Black Diamond Special EA

The Black Diamond EA is an automated trading robot designed to analyze the market and execute automatic trades, eliminating the need for human intervention. It is designed to work with the MT4 can trade on low spread broker. The robot analyzes the market and executes approximately 10 or more trades per day, depending on its analysis.

Black Diamond Special EA Strategy

The Black Diamond EA comes with an auto profit lock + Stop Loss system, automatic or fixed lot, and the option to enable the Martingale system, which is not recommended for inexperienced traders.

The Martingale system is a trading strategy that is incorporated into the Black Diamond Special EA. It is a strategy that is risky, and it involves doubling the size of a trade after a drawdown.

In the context of the Black Diamond Special EA, the Martingale system is an optional feature that traders can choose to enable or disable. When enabled, the system increases the lot size of a trade after a drawdown. This means that if a trade incurs a drawdown, the system will double the lot size of the next trade, and if that trade also results in the same manner, the lot size will be doubled again, and so on.

While the Martingale system can be profitable in some cases, it is a high-risk strategy that is not recommended for inexperienced traders. The Black Diamond Special EA has an auto profit lock and Stop Loss system, which helps to mitigate the risks associated with the Martingale system.

Black Diamond Special EA Features

  • High-impact news events do not affect the performance of the EA, allowing it to continue trading uninterrupted.
  • The EA includes an auto-time function that ensures trades are executed at the most optimal times.
  • The EA can be used with any currency pair, offering traders a high degree of flexibility.
  • The recommended time frame for using the EA is 5 minutes, according to the developer.
  • Can start with a capital of just $100, as recommended by the developer.

Black Diamond Special EA Settings

  • Start Period/End Period – time set for EA run
  • if true ea trade long/ if true ea trade scalping – choice of trade type
  • Lot Tipes – Fixed or Percent (Auto) tipe
  • Accurate Trade Open – set the desired value
  • Percent Lot Value – lot size depending on the size of the account balance
  • Multiplication Value – lot increase size if Lot Types = Percent Type
  • Take Profit – set the desired value
  • Stop Loss – set the desired value
  • Using Traling Stop – true/false
  • Traling Stop – set the desired value
  • Traling_Start – set the desired value
  • Traling_Step – set the desired value
  • Previous Hight – set the desired value
  • Max Possition Open – maximum number of simultaneously open positions
  • Show Data in Monitor – displays an information dashboard on a chart
  • Magic Nomber – EA identification number. It is necessary for the EA to be able to distinguish its positions from the positions of other robots or opened manually.
  • Break_Out – true/false
  • close trade but tp not hit – true/false
  • Profit_Point01 – position closing level, if Take Profit not hit
  • PROFIT_PERCENT = 100 (can change) – EA will close all open position in profit % (Suppose Deposit $100 after trade EA make $200, then EA close all open position instantly)
  • LOSS_PERCENT = 100 (can change) – EA will close all open position in loss % (Suppose Deposit $100 after trade EA make $100, then EA close all open position instantly)
  • Notification by Email – true/false
  • Use Marlingle System – true/false
  • Mutiplayer – lot increase factor for the next trade
  • Max Level Of Martinle System – maximum number of trades using the Martingale method
  • High Impact News Trading – true/false

Black Diamond Special EA Summary

Overall, the Black Diamond EA analyzes the market uses Martingale system if its required as per the trader’s experience, which is a high-risk trading strategy frequently used in betting. The Black Diamond EA can be used on a demo account that traders can use to test the system and its features before using it with real money. It is important to note that there is no guarantee of profits when using the Black Diamond EA or any other trading robot, and traders should always use caution and risk management techniques when trading.

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