Brain Trend Indicator

The Brain Trend indicator, despite its flashy appearance, is a reliable tool for spotting support and resistance levels. The Brain Trend Indicator is a momentum-based signal indicator that helps traders trade with the trend and spot reversals. This technical analysis tool is designed to help traders identify trends and potential price movements in the Forex market. This indicator is based on the concept of market cycles and uses a combination of moving averages, fractals, and other mathematical formulas to generate signals for traders.

What is the Brain Trend Indicator?

The Brain Trend Signal Indicator is a reversal indicator that looks at the market’s momentum to find likely changes in direction. Traders can trade with the trend and also spot potential reversals in momentum with the use of the Brain Trend Signal Indicator. The Brain Trend Indicator is a straightforward indicator that reveals the direction of the trend. The indicator draws dotted lines to point out the direction of the trend. It creates blue-dotted lines if there is bullish momentum. On the other hand, when bearish momentum is present, the indicator draws red dotted lines.

The dotted lines represent potential points of support and resistance. The blue lines show the area of support, while the red lines show the area of resistance. Although the Brain Trend Indicator can be used by traders on any timeframe, it performs best when applied to higher timeframes, where more background noise is absent.

Brain Trend Indicator Strategy

The Brain Trend Signal Indicator uses an algorithm to tell you which way momentum is going and when it will change. It compares the size of the price movement to the ATR in order to determine the direction of momentum. You can see the Brain Trend Indicator’s buy and sell signals in action on the H1 chart for EUR/USD above. The red and blue dotted lines represent support and resistance levels, which traders can use to determine whether to buy or sell. Traders may enter long positions or close short ones whenever the indicator plots blue dotted lines. When the indicator plots red dotted lines, traders may short the market or close their long positions.

Traders should wait for confirmation before making a trade. For instance, traders can enter buy positions if the Brain Trend Indicator draws blue dotted lines and the following candle is bullish. These price swings indicate that buyers are gaining strength and are willing to push the price above the support level. The same reasoning applies to selling at a price level of resistance. To enter a short trade when the price drops below the low of the little consolidation, one needs to first wait for a minor consolidation at the red dotted lines (resistance).

Always keep in mind that the Brain Trend Indicator will plot red dotted lines during an uptrend and blue dotted lines during a downtrend. Therefore, it indicates a trend reversal. It’s important to remember that the Brain Trend Indicator can sometimes send out false signals. Therefore, traders need to use a combination of the Brain Trend Indicator and other indicators while placing trades. One strategy to use and counter these false signals is to wait until a fake breakout occurs, after which one can enter the market. If the price is retracing toward the blue dotted line (support) and the trend is up, you may want to wait for a price break below support before buying when the price starts to recover above support.

Similarly, if the trend is downward and the price is retracing to the red dotted lines (resistance), you should not engage in shorting until the price breaks above resistance. This MT4 indicator is technically compatible with all time frames. Nonetheless, the shorter the time frame, the greater the volatility and whipsaws, which can result in small losses that can swiftly drain a portfolio. You can achieve better consistency by trading on higher time frames, such as the H4 chart or higher.

Buy Signal

Brain Trend Indicator
Brain Trend Indicator Buy Signal
  • First, determine if the blue dotted horizontal line of the Brain Trend indicator is slightly below the candlesticks.
  • Then you may place buy entries on the selected currency pair.
  • You could set stop loss at 2–5 pips below the short-term support.
  • Exit the open buy position when a red dot forms above the candlesticks on the indicator during a bullish trend.

Sell Signal

Brain Trend Indicator
Brain Trend Indicator Sell Signal
  • First, determine if the red dotted horizontal line of the indicator is placed marginally above the price bars.
  • Then, you may open a sell position on any currency pair.
  • You could set stop-loss orders at 2–5 pips above the short-term price barrier.
  • Close the open sell position when the brain trend indicator creates a blue dot below the candlesticks during a negative trend.

Brain Trend Indicator Pros & Cons


  • The Brain Trend indicator can give alerts at price retracement levels.
  • It’s a great tool for quickly assessing the trend’s direction.
  • Brain Trend is well-suited for both day trading and position trading.
  • Ability to identify key levels of support and resistance


  • It provides multiple false signals in lower time frames.
  • Multiple whipsaws and high volatility occur in the lower timeframes


The Brain Trend Indicator utilizes red and green dotted lines, to identify the direction of the trend. One of the main advantages of the Brain Trend Indicator is its ability to identify key levels of support and resistance, which can help traders to identify entry and exit points for trades. Additionally, the indicator can also be used to identify trend direction and potential price movements, which can help traders to make more informed decisions about when to buy or sell a currency pair.

However, it is important to note that the Brain Trend Indicator should be used in conjunction with other technical analysis tools and fundamental analysis to ensure a well-rounded approach to trading. Additionally, as with any technical indicator, it is important to use the Brain Trend Indicator with caution and to always consider the potential risks associated with trading.

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