Breakout Panca Eagle Indicator

The Panca Eagle strategy is, at its most basic level, a way to find price breaks through support and resistance levels. The goal of this strategy is to use price movements above and below the previous range as a sign to enter or leave a trade. The box’s boundaries serve as support and resistance zones. The Breakout Panca Eagle indicator is easy to comprehend. It’s also easy to implement; we just watch for the price to break out of the green area. We In this article, you will learn all about the Breakout Panca Eagle indicator so ensure you read to the end.

What is the Breakout Panca Eagle?

Breakout Panca Eagle is a forex channel indicator that shows the working channel of a currency pair during the Asian trading session. The indicator sets a maximum and minimum level for the chosen time frame and then suggests trades based on price movements that are outside of these limits. Tests have shown, however, that there are times when the expert has to be set up so that the European session is included in the operating range of the prices. It is not necessary for the EA to have the Breakout Panca Eagle indicator for it to work.

Breakout Panca Eagle Strategy

Specifically, the Breakout Panca Eagle Indicator is a breakout indicator that provides a daily breakout zone in the form of a box. Traders may open a buy or sell position as soon as this box is broken. The Breakout Panca Eagle indicator emphasizes colored box-like segments. You can change the color of these parts of the chart by going to the inputs in the drop-down box for forex custom indicators. The whole breakout area, from the beginning of the zone to the end, is highlighted in one box segment. This is a no-trade zone, so you’ll need to wait until the chart prices move out of this segment before opening a position.

The following segment illustrates the indicator offset zone. This is the space that develops above or below the breakout zone on the chart. This buffer is responsible for removing noise and false positives from breakout line testing in the breakout zone. This is an important box, as it prepares the trader to open a buy or sell position. The other zone represents the time frame above and below the selected breakout range.

The original colors of these boxes were red, blue, and green. However, the red zone is just emphasized with a red border since it is located in a different region.

  • BLUE zone: It represents the HIGH and LOW range of the candle between defined hours.
  • GREEN zone: This is the boundary above and below the BLUE zone. It serves as a noise zone and provides a signal that a breakout is imminent.
  • RED zone: You should not trade in this zone and instead wait for Price Action (PA) to leave the RED zone.

Buy Signal

Breakout Panca Eagle indicator
Breakout Panca Eagle indicator Buy Signal
  • Wait until the price reaches the upper green box region after passing the red box, EMA 5 (red line), Upper EMA 13 (yellow line), and RSI above the 55 levels.
  • Then, you may open a BUY position alongside the price action.
  • Exit the open buy trade when the reverse signal arrives or in accordance with your exit strategy.

Sell Signal

Breakout Panca Eagle indicator
Breakout Panca Eagle indicator Sell Signal
  • Watch for the price to reach the green region of the bottom box after passing the red box, EMA 5. (red line) Below the EMA 13 (yellow line), the RSI is below
  • Then, you may open a SELL position alongside the price action
  • Exit the sell trade when the opposite signal arrives, or in accordance with your strategy.

Breakout Panca Eagle Pros & Cons


  • The Breakout Panca Eagle indicator is easy to use and understand, making it suitable for both novice and experienced traders.
  • It can be used in various trading strategies, such as scalping, swing trading, and position trading.
  • It provides clear buy and sell signals, which can help traders make quick and accurate decisions in the market.
  • This indicator filters out any false breakouts.


  • The Breakout Panca Eagle indicator may generate false signals in a range-bound market, leading to losses for traders.
  • It requires a certain level of market knowledge and experience to use effectively, which may not be suitable for novice traders
  • It may not be suitable for traders who prefer to use fundamental analysis in their trading strategies
  • It is a lagging indicator, which means that it may not provide signals in real-time, which could be a disadvantage for some traders.
  • It should not be used in isolation as it can be more effective when combined with other technical indicators.


In conclusion, the Breakout Panca Eagle indicator is a powerful tool for identifying potential price breakouts in the Forex market. By analyzing historical price patterns and identifying key levels of support and resistance, traders can use this indicator to identify potential entry and exit points for trades. The indicator’s ability to identify market trends and potential price movements can help traders to make more informed decisions and increase their chances of success in the market. However, as with any technical indicator, it is important to use it in conjunction with other analysis tools and to always consider the fundamental factors that may be impacting the market. Overall, the Breakout Panca Eagle indicator can be a valuable addition to any trader’s toolkit.

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