Breakout Scanner 123 Pattern Indicator

Breakout Scanner 123 Pattern Indicator
Breakout Scanner 123 Pattern Indicator

What is the Breakout Scanner 123 Pattern Indicator?

The Breakout Scanner 123 Pattern indicator is a tool designed for MT4 that identifies potential price breakouts based on your personalized criteria. While currently available as a demo version, this indicator is adept at tracking weekly and monthly charts, making it an ideal choice for those new to price action pattern trading.

Tailored for simplicity, the Breakout Scanner features a 1-2-3 pattern scanner, allowing you to select your preferred forex currency pairs and timeframes for efficient breakout scanning. No need to sift through individual charts for buy-sell signals – just set your preferences, initiate the automatic scanner, and let the indicator handle the rest.

Breakout Scanner 123 Pattern Indicator - Overview
Breakout Scanner 123 Pattern Indicator – Overview

Setting Up the Breakout Scanner

The Breakout Scanner strategically places the search box at the top left of your chart, providing flexibility in customization. Adjust the size and position effortlessly through the intuitive MT4 settings.

Selecting Currency Pairs and Timeframes

Tailor your trading experience by selecting your favorite forex currency pairs and desired timeframes. The Breakout Scanner tries to empower you to focus on the markets that matter to you.

Running the Scanner

Initiate the scanning process with a simple click on the “RUN” icon. Watch as the indicator compiles a comprehensive list of relevant pairs and MTF icons, streamlining your market analysis.

Identifying 1-2-3 Patterns

The Breakout Scanner excels in detecting 1-2-3 patterns, signaling potential breakout opportunities. Observe color changes in the panel buttons, indicating the presence of these patterns.

Analyzing Signal Charts

Upon detection of a pattern, click on the highlighted button to be redirected to the signal chart. Delve into the details of the breakout scenario for informed decision-making.

Real-world Example – AUD/USD Chart

Explore a real-world scenario on the AUD/USD chart, where the Breakout Scanner identified a 1-2-3 triangle pattern on the monthly timeframe. Witness the subsequent bearish breakout and understand how to interpret the signals.

Sell Strategy

Learn how to execute a sell strategy based on the Breakout Scanner’s insights. Identify the sell level, projected potential target areas, and potential target levels for optimal risk management.

Buy Strategy

For buy orders, understand the indicator’s recommendation to look for an ascending 1-2-3 pattern, where the third wave surpasses the high of the first wave.

Breakout Scanner 123 Pattern Indicator Pros & Cons


  • Efficient Pattern Recognition: The Breakout Scanner tries to excel in efficiently identifying 1-2-3 patterns, providing traders with insights into potential breakout opportunities.
  • User-Friendly Interface: With a user-friendly interface, the indicator tries to allow for easy customization of the search box, making it accessible for traders of all experience levels.
  • Timeframe and Currency Pair Customization: Traders can tailor their analysis by selecting preferred forex currency pairs and timeframes, allowing for a personalized and focused trading approach.
  • Automatic Scanning: The automated scanning feature eliminates the need to manually analyze each chart for buy-sell signals, saving time and reducing the risk of overlooking potential opportunities.
  • Clear Signal Visualization: The color changes in panel buttons provide a visual cue, making it easy for traders to spot detected patterns and understand potential breakout scenarios.
  • Real-time Chart Redirection: The indicator seamlessly redirects traders to the signal chart upon pattern detection, facilitating quick analysis and decision-making.
  • Risk Management Features: The Breakout Scanner offers insights into potential targets and targey levels, trying to aid traders in implementing effective risk management strategies.


  • Demo Version Limitations: As of the current version, the indicator is available in a demo version with limitations, restricting some advanced features that might be available in a full version.
  • Limited Demo Version: As of the current version, the Breakout Scanner is available only as a demo version. Traders may find limitations in terms of access to certain features or timeframes.
  • Dependency on MT4 Platform: The indicator is designed specifically for the MT4 platform, limiting its usability for traders who prefer alternative trading platforms.
  • Sole Focus on 1-2-3 Patterns: While effective for 1-2-3 pattern recognition, the Breakout Scanner may not cover other types of patterns, potentially overlooking alternative trading opportunities.
  • Complexity for Novice Traders: Despite its user-friendly design, novice traders may find the indicator’s features and chart analysis somewhat complex, requiring a learning curve.
  • Lack of Historical Data Analysis: The indicator may not provide extensive historical data analysis, limiting its ability to help traders identify long-term trends and patterns.
  • No Guarantee of Profitability: Like any trading tool, the Breakout Scanner doesn’t guarantee potentialoutcomes. Traders should use it as part of a comprehensive trading strategy and exercise caution.


In conclusion, the Breakout Scanner 123 Pattern Indicator tries to offer a promising approach to identifying potential breakout opportunities in the forex market. With its efficient pattern recognition, user-friendly interface, and automated scanning capabilities, it empowers traders to streamline their analysis and make informed decisions.

The indicator’s customization options, allowing traders to select preferred currency pairs and timeframes, add a layer of flexibility to their trading strategies. Real-time chart redirection upon pattern detection tries to enhance the overall user experience, facilitating quick and seamless analysis.

However, it’s important to note that the Breakout Scanner is currently available as a demo version, and traders should be mindful of its limitations, including dependency on the MT4 platform and a focus solely on 1-2-3 patterns. Novice traders may need some time to familiarize themselves with the tool, and, like any trading indicator, it does not guarantee potential trading opportunities.

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