AGI EA MT4 is a Forex trading robot that has taken the market by storm. With its advanced features and cutting-edge technology, it has redefined the way traders approach automated trading. In this detailed review, we will explore the various aspects of AGI EA MT4.


Fully Automated and Self-Learning

One of the standout features of AGI EA MT4 is its complete automation. Traders, regardless of their experience or technical knowledge, can easily use this trading robot to trade in the Forex market. The embedded self-learning algorithm enables AGI EA MT4 to adapt to the dynamic nature of the market, making it efficient.

Artificial Intelligence at its Core

Unlike traditional Expert Advisors (EAs), AGI EA MT4 utilizes Artificial Intelligence (AI) technology. This AI-driven approach allows the system to learn from the Forex market, leading to automatic adjustments to changing market behaviors. The incorporation of AI sets AGI EA MT4 apart from other EAs, making it a nice tool for traders.

Unlimited Algo-Strategy Combinations

AGI EA MT4 boasts an impressive array of algorithms and strategies, providing traders with unlimited possibilities. It can exploit favorable market conditions for specific currency pairs. Additionally, AGI EA MT4 includes at least 5 set files for free, and it guides users in selecting the best-set file based on their forex broker, account type, and other relevant parameters. This versatility empowers traders to customize their strategies effectively.

Adaptable and Broker Friendly

AGI EA MT4 seamlessly adapts to most Forex brokers and is compatible with any good quality broker such as IC Markets. This flexibility ensures that traders can use their preferred broker without worrying about compatibility issues. AGI EA MT4’s adaptability and broker-friendly nature make it accessible to a wide range of traders.

Trade in Multiple Currency Pairs

With the ability to simultaneously trade in 8 currency pairs, AGI EA MT4 maximizes success potential while minimizing risk. By focusing on lucrative pairs and avoiding less profitable ones, this robot maintains a balanced approach. Traders can enjoy the benefits of diversification without sacrificing profits, resulting in reduced drawdown percentages.

Smart Lot Size Adjustment

AGI EA MT4 employs a smart technique for lot size adjustment, which differs from the risky Martingale strategy. This mechanism effectively recoups losses by altering the lot sizes at opportune moments, optimizing profits, and minimizing drawdown percentages. The inclusion of this feature adds an extra layer of protection to traders’ accounts.

Aggressive Mode with Equity Protection

For traders seeking higher returns, AGI EA MT4 offers an aggressive trading mode. This mode comes with an inbuilt equity protection mechanism that allows users to set their preferred drawdown percentage. By default, the EA is set at 5% equity protection, which can be adjusted to match individual preferences. This feature strikes a balance between risk and reward, catering to traders with different risk appetites.

Versatile Timeframe Settings

AGI EA MT4 provides versatile timeframe settings, allowing traders to adapt to changing market conditions. If the EA does not yield satisfactory results in a particular timeframe, users can easily switch to a higher timeframe. This flexibility ensures that the EA remains robust under any market conditions and with any Forex broker.


With its fully automated and self-learning capabilities, AI-driven approach, unlimited algo-strategy combinations, adaptability to various brokers, multi-currency pair trading, smart lot size adjustment, aggressive mode with equity protection, and versatile timeframe settings, AGI EA MT4 offers traders a tool worth noting to navigate the Forex market.

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