Blazar EA

Blazar EA is an automated trading software that relies solely on price action, utilizing its mean reversal strategy to identify trend reversals. The system uses market distribution peakedness to identify reversal patterns, enabling it to take swift trades. Blazar EA is can execute trades independently without any human intervention.

Blazar EA Strategy

The Blazar EA trading strategy utilizes the price action theory, with a mean reversal system that identifies trend reversals. The system operates in two distinct modes: Normal Mode and Recovery Mode. In Normal Mode, the system employs a classic trading approach, with each signal triggering a single trade. No hedging, grid, or martingale techniques are utilized.

In Recovery Mode, the system aims to recover faster from drawdowns by using several averaging trades. This results in minimizing the impact of drawdowns and optimizing the system’s overall performance.

Blazar EA Features

  • Trading on the popular and highly liquid currency pairs, including EURUSD, GBPUSD, and USDJPY.
  • Utilizing the M5 Time Frame for analysis and trading.
  • Being carefully stress-tested on all available historical data.
  • Automatic GMT adjustment, allowing the system to adjust to the user’s time zone automatically.
  • Operating in two distinct modes: Normal Mode with a minimum deposit of $50 and Recovery Mode with a minimum deposit of $300, according to the developer.

Blazar EA Settings

  • ===== Risk Settings =====
  • TradingMode                                                                                                             Recovery Mode
  • Start Lot Size                                                                                                              0.01
  • Enable Auto Lot                                                                                                        false
  • Funds For Auto Lot                                                                                                  3000.0
  • MaxLot Size                                                                                                                100.0
  • Equity Soft Stop % (prohibit opening a new basket)                                        0.0
  • Equity Hard Stop % (close all trades & stop trading)                                       0.0
  • MaxNumberOpen Position (0-disable)                                                                0
  • Shut Down (after closing all positions)                                                                false
  • ===== Additional Trades Settings (Normal Mode…
  • AllowOpeningAdditional Trades                                                                             false
  • Max NumberAdditional Trades (0-disable)                                                           0
  • Pause Between Additional Trades (in bars)                                                          6
  • Min Distance For Additional Trades (in pips, O=dis…                                        0.0
  • Increment Additional Trade Size                                                                             0.0
  • ===== Slippage/Spread Settings =====
  • Spread FilterPips                                                                                                          5.0
  • Max Slippage Pips                                                                                                        1.5
  • ===== GMT/DST Settings =====
  • GMT/DST_Offset_Auto                                                                                             false
  • GMT_Offset(winter)_Manual                                                                                  2
  • Daylight Saving Time_Manual                                                                                US
  • ===== Time Setting =====
  • Hour To Start                                                                                                                3
  • Hour To Stop                                                                                                                23
  • DaysOfWeek (-1-disable)                                                                                           -1
  • Disable Holidays (0-disable)                                                                                      5
  • ===== Trading Setup Setting =====
  • PriceChannelPeriod                                                                                                     21
  • Enable Trend Filter                                                                                                     true
  • Trend FilterPeriod                                                                                                       14
  • Enable Volatility Filter                                                                                                4.9
  • Order Take Profit Pips                                                                                                300
  • Order Stop Loss Pips Trail Stop Size Pips (0=disable)                                          0.0
  • Trail Stop Start Pips                                                                                                    0.0
  • Break Even Pips (0-disable)                                                                                       0.0
  • Enable Trade Duration                                                                                               false
  • Trade Duration (0-disable)                                                                                        3600
  • ===== Averaging Setting =====
  • AvgMax Trades (disabled if Custom Settings used)                                           3
  • Avg Multiplier (disabled if Custom Settings used)                                              2.0
  • AvgStep Pips                                                                                                                24.0
  • AvgCustom Settings (disabled if empty/zero)                                                      2,3,6
  • ===== Other Setting =====
  • Basic Magic                                                                                                                   20120
  • TradeComment                                                                                                            Blazar
  • Hide InfoPanel                                                                                                              false
  • PanelWidth                                                                                                                    155

Blazar EA Summary

Overall, the Blazar EA is price action automatic trading software and utilizes an identity trend reversal strategy known as ‘’mean reversal strategy’. The EA is designed to be user-friendly, following up with two distinct modes of operation: Normal Mode and Recovery Mode in order to trigger the trade and to use the recovery mode for the purpose of recovery of drawdowns.

It is essential to note that Blazar EA is a software tool that comes with no guarantees of profitability or success. Traders are advised to carefully consider the risks associated with trading in the foreign exchange market and use a demo account before committing real funds to the system.

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