Authentic FX Price Action Engine

The Authentic FX Price Action Engine, written by Erron Adams, is a comprehensive resource that claims to empower traders with the knowledge and tools needed to excel in the dynamic world of forex trading. This book/course focuses on the concept of price action and aims to provide traders with a deep understanding of how prices move in the forex market.

Authentic FX Price Action Engine
Authentic FX Price Action Engine

By exploring topics such as price anatomy, price spikes, market gaps, indicators, price levels, and trading strategies, the Authentic FX Price Action Engine offers traders valuable insights to enhance their trading skills. In this article, we will delve into the key features of this resource and provide an unbiased overview of its potential pros and cons.

The Authentic FX Price Action Engine Course Content

Authentic FX Price Action Engine Courses
Authentic FX Price Action Engine Courses
  1. Basic Price Anatomy:

The Authentic FX Price Action Engine dedicates a section to exploring the fundamental concept of price anatomy in forex trading. By focusing on the analysis of forex candlesticks, traders are introduced to the intricate details of how prices are formed and influenced. The resource provides insights into the different components and patterns found in candlesticks, enabling traders to gain a solid understanding of price dynamics. By grasping the basics of price anatomy, traders can identify key patterns and trends, empowering them to make informed trading decisions based on their interpretation of price movements.

  1. What Makes Price Move?

The course also delves into the factors that drive price movement in the forex market, providing traders with a comprehensive understanding of what influences price dynamics. This section explores the “who, what, and why” behind price movement, shedding light on the forces that shape the market. By studying price dynamics, traders gain valuable insights into the levels at which prices are likely to react, enabling them to trade with confidence.

  1. Price Levels:

The Authentic FX Price Action Engine dedicates a section to the concept of price levels, emphasizing their significance in forex trading. Traders are introduced to the idea that certain levels in the market prompt price reactions and attract significant trading activity from large institutional traders. By learning how to identify and plot these price levels in advance, traders gain an edge in their decision-making process. Understanding the behavior and significance of price levels allows traders to anticipate potential market movements and align their strategies accordingly.

  1. We Need to Talk About Indicators!:

In this course, the crucial topic of indicators in forex trading is also addressed. This section explores the appropriate usage of indicators, outlining when to use them and when to avoid relying solely on them. Traders are guided through the selection process, distinguishing between indicators to embrace and those to steer clear of. The resource highlights the Paleo indicator as an all-in-one tool designed specifically for price action trading, emphasizing its benefits and empowering traders with a comprehensive and reliable indicator for their analysis. By understanding the strengths and limitations of indicators, traders can effectively leverage them to enhance their trading strategies and overall trading performance.

  1. The Traders Week:

The Authentic FX Price Action Engine dedicates a section to guiding traders on how to approach and navigate their trading week effectively. This section covers best practices for planning and executing trades throughout the week, ensuring traders are well-prepared and confident in their decision-making. From setting goals and identifying potential trading opportunities to managing trades and reviewing performance, this resource provides valuable insights on how to optimize each trading week.

  1. The Strategy That Fits You Like Skin!

The Authentic FX Price Action Engine places a strong emphasis on finding a trading strategy that is perfectly tailored to each individual trader. By addressing the importance of strategy testing and evaluation, this resource guides traders in identifying and developing a trading approach that aligns with their unique circumstances, preferences, and goals. Recognizing that there is no one-size-fits-all strategy, the Price Action Engine empowers traders to explore and refine their own trading style, ensuring a comfortable fit that maximizes their trading potential.

  1. Example Trades:

The Authentic FX Price Action Engine includes a section dedicated to presenting learners with real-life example trades based on the concepts covered throughout the course. These example trades serve as practical applications of the Price Action Engine principles, allowing traders to observe how the concepts and strategies discussed can be implemented in real-time market scenarios. By following along with these trade examples, traders can gain a deeper understanding of how to apply the learned techniques, identify entry and exit points, and manage risk effectively. This hands-on approach enables traders to bridge the gap between theory and practice in the educational sector of the forex market.

  1. What to Do Now:

After gaining a comprehensive understanding of what drives the market and their unique position within it, the Authentic FX Price Action Engine provides traders with clear guidance on the next steps to take. In the “What to Do Now” section, learners are presented with a specific chain of steps to set themselves up for future success in their trading journey. This section offers valuable insights on how to leverage the acquired knowledge, refine trading strategies, and continue building on the skills and techniques learned throughout the course.


The Authentic FX Price Action Engine is available at a cost of $20. This affordable price makes the course accessible to a wide range of traders, providing them with valuable knowledge and strategies without breaking the bank. The reasonably priced nature of the course allows traders to invest in their education and gain insights into the intricacies of forex trading without incurring substantial financial burdens.

Authentic FX Price Action Engine Pros & Cons


  • Comprehensive coverage of essential forex trading topics.
  • Emphasis on understanding and applying price action.
  • Strategies to capitalize on market movements.
  • Correct usage of indicators and Paleo indicator introduction.
  • Identification of significant price levels for trading advantage.
  • Best practices for approaching and navigating the trading week.
  • Guidance on finding a tailored trading strategy.
  • Real-life example trades for practical application.
  • Clear guidance on next steps for future success.


  • Insufficient emphasis on risk management and money management techniques.
  • Limited focus on the psychological aspects of trading and managing emotions.
  • Absence of live trading sessions or real-time market analysis.
  • Potential absence of personalized feedback or mentorship from the instructor.
  • Inadequate coverage of advanced trading concepts for experienced traders.


The Authentic FX Price Action Engine, authored by Erron Adams, offers valuable knowledge and tools to traders seeking to optimize their trading experience. Covering essential topics such as price action, indicators, and trading strategies, the course provides insights to enhance traders’ decision-making capabilities. While the course may have limitations in terms of depth, personalization, and live trading sessions, it offers practical strategies for traders aiming to improve their understanding of price action. Traders should evaluate their individual needs and preferences to determine if this resource aligns with their goals and trading style.

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