Audacity Capital Review

The terms forex funded trader programme and forex proprietary trading firm are both familiar to many traders, although they are not always clear. They resemble one another and serve to provide dealers with the appropriate level of capital. Due to this, traders can utilise sufficient leverage when trading.

The proprietary company often makes money by investing its cash. It accomplishes this by employing a prop trader who works as a contractor for the business. Depending on the terms of the arrangement, he will earn a portion of the profits and the prop business will handle the remainder.

The proprietary firm has access to a variety of market investments, including derivatives, commodities, stocks, bonds, and currencies. According to your experience and expertise, you can join a remote forex prop firm and select any subject.

Audacity Capital are an in-house resource for learning and developing your FX trading skills through the funded forex accounts that they offer. But are they any good? Read on to find out more about this prop firm and what they can offer to aspiring traders.

Who is Audacity Capital?

Audacity Capital are searching for smart, driven, and experienced traders that are prepared to advance their trading. In order to try and help forex traders create a brighter future, they provide the required funding and resources. All traders at the company have an equal opportunity to trade from the comfort of their homes and get access to a funded account should they meet a certain criterion.

Audacity Capital Homepage
Audacity Capital Homepage

What do Audacity Capital do?

The Audacity Capital Funded Trader Program provides a fully-funded live trading account with a minimum deposit of $15,000 and a maximum of $500,000. They promote a relationship based on openness, decency, and fairness with traders. As a result, they equally divide the profits and work with a liquidity provider who offers narrow spreads and no commission or swap fees in order to benefit traders.

The programme offers a quick scaling strategy in which they double money each time a trader achieves the 10% goal. Additionally, they provide a 10% absolute drawdown that is not trailed from profits and exempts the trader from liability for any losses.

How to apply to Audacity Capital?

Prop firms have different procedures for submitting applications to become funded traders. Instead of using a conventional evaluation programme, Audacity Capital conducts interviews which takes some commitment. The process goes as follows:

  • Register for the Program – the online registration form in its entirety (takes just three minutes). Details include the number of years of trading experience, the balance of the account, risk management expertise, and the current trading plan.
  • Attend an Interview — The business will arrange a phone or in-person interview based on your application. Your trading history and strategy will be discussed.
  • Results – Within 24 hours after the interview, investors will hear back. If successful, an email with a contract and pertinent fee information will be issued.
  • Begin trading – Your Audacity Capital login information will be supplied right away as the contract is completed and payment is made, allowing you to start trading.

Investors with at least three to six months of expertise in live trading are sought by the company. A live-funded profile is more likely to be attained by those who can show consistency in profit while controlling risk and stability when sticking to a strategy or trading plan.

What is the Audacity Capital rules?

Fully funded live trading profiles are available through the Audacity Capital funded trader programme, with account sizes ranging from $15,000 to $500,000. With revenues split equally, packages are created with fairness and transparency in mind. A scaling strategy is used for the funded account, and capital is doubled for every 10% target hit.

Below you can see the main guidelines:

  • Withdrawals – Once the 10% threshold has been reached, money can be requested.
  • Weekend Positions – With the risk management team’s agreement, certain investors may be allowed to trade on the weekends.
  • Drawdown – 10% absolute drawdown, not trailing from profits, is the limit for the drawdown. Traders are not responsible for losses.
  • News trading – Positions must be closed during significant news events like central bank speeches or interest rate announcements.
  • Risk – Orders are limited to a maximum of 0.5 lots, with an initial account balance of $15,000. When the account balance doubles, the risk allowance increases by two.

In actuality, getting started would appear as follows:

  • All new Audacity Capital investors who are accepted into the sponsored trader programme will start with a funding of $15,000 per. Here, you can use lots up to 0.5 lots in size.
  • You must achieve the 10% profit target outlined in the scaling plan in order to advance (the new account balance should be $16,500). Your account balance will increase to $30,000 once attained.
  • Since the drawdown is 10%, the most you can lose from the initial balance is $1,500, which means your equity cannot drop below $13,500.
  • Audacity Capital allows profit withdrawals each time you hit a target of 10%.

