BKK Scalper EA

The BKK Scalper Expert Advisor is a specialized tool used in trading that employs a distinct algorithm designed to recognize specific entry points in exhausted market trends. “Exhausted trends” refer to market movements that have lost their momentum and are likely to reverse direction soon. This is where the concept of “reversals” comes in. A reversal is a significant change in the direction of price movement in the market, typically occurring after an extended period of buying or selling, the BKK Expert Advisor avoids using risky money management methods such as grid or martingale, and instead presents traders with numerous intriguing customization options and settings, it also has automated features which in every buy and sell trade is secured by stop loss, take profit, and trailing stop orders.

BKK Scalper EA Features

  • Trading Terminal: MT4
  • EA Version: 2.0
  • Required Equity: $1000
  • Trading Pairs: Major Pairs
  • Account Leverage: No Limit
  • Suggested Trading Timeframe: M15
  • Lot Sizing: Fixed
  • Settings: Non customizable
  • Pricing: Free

BKK Scalper EA Strategy

The strategy employed by the BKK Expert Advisor centers around plotting a trendline along the market to identify potential exhausted market trends. When the algorithm detects such a trendline, it places orders based on historical data that has been analyzed to make precise trading decisions within the programmed strategy.

Essentially, the BKK Expert Advisor’s strategy involves using trendlines to detect market trends that are likely to reverse direction soon. The algorithm then uses historical data to make informed decisions about when to enter or exit trades, based on the programmed strategy. In this way, the BKK Expert Advisor aims to plot the optimal trend change by taking advantage of changes in market direction and avoiding risky trading decisions.

BKK Scalper EA Settings and Optimization

  • Specifically designed to work well with the major currency pair, the software’s algorithms are optimized to operate efficiently with these currency pairs, which are among the most frequently traded pairs in the Forex market.
  • The BKK Scalper EA is engineered to operate with the 15-minute time frame, indicating that the software’s algorithms are specifically calibrated to analyze market trends within this timeframe.
  • Despite being optimized for the 15-minute time frame, the BKK Scalper EA can also work on any time frame. This feature provides traders with the flexibility to use the software in a way that best suits their trading style.
  • Traders are recommended to have a minimum account balance of $1000 to use the BKK Scalper EA. This is a reasonable amount of capital to begin trading with.
  • The BKK Scalper EA is capable of functioning on up to unlimited live accounts, allowing traders to execute trades in live trading across multiple accounts.

EA Input Parameters

Auto lots, risk, time filter, start trading, stop trading, stop loss, take profit, magic buy, magic sell, max. spread, trade short, trade long.


The BKK Expert Advisor is a specialized trading tool that assists traders in identifying optimal entry points in exhausted market trends, with a particular emphasis on reversals. By avoiding high-risk money management strategies and offering various customization options and automated features, The EA strategy relies on plotting trendlines along the market and analyzing historical data to make precise trading decisions based on the programmed strategy. The BKK EA is optimized to work with major currency pairs and is specifically designed to operate within the 15-minute timeframe, but it is versatile enough to work on any timeframe and can be used on an unlimited number of live accounts. With a recommended minimum account balance of $1000 according to the developer, the BKK EA is a fully automated expert advisor that can be customised according to the users own needs.

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