Alfa Trend Indicator

What is the Alfa Trend Indicator

The Alfa Trend is a technical indicator that identifies potential price swing conditions on MT4 charts. It tracks recent changes in price actions and plots arrow signals whenever it detects a change in market trends. Alfa Trend Indicator was explicitly created with trend-following novice traders in mind. This technical indicator can be useful for people who have trouble making decisions with complex trading strategies and are trying to decide if they shold look for long (buy) or short (sell) trades. Besides, it can be used with charts of all different currency pairs and timeframes. As a result, you can simultaneously go for scalping, day trading or swing trading.

Alfa Trend Indicator Strategy

The Alfa Trend Indicator doesn’t deliver straightforward buy and sell signals. Its primary objective is to alert you on possible changes in market momentums so that you can plan your trade accordingly. So, learning how to combine trend signals with price action such as candlestick patterns along with support and resistance is essential to discover solid trading opportunities.

  • The blue Alfa Trend arrow indicates a bullish market, and the red arrow signals a bearish market.
  • Consider the Alfa Trend Signals as a primary confirmation of the upcoming market bias.
  • Adding a moving average or simple trend oscillator may help you filter potential trade setups during choppy markets.
  • The trend signals must match relevant candlestick patterns before confirming an entry, especially during choppy market conditions.
  • Combining AlfaTrend Indicator with support/resistance, price channels, and trendlines may produce better results.

Buy Signal

You can consider the blue arrows of the Alfa Trend Indicator as buy signals under the following conditions:

  • The price is respecting a bullish trendline as support
  • The price rejects long-term support while being under an overall bullish trend
Alfa Trend Indicator Buy Setup
Alfa Trend Indicator Buy Setup

Sell Signal

Consider going short following red arrow signals of the Alfa Trend Indicator under these conditions:

  • The price fails to break a bearish trendline and treats the level as resistance.
  • The price rebounds from a strong resistance while remaining under a solid downtrend condition.
Alfa Trend Indicator Sell Setup
Alfa Trend Indicator Sell Setup

Alfa Trend Indicator Pros & Cons

Alfa Trend Indicator is indeed one of the simplest trend-following MT4 indicators for beginners. However, its signals may not work during irregularly volatile market conditions. Let’s explore the pros and cons of the indicator:


  • Offers simple demonstration of the trend signals
  • Easy trading rules
  • Identifies solid price swing positions
  • Helps determine potential price breakouts around critical support/resistance or trendlines
  • Non-lag forex indicator
  • Mergeable to any trend-following trading strategy


  • Signal accuracy is inconsistent in lower timeframes
  • May deliver frequent and weak signals in choppy markets
  • The Alfa trend signal alone is not good enough to confirm a trade entry


The Alfa Trend Indicator offers a simple solution to trend following traders in assessing current market bias and upcoming trends. The MT4 indicator has been specially developed for beginner-level speculators straightforwardly looking for accurate trend signals. However, its signal accuracy may fall below average during price consolidations and inconsistent market volatilities. Therefore, consider additional trend or price level analysis tools alongside the Alfa Trend Indicator so that you can avoid weak or false signals and move on with highly probable trade setups.

I would look to use basic trendlines along with support and resistance and price action to better time my entry in line with the market direction detected by the Alfa Trend Indicator. As with all forex strategies, you should use sensible money management and stay disciplined. If you like the sound of the Alfa Trend Indicator, you could always give it a try without taking any risk on a free forex demo account which you can get from most forex brokers.

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