Audacity Capital Accounts

For financed traders, Audacity Capital offers six different account sizes. By following the scaling plan, these range from the starting funding sum of $15,000 all the way up to $500,000.

The following features are constant across all account sizes: drawdown stays at 10%, monthly membership costs are the same, profit targets can be reached at any time, and trades cannot be made during significant news events. Although the company offers a leverage ratio of 1:5, the $15,000 account’s maximum cumulative exposure is only 0.5. (half lot).

First Stage Account

  • Lot Size – 0.5
  • Account Size – $15,000
  • Profit Target – 10% target ($1,500)
  • Tradeable Assets – Forex pairs

Sixth Stage Account

  • Lot Size – 16
  • Account Size – $500,000
  • Profit Target – 10% target ($50,000)
  • Tradeable Assets – Forex pairs, Indices and Commodities

Audacity Capital Fees

Similar to the BluFX lite package, there is a one-time membership cost of £199 and a monthly platform payment of £99 after that. Regardless of the size of the account, these fees never change.

The benefit of not having to pay fees or swaps is covered by the monthly subscription fee for Audacity Capital. In order to offer traders access to narrow spreads and quick executions, the company uses a liquidity provider.

Any trading profits are split equally between the traders and Audacity Capital as mentioned previously.

Audacity Capital Platforms & Markets

Only the MetaTrader 4 (MT4) terminal is provided by Audacity Capital. The platform may be used with any of the popular web browsers or can be downloaded for free. A mobile version for iOS and Android is also available.

Customers have full access to all features while using the terminal, including customisable charts and dashboards, 30+ technical indicators, 9 timeframes, one-click execution, and MarketWatch real-time quotations.

Although the trading terminal can be used externally to practise trading without taking any risks, Audacity does not provide a demo account.

Major and minor currency pairings are the only instruments offered because the company specialises on FX trading. GBP/USD, EUR/GBP, and USD/JPY are examples of this.

After scaling an account balance to $120,000, clients can ask for permission to trade commodities and indices.

Audacity Capital Features

Hidden Talents Program

The distinctive Hidden Talents programme offers a funded trading account as part of its creative approach to training. Using one-on-one training with fully certified mentors, the educational package seeks to locate, recruit, and develop the next generation of talent.

Although they can be done in four weeks, training sessions can be done either full- or part-time. Technical, fundamental, and intermarket analysis, trading psychology, and risk management are all included in the content.

Trading Therapy Course

For both novice and seasoned investors, the Audacity Capital trading psychology course is a good option. The course consists of 14 modules that include online videos and webinars. The course is structured such that you may learn how patterns and habits develop and how to control your own thought patterns in the context of day-to-day trading. The cost of the curriculum is £349 for a one-time purchase.


After reviewing the Audacity Capital-funded trader programme, I am happy with the calibre of the information offered. With integrated YouTube video content, a support centre zone for rapid fixes, and many online guides and forums covering key terms, top recommendations, and trading strategies.

Conclusion: is Audacity Capital a good prop trading firm?

For experienced traders wishing to enhance their investment capital and experience, Audacity Capital may be an interesting opportunity. The funded trader programme offers favourable trading terms, such as no commission fees for open positions and extensive teaching materials. For up-and-coming talent, the exclusive Ability Challenge and Hidden Talents programmes are excellent choices. They are a significant player in the market for prop firms and worth consideration.

Audacity Capital









  • Instant account funding
  • No commissions or swap fees
  • Can request payout once every 10% profit target is met
  • Good range of educational content and trading courses
  • Ability Challenge and the Hidden Talents program for inexperienced investors
  • Fast scaling possible
  • Good selection of currency pairs


  • Need to pay a fee to get started
  • Only provide the MetaTrader 4 platform
  • Trading course fees if you want to learn more
  • Limited profit share compared to competitors
  • Prolonged interview process might deter some traders
  • Only Forex trading until a minimum account balance is reached
  • No weekend or news trading