AW Double Grids EA Review

AW Double Grids EA Review
AW Double Grids EA Review

The AW Double Grids Expert Advisor is a fully automated trading tool engineered for the modern trader seeking dynamic strategies. This innovative EA boasts an aggressive approach, leveraging a grid-based trading methodology to capitalize on market fluctuations effectively. With its user-friendly interface and streamlined setup process, even novice traders can harness its potential with ease.

At the heart of the AW Double Grids EA lies a trading strategy that operates on two fronts simultaneously, amplifying trading volumes in a strategic manner. By multiplying orders and executing trades on both sides of the market, this Expert Advisor tries to seek to maximize potential trading opportunities while managing risk effectively.

One of the standout features of this EA is its built-in automatic lot calculation capability, allowing traders to optimize their position sizes based on their risk tolerance and account size. Moreover, the EA offers flexibility in order multiplication, enabling traders to adjust their trading approach according to market conditions and their individual trading preferences.

Trading Strategy

  • The AW Double Grids EA initiates trades by opening two opposite orders simultaneously.
  • Following the closure of a potential order, the EA re-enters the market with two new orders, effectively multiplying the volume for the open direction.
  • To adapt to market conditions, the EA dynamically adjusts the potential target levels based on the number of open orders in opposing directions.
  • Additionally, the EA’s grid order openings feature a dynamic step, varying based on the current number of open orders.
AW Double Grids EA - Overview
AW Double Grids EA – Overview

Input Parameters

Main Settings

  • Size of the First Order: This parameter defines the size of the initial order, providing flexibility in position sizing.
  • Enable Autolot Calculation: By utilizing automatic lot calculation, traders can manage risk effectively, especially when adjusting deposit amounts.
  • Autolot Deposit per 0.01 Lots: Specifies the deposit amount per 0.01 lots when using autolot, allowing for precise risk management.
  • Type of Multiplier for Size: Traders can choose between multiplying (*) or adding (+) the specified value for subsequent orders in the grid.
  • Multiplier for Size of Orders: Sets the volume increase for orders in the basket, allowing for scalability in trading.

Protection Settings

  • Maximum Slippage in Points: Sets the maximum allowable slippage in points for opening and closing orders, trying to ensure trade execution reliability.
  • Maximum Spread in Points: Determines the maximum allowable spread for opening orders, measured in points, trying to provide safety against unfavorable market conditions.
  • Maximum Size of Orders: Specifies the maximum volume for a single order, measured in lots, to control position size.
  • Maximum Size Number of Orders: Sets the maximum allowable number of orders of the same type, preventing overexposure.

Advisor Settings

  • Orders Magic Number: Identifies the EA’s orders primarily for administrative purposes, aiding in order tracking.
  • Comments of the EA’s Orders: Provides comments on orders opened by the EA, enhancing trade management.
  • Allow to Open OP_BUY Orders: Enables or disables the EA’s ability to open BUY orders, aligning with trading preferences.
  • Allow to Open OP_SELL Orders: Enables or disables the EA’s ability to open SELL orders, providing flexibility in market direction.
  • Allow to Open New Orders After Close: Determines whether new orders can be opened after closing previous ones, allowing for post-trading adjustments.
  • Show Panel of Advisor: Enables or disables the display of the advisor panel, optimizing screen space.

AW Double Grids EA Pros & Cons


  • Automated Grid Trading: AW Double Grids EA offers automated grid trading, allowing traders to capitalize on market movements without constant manual intervention.
  • User-Friendly Interface: With a user-friendly interface and easy setup process, even novice traders can utilize the EA effectively, making it accessible to traders of all skill levels.
  • Risk Management: Features such as automatic lot calculation and maximum order size help traders manage risk effectively, trying to ensure prudent trading practices.
  • Customizable Parameters: Traders have the flexibility to customize parameters such as order size, potential target level settings, and order management criteria to align with their trading preferences and risk tolerance.
  • Adaptive Trading: The EA adapts to changing market conditions by dynamically adjusting grid spacing and potential target levels, allowing traders to stay responsive to market dynamics.


  • Market Dependency: Like any trading strategy, the performance of AW Double Grids EA is dependent on market conditions, and it may underperform during periods of high volatility or unusual market behavior.
  • Complexity: While the EA offers extensive customization options, configuring the parameters correctly may require a certain level of expertise, especially for traders new to grid trading strategies.
  • Potential for Drawdowns: Grid trading strategies inherently involve holding multiple positions simultaneously, which can lead to increased drawdowns during adverse market conditions if risk management measures are not implemented effectively.
  • Over-Optimization Risk: Traders may be tempted to over-optimize the EA’s parameters based on historical data, which can lead to reduced performance in live trading environments where market conditions may differ.
  • Lack of Human Judgment: As an automated trading tool, the EA relies solely on predefined algorithms and parameters, lacking the human judgment and intuition that experienced traders may employ to adapt to unique market situations.
  • Broker Limitations: Some brokers may impose restrictions on grid trading strategies, such as maximum order sizes or limitations on order spacing, which could affect the EA’s performance or compatibility with certain brokers.

Final Thoughts

In conclusion, the AW Double Grids EA tries to present a compelling solution for traders seeking automated grid trading strategies in the forex market. With its dynamic approach, user-friendly interface, and extensive customization options, the EA tries to offer the potential to optimize trading performance and capitalize on market opportunities.

While there are inherent risks and complexities associated with grid trading strategies, prudent risk management and adaptation to changing market conditions can mitigate these challenges. By carefully configuring parameters and staying attuned to market dynamics, traders can try to harness the full potential of the AW Double Grids EA to achieve their trading objectives.

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