Blue Edge Financial Review

Founded in 2019, Blue Edge Financial tried to emerge from a shared desire to empower individuals financially. Its founders were disenchanted with flawed online systems that tried to promise much but delivered little. As a solution, they designed a scalable system tried to aim at repeatedly providing potential financial trading strategies to its members. At its heart, Blue Edge Financial is a company specializing in educational content and software for Forex trading, featuring an AI-driven trading bot as a core offering.

While many members primarily sign up to utilize the AI trading bot, the company tries to place strong emphasis on its educational material. They also try to encourage members to take advantage of the instructional content, even though it’s not a prerequisite for using the bot.

Blue Edge Financial Review
Blue Edge Financial Review

Founding Team

The founding team of Blue Edge Financial is comprised of three young and entrepreneurial individuals: Adam Wenig, Joe Hicken, and Tyler Turner.

Adam Wenig, often touted as an emerging star in American marketing, got his start in entrepreneurship straight after high school. He’s also recognized for his motivational speaking and has shared the stage with notable figures like Gary Vaynerchuk and Tony Robbins. Adam predominantly handles the marketing aspects of Blue Edge Financial and is the face you’ll often see in the company’s promotional material.

Joe Hicken brings a unique blend of experiences, including time spent in Cambodia and a background as a Cambodian Language Tutor. A BYU graduate, Hicken specializes in bot-building and seems to be deeply involved in the development of the company’s Titan G27 software. He also possesses substantial knowledge in Forex trading, although there isn’t an abundance of public information about him.

Tyler Turner, the third co-founder, has a role that is somewhat less clear-cut, but he appears to be involved in the branding of the company. He is known for actively testing and fine-tuning the settings of the trading software, potentially making him responsible for the software’s performance metrics.

Together, this trio brings a mix of marketing prowess, technological expertise, and entrepreneurial spirit to Blue Edge Financial.

Core Offering: Edge Trading Academy

The academy is an extensive Forex trading educational program broken down into various modules, each containing multiple sections. It tries to cover everything from the basics of Forex and reading charts to advanced trading techniques. Though highly recommended, this is not mandatory to start using the trading bot.

Blue Edge Financial - Overview
Blue Edge Financial – Overview

Modules include

  • Introduction to Forex: Currency pairs, trading basics.
  • Forex Basics: Types of orders, demo accounts.
  • Essential Chart Knowledge: Reading charts.
  • Support & Resistance: Different types of charts.
  • Japanese Candlesticks: Trading with patterns.
  • Fibonacci: Trading techniques.
  • Moving Averages: SMA and EMA.
  • Popular Indicators: Bollinger Bands, Kellner Channels, MACD.
  • Leading & Lagging Indicators: Oscillators and trend indicators.
  • Chart Patterns: Double tops, double bottoms.
  • Pivot Points: Understanding and calculation.
  • Breakouts & Takeouts: Measuring volatility.
  • Time Frames: Optimal trading times.
  • Trading the News: Approaches and cautions.
  • Develop a Trading Plan: Importance of planning.
  • Styles of Trading: Scalping, day trading, etc.
  • Building Your Trading System: Critical steps.
  • Keeping a Trade Journal: Importance and methods.
  • Metatrader 4: How-to guide.
  • Risk Management: Money at risk.
  • Position Sizing: Calculations.
  • Stop Losses: Types and settings.
  • Scale In & Out of Trades: Methodical approaches.
  • Currency Correlation: Tables and benefits.
  • Final Advice: Summary.

The Trading Bot: Titan G27

Titan G27 is an AI-powered trading bot, co-developed with a Forex bank trader. It uses smart money movement technology to mirror potential trading patterns.

Risk Management in Titan G27

The bot incorporates various risk-minimizing features, such as set target levels. It also tries to allow users to allocate a specific percentage of their balance per trade, thus limiting potential drawdowns. Moreover, Titan G27 tries to diversify risk by trading 27 different currency pairs, including gold.

Additional Resources

  • Bank’s Secret Indicator: A visual chart-based indicator showing where banks buy and sell.
  • Tax Secrets for Traders: A one-hour training session on tax-saving for traders.
  • Millionaire Trader Series: Summarized insights from top trading books.
  • Edge Trading Secrets: An e-book supposedly penned by an ex-banker, detailing trading strategies from a banking perspective.

Final Thoughts

In conclusion, the Blue Edge Financial try to aim to provide a suite of tools and resources for traders and investors. From powerful trading bots designed to automate the trading process to educational content and market analysis, they try to strive to offer a comprehensive package for financial market participants. Their focus on technological solutions, such as trading bots and analytical tools, may try to indicate a forward-thinking approach aimed at maximizing potential opportunities while minimizing risks. However, it’s essential for potential clients to do their own research, understand the risks involved in trading, and possibly consult a financial advisor before utilizing such services. Always check the most current information available to make an informed decision.

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