Audacity Capital Review

In the fast-paced world of proprietary trading firms, Audacity Capital has carved a niche for itself as a world-renowned institution that empowers traders globally. Established in 2012, this firm has successfully backed traders from over 140 countries, providing them with not only financial support but also guidance and resources to excel in the competitive arena of Forex trading. In this extensive review, we will dive deep into Audacity Capital’s offerings, advantages, application process, trader funding programs, and much more, shedding light on why this firm is a preferred choice for traders seeking to elevate their trading careers.

Audacity Capital
Audacity Capital

Empowering Traders Worldwide

At the core of Audacity Capital’s mission is the empowerment of professional traders worldwide. Their journey began in 2012, and since then, they have become synonymous with offering talented and ambitious traders a platform to showcase their skills and take their trading to the next level. Audacity Capital prides itself on nurturing long-term relationships with its traders by providing an environment conducive to growth and performance. Let’s explore what sets Audacity Capital apart and makes it an attractive choice for traders worldwide.

Why Choose Audacity Capital?

Audacity Capital offers a compelling set of reasons for traders to consider partnering with them:

  1. Generous Funding: One of Audacity Capital’s standout features is its ability to provide traders with access to substantial capital. Traders can tap into up to half a million US dollars in funding, significantly enhancing their trading firepower. This kind of financial support can be a game-changer for traders looking to scale up their operations.
  2. Fair Profit Sharing: The firm’s commitment to fairness and transparency is evident in its profit-sharing model. Audacity Capital shares profits with traders on a 50/50 basis, ensuring that both parties are equally invested in achieving success. This approach not only aligns the interests of the firm and the trader but also fosters a sense of partnership.
  3. Access to Trading Support: In the age of connectivity, Audacity Capital has taken strides to bring traders together through its community app. This app, available on both Google Play and the Apple Store, serves as a platform for like-minded professionals to interact, share market analysis, and explore new trading strategies. Additionally, it is used to disseminate information about events and promotions, further enhancing the sense of community among Audacity Capital’s traders.
  4. Flexible Trading Conditions: Audacity Capital firmly believes in creating a level playing field for its traders. There are no minimum trading days or deadlines, allowing traders the flexibility to operate in a manner that suits their trading style and preferences. Moreover, the firm partners with an institutional liquidity provider, ensuring tight spreads and no fees on commissions or swaps.
  5. Risk Mitigation: Trading can be a volatile endeavor, and Audacity Capital understands this. To provide an added layer of security, the firm offers a unique 10% absolute drawdown policy. Under this policy, traders are not liable for any losses within the 10% drawdown limit. This feature can be a significant relief for traders, as it mitigates the risk of substantial losses.

How Audacity Capital Works

The process of partnering with Audacity Capital is transparent and efficient:

  1. Application: Traders interested in the Funded Trader Program can initiate the process by filling out a form on the Audacity Capital website. Accuracy in providing contact details is crucial to ensure that the Talent Acquisition team can reach out promptly.
  2. Interview: Upon receiving your application, a member of the Talent Acquisition team will reach out to schedule an interview. This interview focuses on your trading experience and strategy, allowing Audacity Capital to better understand your profile.
  3. Results: Following the interview, Audacity Capital’s risk management team assesses whether you are a suitable fit for the program. If you receive approval, you will receive an email containing a contract and payment details.
  4. Start Trading: Once you have signed the contract and completed the payment, you will receive your trading account login details via email. This efficient process enables you to begin trading live data immediately, eliminating the need for a demo account.

Audacity Capital Trader Funding Programs

Audacity Capital offers a range of trader funding programs to cater to diverse trading situations:

  1. Funded Trader Program: This program is tailored for profitable traders with a proven strategy. Applicants are required to have at least three months of live trading experience. Key benefits of this program include quick approval, funding starting from $15,000, a fast scaling plan up to $480,000, and access to premium liquidity with zero commission and swap fees.
  2. Ability Challenge: The Ability Challenge is designed to accommodate traders of all experience levels, making it an inclusive program. It comprises a two-step demo process to evaluate trading skills. Upon successful completion, traders gain access to a live account. Notable benefits include no monthly fees, a generous profit share arrangement, increased leverage, and flexible trading conditions.
  3. Flex Trader Program: The Flex Trader Program offers live environment accounts starting at $15,000, with the potential to scale up to $480,000. It stands out by doubling the risk allowance, drawdown, and profit target, providing traders access to indices and commodities like Gold. With no time restrictions and premium liquidity, this program is designed for ambitious traders.
  4. Pro Trader Program: The Pro Funded Trader Program grants direct access to a live trading account and allows for customizable initial capital of either $30,000 or $60,000. Importantly, this program does away with the need for demo challenges, streamlining the Funded Trader Program for quicker earning potential. Like other programs, it provides access to premium liquidity and operates without time restrictions.

