Bonnitta EA Review

I’ll be reviewing the Bonnitta EA in this post. This is an automated forex trading strategy that has been set up to function in the well-known MetaTrader forex trading platform. Most forex brokers offer MetaTrader for free download. It is important to note that running forex robots requires the desktop version of the MetaTrader platform.

The Bonnitta EA may be loaded onto your platform’s charts, where it will use its built-in algorithm to continuously scan the forex market for trading signals. The expert adviser can enter the market and manage the user’s position when it decides there is a trading opportunity. There are several important benefits and drawbacks to be aware of even if this may seem like an alluring option for people who lack the time or expertise necessary to trade manually.

The automated forex trading method that Bonnitta EA employs, any back tests that the developer may have supplied, and most importantly, actual verified account outcomes will all be examined in this review. This information should assist you in determining whether or not you would use this forex EA on your personal forex account or not.

Bonnitta EA Trading Strategy

The Bonnitta EA is built on a highly sophisticated secret trading algorithm and the Pending Position technique (PPS). The clandestine custom indicator, Trendlines, Support & Resistance levels (Price Action), and most importantly the above-mentioned secret trading algorithm are all combined in Bonnitta EA’s trading approach.

The algorithm of statistics collecting and slippage control with full statistics control is contained in the expert advisor, and it is utilised to guard against broker trickery. Before submitting an order, Bonnitta EA checks the broker’s execution quality.

Due to piracy Bonnitta EA contains an algorithm to detect all fake versions Like LD, JD Environment, msimg32.dll and more If your activation is used for piracy all activations after won’t work properly so please be careful.

Bonnitta EA Features

  • Fully automated forex trading system
  • Pre-optimized settings provided
  • Fully customisable settings
  • Combination of market analysis implemented
  • Runs in the MetaTrader platform
  • Trade multiple currency pairs from one chart
  • Includes a news filter to avoid news trading
  • Automatic GMT calculation
  • Anti-piracy protection in place
  • Free Bonnitta EA demo version available

Bonnitta EA Back Testing

When selecting a forex robot, I like to make sure the creator has offered back tests that demonstrate how the forex expert advisor may have traded over a sizable amount of historical data over a variety of currency pairs. This can aid in our comprehension of how the automated trading strategy operates and performs under various market circumstances. Historical performance is by no means a guarantee of future performance, but it can give us a good indication of what to expect in general.

With slippage and commission close to the real market conditions utilising genuine ticks with 99.9% quality over a 22-year period, Bonnitta EA was put to the test and passed it successfully. It has also successfully met tough requirements based on historical data and Monte Carlo simulations of various data sources.

However, there is a big issue with these back tests and that is the spread being used. The developer has set the spread in backtesting to just 0.3 pips which is very unrealistic. I have never come across a forex broker that consistently maintains a spread on this level or below, especially not across multiple currency pairs.

Not to mention, the Bonnitta EA backtests have not accounted for commission fees which could be around 0.7 pips or more (standard lot) themselves. These are both 2 major factors (spread and commission) that could have had a significant impact on the results. Therefore, I would only take these back tests with a pinch of salt.

I have seen results that look good turn terrible in back testing when variable spreads and commission are included. You can always take a look at the Forex Robotron EA if you want to see a forex expert advisor that is tested with real variable spreads, commissions and slippage included.

bonnitta ea backtest
bonnitta ea backtest

Bonnitta EA Results

While back tests can be helpful in some situations, real account results are, in my opinion, the most crucial feature to look for in a forex robot. This would allow us to precisely track the Bonnitta EA’s performance over the most recent market conditions. By doing so, you can assess your satisfaction with the numerous statistics, including the profit factor, drawdown, average win, average loss, transaction duration, trading volume, and more. Visit my top forex robots results page to view the most recent performance data from all real, confirmed trading accounts.

Unfortunately, I was unable to locate any up to date verified Bonnitta EA results. Without any way to see how good or bad a forex robot has been performing, we cannot draw an accurate conclusion in terms of recent performance. For that reason alone, I would personally consider another expert advisor with up to date results, such as the Forex Flex EA. If the Bonnitta EA developer is reading this and has some recent results to share, please feel free to send me a message and I will get this review updated right away.

Bonnitta EA Summary

Overall, the Bonnitta expert advisor does use an innovative trading algorithm and some positive user feedback. However, I am disappointed by the lack of variable spreads and commissions in the backtests. We also do not have any verified accounts to see how the robot has been performing throughout recent market conditions. These are things I would expect at a minimum, especially for trading software at this price point.

There is a free demo version of the Bonnitta EA if you want to try it out, otherwise it is one of the most expensive forex robots that I have come across. To experience how it trades without taking any risks, you might even run it on a demo trading account. I would always start out by testing a forex robot on a practise account. Just keep in mind that results from live accounts and demo accounts can vary. This is a result of elements like liquidity, slippage, and spreads that may vary between a simulated and actual trading environment.

To use the Bonnitta EA, you will need an account with a forex broker. With so many forex brokers to choose from nowadays, it can be had to decide which is the best forex broker for you. From my many years of experience in the forex industry, IC Markets are one of the best forex brokers when it comes to manual and automated trading. This is because they have tight spreads, low commission fees, reliable execution speeds, multiple funding options and excellent 24/7 customer support.

You can find out more about the Bonnitta EA by visiting the website using the link below.

Bonnitta EA









  • Both MetaTrader 4/5 platforms
  • Innovative and unique auto trading system
  • Includes pre-set files
  • Trades multiple currency pairs
  • Easy to setup with instructions included
  • Dedicated user support provided
  • Free trial version available
  • News filter to help avoid volatile market conditions


  • Limited quality backtests
  • No real verified account results
  • Very expensive compared to other forex EA's
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