders during the New Year market opening.
  • Lot Size Style – Choose between fixed and autolot trading.
  • Initial Lot – The maximum trading lot size of your opening trade.
  • Balance Step: Enables the EA to determine trading volume based on your capital growth.
  • Information Panel – Enable/disable the information panel on the main chart.
  • Draw Profit – Show the floating and realized profit summary on the chart.
  • Hard Stop Loss Range – This parameter determines how the EA will close all the orders instantly following the user’s command.
  • Hard Stop Loss (in Money) – The EA will close all orders if the drawdown hits the threshold.
  • Hard Stop Loss (%) – Set a specific balance % for closing all orders instantly.
  • Stop Trading After Hard Stop Loss – The EA will stop activating new orders after conceding a significant loss.
  • Stop Open New Orders by Panel – This enables you to stop all new orders by pressing the “New Orders” button on the Panel.
  • Stop Open New Orders without Panel – It enables the EA to stop new orders after cutting all losing orders.

Advanced Swiss Scalper EA Summary

If you love to trade Swiss pairs in forex, the Advanced Scalper EA can help you automatically trigger buy-sell entries in live markets. However, you must remember that it’s still just a forex robot that works on preset logic and has several limitations. For instance, it can read a signal but might fail to assess the market sentiment efficiently. Therefore, try it on demo accounts first before considering it for live market operations.

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