Axia Futures The Footprint Edge Course

Axia Futures’ The Footprint Edge Course is a comprehensive futures trading course designed to provide traders with a strategy-focused approach. The course centers around the unique Footprint tool, which offers valuable insights into order flow and helps traders enhance their timing execution on the Price Ladder. Unlike traditional technical analysis, The Footprint tool provides leading information and can be a game-changer for traders looking to gain an edge in the market. The course covers various liquid futures markets and even includes bonus units on cryptocurrency trading, specifically Bitcoin.

Axia Futures The Footprint Edge Course
Axia Futures The Footprint Edge Course

Course Duration and Features

The total duration of The Footprint Edge Course is 35.5 hours, offering ample content for traders to delve into. The course is structured to ensure a well-rounded learning experience, incorporating principle learning, practical applications, live market examples, and guided drill sessions. Axia Futures goes the extra mile by providing valuable resources, including a 30-Day Challenge Calendar, Footprint Index Overview, and a Footprint Strategy Template. These downloads supplement the course material and aid in reinforcing the concepts taught throughout the course.

Course Curriculum

The Footprint Edge Course is divided into three levels: Introduction, Intermediate, and Advanced. Each level focuses on different aspects of utilizing the Footprint tool and developing effective trading strategies.

The Introduction section sets the foundation by familiarizing traders with the Footprint tool and its key trading principles. It also covers the setup process for Footprint charts, catering to different charting platforms such as Sierra Chart and CQG.

Moving on to the Intermediate level, traders are introduced to ten unique trading strategies that leverage the power of the Footprint tool. Strategies include Absorption and Auctioning, Hiding Behind the Elephant, Failed Break of Support and Resistance, Auction Imbalances, Exhaustion High and Low, and The Initiative Drive. These strategies are well-explained and accompanied by practical examples to enhance understanding.

The Advanced level builds upon the knowledge gained from the previous sections. It covers additional strategies like Key Auction Reversals, Breakout Trading, Footprint Delta Position Unwind, and Risk Event Trading. These advanced strategies provide traders with a comprehensive toolkit to tackle different market scenarios effectively.

Bonus Material and Workshop

In addition to the core curriculum, The Footprint Edge Course offers bonus material that further enriches the learning experience. The Footprint Playbook Debrief provides additional insights into utilizing the Footprint tool effectively. Furthermore, traders gain access to a free live-streaming premium membership, allowing them to stay updated with market developments and real-time analysis from Axia Futures’ team of experts.

The Footprint Workshop is divided into three parts, offering a deeper dive into specific areas. Part 1 focuses on setting up, interpreting, and comprehending the Footprint tool. Part 2 delves into market interaction and scenario analysis, enabling traders to develop a nuanced understanding of the market dynamics. Finally, Part 3 concentrates on mastering pattern recognition, a crucial skill for identifying high-probability trading opportunities.

Free Units

To provide an opportunity for prospective traders to experience the course, Axia Futures offers two free units. Units 1 and 13 can be accessed without any cost, allowing traders to get a taste of the valuable content and teaching style before committing to the full course.


Axia Futures’ The Footprint Edge Course is a nice resource for traders looking to enhance their futures trading skills. With a focus on the unique Footprint tool and a process-driven approach, the course equips traders with valuable insights into order flow and precise timing execution. The comprehensive curriculum, practical examples, and bonus material provide a holistic learning experience. Whether you are a beginner or an experienced trader, The Footprint Edge Course offers valuable strategies and tools to take your trading to the next level.

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