Basket Trading EA 

Basket Trading EA is an automated trading system designed to work on any MT4 and MT5 platforms market. The EA isn’t available on the MQL marketplace, and you have to buy it from third-party sources.

In this article, we’ll look at the Basket Trading EA, how it works, its strategy, features, and settings.

Basket Trading EA Strategy

Basket Trading EA is an automated trading system designed for traders involved in basket trading, which involves opening multiple trades simultaneously on different currency pairs or instruments.

The EA can open up to 10 trades at once, making it ideal for traders who need to execute many trades across various markets.

One of the key features of Basket Trading EA is the ability to set take profit and stop loss levels for each basket trade in monetary terms.

This allows you to manage their risk more effectively, as you can specify the maximum amount you will lose on each trade and the level at which you would like to take profits.

The EA also comes equipped with hedge functions, which can be used to manage risk further.

The Classic hedge strategy involves opening a trade in the opposite direction of an existing trade. In contrast, the Sure-Fire hedge strategy involves opening a hedge trade at a predetermined level from the actual trade, which will become profitable if the original trade goes against you.

Basket Trading EA is compatible with all markets, including forex, stocks, and commodities. It is also customizable, allowing you to tailor the settings to your trading style and preferences.

Basket Trading EA is a high-speed expert advisor that can execute trades quickly and efficiently.

The high-speed capability of the EA allows you to take advantage of market movements and opportunities as they arise, ensuring that you can capitalize on market volatility and make the most of your trading strategies.

Basket Trading EA
Basket Trading EA

Basket Trading EA Features

  • The EA works in every market.
  • It opens multiple trades simultaneously.
  • It applies automatic stop-loss and take-profit orders.
  • Basket Trading EA uses a hedging strategy to minimize losses.

Bancomat EA Settings

  • Magic number – The default value is 65090153.
  • Take profit – The default value is 200.
  • Stop loss – The default value is 100.
  • Symbol – Mentions the current trading symbol.
  • Symbol direction – Mentions the direction of the current symbol.
  • Symbol lot size – Mentions the lot size of the current symbol.
  • Symbol hedge strategy – The default strategy is classic.
  • Symbol hedge lot size – The default value is 0-10.
  • Symbol hedge distance – The default value is 10.
  • Symbol hedge multiple – The default value is 1.
  • Symbol hedge depth – The default value is 10.

Basket Trading EA Summary

After analyzing the features, Basket Trading EA is a powerful tool for traders who are involved in basket trading and need to open multiple trades across different markets.

Its ability to execute trades quickly and efficiently, set take profit and stop loss levels, and use hedge functions make it an excellent choice for traders looking to automate their basket trading strategies.

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