Bancomat EA 

Bancomat EA is an automated trading system designed to work on the 20 forex pairs on the MT4 and MT5 platforms. The EA is available on the MQL marketplace where you can find many free and paid forex expert advisors like this one.

In this article, we’ll look at the Bancomat EA, how it works, its strategy, features, and settings.

Bancomat EA Strategy

Bancomat EA is a trading tool designed for use on 20 forex pairs. It operates based on the hedging principle, which involves opening two opposite positions on the same currency pair to minimize risk exposure. This approach helps to mitigate losses and protect the trading account from significant drawdowns.

One of the significant advantages of using Bancomat EA is that it does not enter large drawdowns. This means that the EA is designed to limit the risk it takes in any given trade.

By managing the risk exposure this way, the EA helps to protect the trading account and avoids significant losses.

It uses a system that involves changes in the lot size. The lot size is the amount of currency being traded, and the EA will adjust this amount based on market conditions and the level of risk it is willing to take on.

When you click the profit button, the EA will offer to close the currently available profit for the selected currency pair. The two right columns in the user interface display the profit for the current day and the total profit since the EA was launched.

This information can be used to track the performance of the EA over time and make informed decisions about how to adjust the settings to optimize results.

In the right information window, the expert Advisor provides updates on the actions that it is taking. This includes information about the trades it has opened and closed, the lot sizes it uses, and any other relevant information about the trading activity.

Bancomat EA
Bancomat EA

Bancomat EA Features

  • The EA requires a minimum balance of $500 with a 0.01 lot size.
  • It works on 20 forex pairs.
  • It uses a hedging strategy to minimize losses.
  • Bancomat changes lot size to manage trade risk.

Bancomat EA Settings

  • Wind size – The default size is 1.2.
  • Lot size – The default size is 0.01.
  • Min profit close – Minimum profit for closing positions.
  • Sum Profit Close – The total profit of all open positions at which they are closed.
  • Loss Close – Total loss at which the EA will close all positions.
  • Max Orders – The maximum possible number of open positions for each pair.

Bancomat EA Summary

After analyzing the features, Bancomat EA offers a range of features to help traders navigate the forex market.

Its hedging strategy helps minimize risk exposure, and the ability to adjust lot sizes and manage profits gives traders greater control over their trades.

By offering real-time updates on its actions, Bancomat EA provides traders with valuable insights into market conditions and helps to optimize their trading strategies.

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