Audacity Capital Coupon Codes & Discount

If you are interested in joining their funded trader program, you might want to look for some coupon codes that can help you save money on their services. One of the best ways to find coupon codes for Audacity Capital is to use a web search engine like Bing. You can type in keywords like “Audacity Capital coupon codes” or “Audacity Capital promo codes” and see what results come up. You might find some websites that offer discounts, deals, or coupons for Audacity Capital.

Another way to get coupon codes for Audacity Capital is to follow their social media accounts, such as Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, or YouTube. They might post some exclusive offers, promotions, or giveaways for their followers. You can also check their official website for any news or updates on their services and prices.

If you have a coupon code for Audacity Capital, you can apply it at the checkout page when you sign up for their funded trader program. The discount will be reflected in your total amount. Make sure to read the terms and conditions of the coupon code before using it, as some codes might have expiration dates, minimum purchase requirements, or other limitations.


In conclusion, Audacity Capital has solidified its position as a reputable and supportive proprietary trading firm, offering traders an opportunity to access substantial funding, profit-sharing arrangements, trading support, and flexible trading conditions. Their commitment to risk mitigation through the 10% absolute drawdown policy is a noteworthy feature that distinguishes them from other firms in the industry. With a range of trader funding programs tailored to various experience levels, Audacity Capital aims to empower traders to reach their full potential. If you’re a trader looking for a trusted partner to elevate your trading career, Audacity Capital is certainly worth considering. Their track record, commitment to fairness, and dedication to trader success make them a compelling choice in the competitive world of proprietary trading.


What is Audacity Capital’s maximum drawdown?

According to the web search results, Audacity Capital offers a maximum drawdown of 10%.

What is Audacity Capital’s profit target?

According to the web search results, Audacity Capital offers a profit target of 10% for the funded trader program.

What are Audacity Capital’s minimum and maximum trading days?

According to the web search results, the minimum trading days for Audacity Capital is 7 days while the maximum trading days for Audacity Capital is 30 days.

What are Audacity Capital’s challenge fees?

According to the web search results, Audacity Capital’s challenge fees are not clearly stated.

Does Audacity Capital offer a retry?

According to the web search results, Audacity Capital does not offer a retry.

Does Audacity Capital offer a fee refund?

According to the web search results, Audacity Capital does not offer a fee refund.

What is Audacity Capital’s profit split?

Capital shares profits with traders on a 50/50 basis, ensuring that both parties are equally invested in achieving success.

Does Audacity Capital offer a scaling plan?

Yes, Audacity Capital offers a scaling plan.

Does Audacity Capital allow expert advisors?

According to the web search results, Audacity Capital allows expert advisors.

Does Audacity Capital offer a free trial?

According to the web search results, Audacity Capital does not offer a free trial.

What is Audacity Capital’s minimum deposit?

According to the web search results, Audacity Capital does not have a minimum deposit.

What are Audacity Capital’s brokers?

According to the web search results, Audacity Capital’s brokers are not clearly stated.

What are Audacity Capital’s platforms?

Audacity Capital uses MT4 & MT5.

What is Audacity Capital’s leverage?

According to the web search results, Audacity Capital has a 1:5 leverage.

Is Audacity Capital legit?

Audacity Capital is a company that claims to provide funding and backing for profitable traders who want to join their funded trader program. However, the legitimacy of this company is not very clear, as there are mixed reviews from different sources. Some people say that they are a scam, while others say that they are legit and offer a good opportunity for traders. Therefore, it is important to do your own research and due diligence before deciding to work with them.

Audacity Capital’s alternatives

Here are some alternatives to Audacity Capital: FTMO, The Funded Trader and TopStep Trader.

Audacity Capital









  • Instant account funding
  • No commissions or swap fees
  • Can request payout once every 10% profit target is met
  • Good range of educational content and trading courses
  • Ability Challenge and the Hidden Talents program for inexperienced investors
  • Fast scaling possible
  • Good selection of currency pairs


  • Need to pay a fee to get started
  • Only provide the MetaTrader 4 platform
  • Trading course fees if you want to learn more
  • Limited profit share compared to competitors
  • Prolonged interview process might deter some traders
  • Only Forex trading until a minimum account balance is reached
  • No weekend or news trading
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