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Auto Arb is an arbitrage-based trading system developed by the team over at LeapFX. LeapFX have a selection of automated trading systems which I have reviewed in the past, including The Wave Scalper, News Action Trader, Jet Trader Pro, Gold Trader, Arbitron and Econ Power Trader.

Auto Arb Features

Auto Arb trades Forex, Crypto, CFDs, Indexes, almost any trading instrument and market that you desire. It has been developed to be used on MT4, MT5, Binary Options, and other platforms. Auto Arb is a dynamic system that has stealth technology which shows in your account as manual trades and not automated. The purpose of this is to try and avoid showing the broker the trading strategy that you are using. This can be due to brokers frowning upon arbitrage trading strategies.

Auto Arb Review - Instruments & Markets
Auto Arb Review – Instruments & Markets

You can load the Auto Arb EA on your platforms with two different brokers and it will look for arbitrage trading opportunities. It is fully automated and includes easy to follow setup instructions. However, you will need to source the brokers yourself. I have a list of my best forex brokers that you may wish to check out for some inspiration.

What is an arbitrage strategy? In a nutshell, arbitrage trading is where you try to take advantage of the minor price differences / latency between brokers in order to try and make a profit. Personally, I feel this is one of the most difficult ways to trade as it requires technology that the average trader does not have access to and large position sizes to make any significant return. This is just my humble opinion of course but from my many years in the industry, I have never seen a broker that allows arbitrage trading to go ahead.

Auto Arb Review - Features
Auto Arb Review – Features

The Auto Arb website contains links to some YouTube videos showing successful trades that the system has made. Of course, the developer is not likely to share unsuccessful trades which are a part of any trading system. It must be emphasised that past results are by no means any indication of future results. This is especially important when using an arbitrage system that can be so dependant on the brokers trading conditions. I would certainly be looking at using an ECN broker the tightest spreads, lowest commissions and most liquidity providers possible.

The Auto Arb software includes:

  • BONUS AUTO CLOSE SOFTWARE – helps manage trade closings for you on MT4 and MT5 platform.
  • A USER GUIDE – Everything you need to know about setting up and configuring the software is included in this manual with a setup video as well to help. It’s written in clear, non-technical language… easy for you to understand.
  • FULL SUPPORT – Of course, if you ever need help for whatever reason at all, just send an email and the LeapFX team will get back to you as soon as possible.
  • BEST RECOMMENDATIONS – The developer can provide all recommendations to help you get the best results possible.
  • UPDATES – You will receive a free update of any newer versions of the Auto Arb EA.
  • REFUND – 30 Day Money Back Guarantee

Auto Arb Back Testing

There are unfortunately no back tests on the Auto Arb website which is to be expected as it is an arbitrage system that cannot really be back tested. However, there could have been live results shared by the developer but there isn’t, thus we don’t really have anything to go by which is disappointing.

Auto Arb Live Results

To see the latest live verified trading account performance of all forex robots please visit my best forex robots results page.

Auto Arb Conclusion

In summary, whilst an automated arbitrage system may seem like a gold mine on the surface, they are completely unrealistic in my own humble opinion. Unless, you have a huge amount of technological and financial resources to make them happen. In that instance, you would most likely be developing your own arbitrage systems rather than using a commercially available EA. If you do wish to give it a go, perhaps do so on demo accounts to begin with and see how you get on. Most of all, trade safe and be sensible!

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  • Arbitrage system
  • Fully Automated
  • Multiple trading platforms
  • Any trading instruments
  • Any timeframe
  • Money Back Guarantee
  • Detailed Instructions
  • Free Updates
  • Full Support