BigBull System

The BigBull System helps traders determine accurate trend signals, solid support-resistance positions, and potential trading opportunities.

Unlike regular forex and stock trading strategies, the BigBull System offers simple demonstrations of market insights on multi-timeframe charts. Besides market experts, novice traders can also boss their trading accuracy by using this powerful trend-following system in their MT4 platforms.

This guide will thoroughly explain BigBull System and how it helps traders discover solid trend-following trading signals.

What is BigBull System?

The BigBull System is a trend-based trading strategy specially developed for day and intraday traders using MetaTrader 4.

This system comprises multiple dynamic support and resistance indicators, moving average crossovers, and a bull-bear trend oscillator. The S/R tools guide you through potential trend reversals while the trend oscillator examines the validity of the possible buy/sell signal.

Technically the BigBull strategy equally weighs on trend, price level, and price actions for anticipating potential trading opportunities.

Furthermore, this system helps price action traders examine the strength/weakness of different candlestick pattern signals, such as false break at S/R, bullish/bearish engulfing, pin bars at key price levels, and other top candlestick patterns.

How to trade the BigBull System?

The BigBull System applies the BBands Stop as a trendline support or resistance. Once the price breaks a BBand stop level, the indicator automatically switches the S/R position to signal a trend reversal.

For instance, if the price exceeds a trendline resistance, the system automatically places a new support line below the current price candle, indicating a bullish trend reversal condition.

BigBull System Overview
BigBull System Overview

The SEFC05 plots crossover between 8 (blue) and 11 (red) moving averages to confirm the current market bias. For example, the 8 MA exceeding the 11 MA signals a bullish crossover. These MA levels also work as dynamic S/R zones.

While anticipating a possible trading opportunity, target an entry near the SEFC support/resistance level. This indicator determines the market swing highs and lows, helping traders identify strong counter-trend trading setups.

Once you get the confirmation of the market bias, price levels, and relevant price action signals, verify the setup using the BullBear Indicator. For instance, the BullBear level moves above the H4 RSX indicating a bullish momentum, a green signal for going long.

Buy Signal

  • The price rejects the lower BBands Stop level.
  • The blue line of SEFC05 exceeds the red line.
  • SEFC10 support level appears below the current price candle.
  • The BullBear indicator moves above the H4 RSX.
BigBull System Buy Signal
BigBull System Buy Signal

Sell Signal

  • The price swings downwards from the upper BBands Stop level.
  • The blue line of SEFC05 drops below the red line.
  • A SEFC10 resistance level is plotted above the current price candle.
  • The BullBear indicator level moves below the H4 RSX.
BigBull System Sell Signal
BigBull System Sell Signal


If you’re a beginner in online trading and prefer to trade within correct trend directions, then the BigBull System can be an ideal solution. While assessing long-term trends, it also anticipates short-term support/resistance and changes in market momentums. Besides, it helps you make critical decisions by filtering weak signals during choppy or highly volatile markets. Since BigBull System works on MTF charts, you can apply this strategy for scalping and intraday trading.

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