Blazzers Special Expert Advisor

The Blazzers Special Expert Advisor represents an automated trading EA. It can be used to trade Gold and all the major forex pairs, including EUR/USD, USD/JPY, GBP/USD, and AUD/USD.

Technically, the Blazzers Special is a price-action-based trading EA that supports all MT4 platforms. It depends entirely on trend signals and targeted candlestick patterns to confirm an entry.

As a Scalping EA, the Blazzers Special robot is an ideal match for M5 – M30 timeframes. While scalping, use a trading account that applies tight spreads on major pairs/assets to squeeze your trading costs or commissions. However, it can also be applied for automated intraday trading as well.

Furthermore, it carries a built-in news filter system that makes it unique compared to other price-action EAs. This feature automatically detects sensitive news schedules and stops all trading activities during such events. The purpose of this tool is to avoid possible adverse trading conditions during choppy markets.

This guide will explain how the Blazzers Special Expert Advisor works in MT4, including its key features and limitations.

Blazzers Special Expert Advisor Strategy

The expert advisor can be used in two different ways:

  • Normal Mode
  • Recovery Mode

In the normal mode, there is only one transaction per signal and no grid, martingale, or hedging. It’s a straightforward trading approach that weighs on simple trend-following trading opportunities. This mode mostly suits beginner-level traders and investors who love to keep trading simple.

The recovery option will force the EA to open numerous positions in an effort to close more trades and recover more quickly. From the technical point of view, it’s an aggressive trading approach that focuses on every relevant opportunity it can assess from single or multiple trade setups. The goal of this mode is to take maximum advantage of favorable trading conditions and allow the EA to attempt a recovery of the conceded losses.

Blazzers Special Expert Advisor Features

  • Determines both fixed and trailing stop-loss levels.
  • Includes news filter system and automatically stops trading during sensitive market events.
  • Suitable timeframes: M5 – M30.
  • Operates in dual trading mode.
  • Supports Gold trading.
  • Can simultaneously perform scalping and intraday trading.
  • Beginner-friendly.

Blazzers Special Expert Advisor Settings in MT4

Blazzers Special Expert Advisor MT4 Settings
Blazzers Special Expert Advisor MT4 Settings
  • Trading Mode – Choose between Normal and Recovery modes.
  • Start Lot Size – Set the initial trading lot size.
  • Enable AutoLot – Enable/disable AutoLot trading.
  • Funds for AutoLot – Allocate funds for AutoLot trading.
  • Max Lot Size – Maximum trading lot.
  • Equity Soft Stop% – Stops opening new orders.
  • Equity Hard Stop% – Closes all existing trades and stops trading completely.
  • Max Number Open Position – Maximum opened trades allowed at a time.
  • Shutdown – Enable/disable auto-shutdown after closing all positions.

Blazzers Special Expert Advisor Summary

The Blazzers Special Expert Advisor represents a flexible MT4 trading robot that you can operate in dual trading modes. Before you select the trading mode, it’s essential to re-check the parameters and adjust the settings according to your requirements. For beginners, a worthful strategy would be to apply it on demo trading and periodically monitor the results to determine if it’s the right MT4 EA for you.