Bheurekso Pattern Indicator

The Bheurekso Pattern Indicator, also known as the BPI, is a technical analysis tool used in forex trading to identify potential buy and sell signals. The strategy was developed by a team of traders led by professional trader and analyst Bheurekso, who first introduced it to the public in 2016.

The BPI works by analyzing the price and volume of a particular currency pair over a set period of time. It uses a combination of trend line breaks, candlestick patterns, and volume analysis to determine potential trading opportunities.

What is the Breurekso Pattern Indicator?

The BPI strategy is based on the idea that significant price movements are often preceded by changes in market sentiment and volume. By analyzing these factors, the BPI aims to identify potential trend reversals and provide traders with timely buy and sell signals.

  • The use of trend line breaks to identify potential trend reversals
  • The incorporation of candlestick patterns to confirm trend changes
  • The analysis of volume data to identify potential buying or selling pressure

Breurekso Pattern Strategy

Buy Signal

  • A trend line break occurs on the chart, indicating a potential trend reversal.
  • A bullish candlestick pattern appears, confirming the trend reversal.
  • There is an increase in volume, suggesting increased buying pressure.
Bheurekso Pattern Indicator Buy Signal
Bheurekso Pattern Indicator Buy Signal

Sell Signal

  • A trend line on the chart is broken, indicating the possibility of a trend reversal.
  • A bearish candlestick pattern appears, supporting the idea of a trend reversal.
  • The volume increases, indicating an increase in selling pressure.
Bheurekso Pattern Indicator Sell Signal
Bheurekso Pattern Indicator Sell Signal

Breurekso Pattern Indicator Pros & Cons


  • It can help traders identify potential trend reversals early on.
  • It combines multiple technical analysis tools, providing a more comprehensive view of the market.
  • It is easy to use and can be applied to any time frame and currency pair.


  • It is possible for the BPI to generate false signals if it is not used correctly or if it is not properly calibrated for the specific market conditions being traded.
  • The BPI may not be effective in identifying key market trends, which are important for traders to consider when making trading decisions.
  • Using the BPI may not provide traders with a complete picture of market conditions, as it is only one aspect of technical analysis.


The Bheurekso Pattern Indicator (BPI) is a forex trading tool that helps traders identify potential buying and selling opportunities by analyzing price, volume, and candlestick patterns. If the BPI signals a potential trend reversal and the trader notices an increase in volume, they may consider entering a trade in the direction of the new trend.

The BPI is a useful tool for understanding market sentiment and making informed trading decisions. It combines trend line breaks, candlestick patterns, and volume analysis to provide a comprehensive view of market sentiment. It is recommended to thoroughly test the BPI on historical data before using it in live trading.

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