Black Horse EA

The Black Horse EA is a forex trading robot designed to automate trading activities by using a unique algorithm to identify price breakouts. The software utilizes a mathematical model to determine the range of prices and mark the zones for pending orders while also considering the prevailing market trend. This approach makes it possible for the Black Horse EA to identify trades, take advantage of market openings, and execute trades automatically without human intervention. By using this Expert Advisor, traders can eliminate emotional bias and rely on the objective signals generated by the software to make trading decisions.

Black Horse EA Strategy

Black Horse EA Example (EUR/JPY)
Black Horse EA Example (EUR/JPY)

The strategy implemented by the Black Horse EA involves analyzing the historical price data of up to 500 bars and using this information to set buy and sell levels. This approach has been designed for the traders, who can trade across a range of financial instruments.

The trading process involves placing an initial order based on an entry strategy, which is then followed by a second entry after the candle closes, using the dynamics of the market to inform this decision. Subsequent orders are placed using a mesh monitoring algorithm, which adjusts the size of these orders based on the prevailing market conditions.

By using this adaptive approach, the Black Horse EA is able adjust to changing market dynamics. This allow traders to trade market movements as they arise, and also adjusts the size of subsequent orders to match the current market situation.

Black Horse EA Features

  • Black Horse EA offers an advanced positioning system, which is capable of identifying the optimal time to enter and exit trades based on its intelligent closing system.
  • The software utilizes an optimal system for selecting the volumes of positions, allowing traders to adjust their position size based on the current market conditions.
  • Black Horse EA is designed to be flexible and adaptable, making it suitable for use across a range of time intervals. While the recommended interval is currently undefined, many traders find success using timeframes such as H1, H4, H6, and H12, according to the developer.
  • The software has been tested and refined to ensure it meets the standards of trading performance.

Black Horse EA Settings

  • NewCycle — when enabled, the EA works non-stop, otherwise, the EA does not open new orders after a series of trades (enable/disable).
  • Trade_Buy – the EA will open only Buy orders.
  • Trade_Sell – the EA will open only Sell orders.
  • Manage manual oders – on/off support by the advisor of orders opened by the user.
  • Initial lot — initial lot.
  • Lot Multiplier — lot multiplier for subsequent orders.
  • Autolot – enable/disable auto lot calculation.
  • Autolot size – amount of the deposit, on which Lot is to be used when Auto lot is enabled.
  • Distance – distance between orders.
  • Max Lot — the maximal volume that can be opened by the Expert Advisor.
  • Max Orders Buy – maximum number of Buy direction orders.
  • Max Orders Sell – maximum number of Sell direction orders.
  • Take Profit, points (0 – not use) — take profit in points.
  • Option Take Profit – closing take profit at the current price or at the close of the bar.
  • Stop Loss, points (0 – not use) — stop loss in points.
  • Option Stop Loss -closing stop loss at the current price or at the close of the bar.
  • Trail Start, points (0 – not use) — profit in points to activate trailing stop.
  • Trail Distance, points — trailing stop distance.
  • Close_from reverse signal – closing an order when an opposite signal appears.
  • Max Spread (0 – not use) – maximum spread for opening and closing positions.
  • Start_Hour – the EA operation start hour.
  • End_Hour – the EA operation end hour.
  • End_Time_Friday – stop working time on Friday.
  • Show Button Close – on/off displaying buttons on the chart.
  • Show Statistic – on/off show statistic.
  • Overlap Last order – on/off overlapping unprofitable orders with the last order.
  • Overlap last Order Number – from which order the overlapping by the last order will work in order.
  • Overlap Percent – profit percentage for overlapping orders.
  • Magic EA — the number for the EA to recognize its own positions.

Black Horse EA Summary

Overall, the Black Horse EA identify potential price breakouts and execute trades. It is designed to use a mesh monitoring algorithm that adjusts the size of the trades based on the current market conditions.

However, it’s important to note that there is no guarantee of profitability when using the Black Horse EA or any other trading software. As such, it’s recommended that traders use a demo account to test the software and familiarize themselves with its features and capabilities before committing to live trading.

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