Apex Scalper Review

In this post I will be reviewing the Apex Scalper Expert Advisor for the popular and free to download MetaTrader 4 (MT4) trading platform that is provided by most of the best forex brokers around the globe. For those of you who don’t know, an Expert Advisor (EA) is another name for a forex robot. A forex robot like Apex Scalper Expert Advisor will trade for you fully automated 24 hours a day as long as you have it running on your MT4 charts. Thus, this makes the Apex Scalper Expert Advisor suitable for all levels of forex traders from novices to the more advanced whilst you can be up and running in just 5 minutes using the instruction manual provided by the developer.

Apex Scalper Expert Advisor Trading Strategy

As the name suggests, the Apex Scalper Expert Advisor is a scalping forex strategy. Scalping requires a broker with very good liquidity such as an ECN forex broker so that you get the lowest possible spreads and minimal slippage. These factors can be the difference between a winning and losing strategy when scalping whilst the lower commission the better as that is another trading cost which can eat into profits. If a scalping system takes a few pips per trade, this can be wiped out by trading costs right away if not using a good forex broker.

The Apex Scalper Expert Advisor uses a unique algorithm that will try to detect supply and demand areas as they evolve and then enters positions into the forex market at these levels. Trades are based on price action around supply and demand areas whilst the robot attempts to avoid news releases and does not incorporate any potential dangerous money management strategies such as hedging, martingale, grids, arbitrage, etc.

The Apex Scalper Expert Advisor also uses an intelligent exit feature and has built in safety features. You can use it out the box or configure further to your requirements just make sure you amend the lot sizes to the correct size suited to your trading style.

Apex Scalper Review
Apex Scalper Review

Apex Scalper Expert Advisor Back Testing

Surprisingly good is the fact the developer has provided back tests on the official Apex Scalper Expert Advisor website that are done with 99% modelling quality and thus we can draw the conclusion they are using real tick data. Most forex robot developers do not bother to do this and it leads to unrealistic expectation so I am pleased to see the Apex Scalper Expert Advisor back tests.

However, I would also like to know if the developer used swaps, slippage and commissions in back testing as again, these can cut into profits.This is especially important with a forex scalping system such as this where the smallest margins can make a huge difference to results.

Apex Scalper Review
Apex Scalper Review
Apex Scalper Review
Apex Scalper Review

Apex Scalper Expert Advisor Live Results

To see the latest live verified trading account performance of all forex robots please visit my best forex robots results page.

Apex Scalper Expert Advisor Summary

Overall, this forex robot can analyse currency pairs and place trades for you but it does have some limitations. I have conducted many forex robot reviews and there are other alternative automated trading options that I would consider over this EA. It does come with instructions, support and a money back guarantee. It should be noted that there are no guarantees on how any system will perform and historical results are by no means an indication of future performance.

Apex Scalper









  • MetaTrader 4
  • Multiple Currency Pairs
  • Fully Automated Forex System
  • Any Leverage
  • Full Support
  • Detailed Instructions
  • Money Back Guarantee
  • Scalping Robot