Audacity Capital vs FTMO

In the fast-paced world of financial markets, trading has become an enticing career path for many individuals seeking independence, flexibility, and potentially lucrative returns. However, becoming a successful trader requires not only a solid understanding of market dynamics but also substantial capital to back one’s strategies. For aspiring traders who lack the necessary funds, proprietary trading firms like Audacity Capital and FTMO offer an opportunity to access substantial trading capital without the need to risk their own savings. In this article, we will conduct a comprehensive comparative analysis of Audacity Capital and FTMO, two popular prop trading firms, to help traders make an informed decision on which option suits them best.

Audacity Capital vs FTMO
Audacity Capital vs FTMO

Introduction to Audacity Capital and FTMO

Before delving into the comparison, it is essential to understand the basic structure and offering of each firm:

Audacity Capital

Audacity Capital is a UK-based proprietary trading firm that provides traders with access to substantial capital, proprietary trading software, and professional mentoring. Traders can choose from various account sizes, each with different profit-sharing ratios. The firm emphasizes risk management and aims to nurture traders to become consistently profitable in the long run.

Audacity Capital
Audacity Capital


FTMO is a well-known prop trading firm established in the Czech Republic. Like Audacity Capital, FTMO offers traders access to significant capital, risk management tools, and a supportive community. Traders are required to pass a two-step evaluation process, which involves trading a demo account and a funded account. Successful traders receive a share of the profits they generate.


Evaluation Process and Funding

Audacity Capital’s Evaluation Process and Funding

Audacity Capital follows a relatively straightforward evaluation process. Traders need to choose an account size they wish to trade and then pass an evaluation period. During this period, traders must meet specific profit targets and adhere to risk management rules. Once successful, traders will be funded with the chosen account size and receive a profit share of their earnings, typically ranging from 50% to 80%.

FTMO’s Evaluation Process and Funding

FTMO’s evaluation process is more comprehensive, consisting of two stages: the Challenge and Verification. Traders must pass both phases to become funded. In the Challenge, traders trade a demo account and must meet certain profit targets while respecting the maximum drawdown limit. If successful, traders move to the Verification stage, where they repeat the process on a different demo account. Once the Verification requirements are met, traders are offered a funded account with a profit share ranging from 70% to 90%.

Account Sizes and Funding Options

Audacity Capital’s Account Sizes

Audacity Capital offers traders a selection of account sizes to suit their risk appetite and trading experience. The available account sizes may vary, but typically range from $25,000 to $1,000,000. Each account size has different profit-sharing ratios, with larger accounts offering a higher share of the profits to the trader.

FTMO’s Account Sizes

FTMO also provides traders with various account sizes, with funding levels ranging from $10,000 to $300,000. As with Audacity Capital, larger accounts generally come with a higher profit share for the trader.

Trading Rules and Risk Management

Audacity Capital’s Trading Rules and Risk Management

Audacity Capital emphasizes strict risk management and implements specific trading rules to protect both the traders and the firm. Traders are required to follow position-sizing guidelines and adhere to maximum daily drawdown limits. Additionally, Audacity Capital provides risk management training and support to help traders navigate volatile market conditions.

FTMO’s Trading Rules and Risk Management

FTMO also places a strong emphasis on risk management. During the evaluation process, traders must adhere to predetermined daily loss limits, as well as maximum drawdown restrictions. This ensures that traders are not exposed to excessive risks, protecting both the firm and the traders’ capital.

Profit Withdrawal and Payouts

Audacity Capital’s Profit Withdrawal and Payouts

With Audacity Capital, traders are eligible to withdraw a portion of their profits at regular intervals. The specific profit withdrawal policy may vary depending on the account size and the trader’s performance. The remainder of the profits is distributed according to the agreed profit-sharing ratio.

FTMO’s Profit Withdrawal and Payouts

FTMO allows traders to withdraw their profits monthly, and there are no limits on the withdrawal amount. As with Audacity Capital, the trader’s share of profits is determined by the agreed profit split percentage.

Trading Platforms and Software

Audacity Capital’s Trading Platforms and Software

Audacity Capital provides traders with access to professional trading platforms and proprietary software. The firm aims to offer an efficient and reliable trading environment to enhance the trader’s performance.

FTMO’s Trading Platforms and Software

FTMO grants traders access to popular trading platforms like MetaTrader 4 (MT4) and MetaTrader 5 (MT5). Traders can choose the platform that best suits their trading strategies and preferences.

Community and Support

Audacity Capital’s Community and Support

Audacity Capital maintains a supportive community of traders, allowing for knowledge sharing, discussions, and networking opportunities. The firm also provides mentoring and guidance to help traders improve their performance.

FTMO’s Community and Support

Similarly, FTMO fosters a vibrant community where traders can interact, exchange ideas, and seek support. Traders also have access to a personal mentor throughout the evaluation process to assist them in reaching their goals.

Geographical Restrictions and Availability

Audacity Capital’s Geographical Restrictions and Availability

Audacity Capital is accessible to traders from various regions worldwide. However, there might be certain geographical restrictions or additional requirements for traders residing in specific countries.

FTMO’s Geographical Restrictions and Availability

FTMO is also available to traders from around the world, with few geographical restrictions. However, potential traders should review the firm’s eligibility criteria based on their location.


In conclusion, both Audacity Capital and FTMO offer attractive opportunities for aspiring traders looking to access substantial capital and professional support. The choice between the two will depend on individual preferences, risk appetite, and trading strategies.

Audacity Capital follows a more straightforward evaluation process with flexible account sizes, making it suitable for traders who prefer simplicity and customization. On the other hand, FTMO’s comprehensive evaluation process and fee structure may be attractive to traders seeking a well-established and rigorous funded program with a supportive community.

As with any financial decision, it is crucial for traders to conduct thorough research, review the terms and conditions of each firm, and consider their long-term trading objectives before choosing a prop trading firm. Both Audacity Capital and FTMO have helped numerous traders kickstart their trading careers, but success ultimately depends on the trader’s discipline, skill, and commitment to continuous improvement.

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