Arya Trader Review

In this post I will review Arya Trader automated trading marketplace. Arya Trader is a marketplace where you can see performance of more than 20,000 automated trading robot and purchase these robots. Each automated transaction robot has general information, related video, statistics, transaction history and calculation simulator.

Arya Trader Review Platform Overview
Arya Trader Review Platform Overview

Arya Trader offers one single expert advisor that you can choose to add to your Meta Trader 4 trading platform account. All you need to do is to install Arya Trader as a plug-in to your MT4 account.

You can use any forex broker although I personally prefer to use ECN forex brokers as I find that they tend to have some of the most competitive trading conditions. This includes plenty of liquidity for tight spreads, low commissions and reliable execution speeds at the best available prices.

Once you have signed up to Arya Trader and connected your broker account, you can select your robots. Each robot you add to your portfolio on the website will automatically run on your MT4 account. You can add or remove robots at any time. Each robot will keep one position open at any time. One transaction will not open before the other transaction is closed. You can choose to do reverse transaction for losing robots if you wish.

Arya Trader Review Platform Tools
Arya Trader Review Platform Tools

Arya Trader has some tools to help you find the best forex robots for you by entering your account balance, profit target and lot amount. It is possible to combine two or more robots to create a personalised ready-made portfolio according to your own risk selections.

You can see entrance and exit point for transaction and see if these selections will fit your strategies. Arya Trader only offers account history to prevent getting lost with numbers. You can simply see how transactions happen on videos. They also offer statistics and account history to track performance.

Arya Trader Review Performance
Arya Trader Review Performance

There is a variety of different Arya Trader packages to choose from. They include a 1 robot and 6 robot packages, ranging from 6 to 12 months subscriptions. You can delete the robot you have purchased at any time and use the new robot for free.

Arya Trader Summary

Overall, Arya Trader is another automated trading solution that has been packaged in a different way to your usual commercially available forex robot. That being said, it does more or less the same thing which is trade autonomously on your trading account according to your set preferences. There is a range of robots available to choose from and it is compatible with any forex broker.

Arya Trader Review Features
Arya Trader Review Features

That being said, the results are based on historical data and thus there is absolutely no guarantee whatsoever of future performance. As always, trading online carries a significant element of risk that you should be well aware of before considering Arya Trader or any other trading strategy for that matter. Never risk more than you can afford to lose.

The Arya Trader support team are on hand to assist you should you have any specific questions related to their automated trading service. You may alos consider another social trading platform such as Zulutrade.

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