Bright Trading Review

In the fast-paced world of financial markets, where opportunities and challenges evolve rapidly, finding the right trading environment can make all the difference in your trading career. Bright Trading, LLC, led by President & COO Rob Friesen, has been offering a unique platform for aspiring and experienced traders since 1992. In this comprehensive review, we will delve into the key aspects of Bright Trading, from its mission and features to reasons for choosing this platform, its affiliations, and more. Let’s explore what sets Bright Trading apart in the world of professional trading.

Bright Trading Review
Bright Trading Review


Founded in 1992, Bright Trading has established itself as a reputable broker dealer member of the NYSE Chicago. The firm has consistently provided aspiring and experienced traders with the tools, education, and capital they need to thrive in the financial markets. With a commitment to staying current and supporting traders throughout their careers, Bright Trading has gained a loyal following in the trading community.

Mission and Commitment

Bright Trading’s mission, as articulated by President & COO Rob Friesen, is to offer capital, education, and professional tools to individuals looking to embark on or advance their professional trading careers. Whether you’re a seasoned trader or just starting out, Bright Trading invites you to take their questionnaire, a first step towards exploring the potential of this platform. The core commitment of Bright Trading is to provide traders with a better alternative for their trading endeavors.

Features of Bright Trading

Bright Trading offers a range of features and benefits that cater to traders of all levels:

  1. Learn to Trade: Bright Trading emphasizes education, enabling traders to expand their knowledge base. They offer strategies such as Pairs trading, Basket trading, Hedged Swing Trading, and Macro trading.
  2. Access Deep Data & Predictive Analytics: Bright Trading provides access to advanced data and predictive analytics, offering incredible value at $500/month. This feature equips traders with the tools to employ various trading strategies, models, and methods effectively.
  3. Work from Home: The platform allows traders to work from anywhere, eliminating geographical limitations and offering flexible working hours.
  4. Work Online in Teams: Bright Trading encourages collaboration among traders, allowing them to work in teams to harness their creative potential.
  5. Benefit from Low Transaction Costs: Low transaction costs enable traders to execute more trades and optimize their trading strategies.
  6. Follow a Structured Program: Traders can enhance their skills by learning programming languages like Excel, Python, and R, among others.
  7. Use Firm’s Capital: One of the standout features is the opportunity to use the firm’s capital and receive a percentage of the profit generated.

Reasons to Choose Bright Trading

There are several compelling reasons, as claimed by Bright Trading, to consider them as your trading partner:

  1. No Pattern Day Trader Rule: Traders on Bright Trading’s platform are exempt from the Pattern Day Trader Rule as they operate using firm capital, offering greater flexibility.
  2. No Reg T or Portfolio Margin: Bright Trading doesn’t impose Reg T or Portfolio Margin restrictions on buying power, giving traders more control.
  3. Greater Flexibility: Traders have the flexibility to place multiple open orders, adapting to market conditions and opportunities.
  4. No Order Selling: Bright Trading does not sell your orders to any third parties, ensuring transparency and fairness.
  5. No Internalization of Orders: The platform does not internalize your orders, providing a more direct and transparent trading environment.
  6. Order Routing Options: Traders can route orders to their preferred exchanges, algorithms, ECNs, or dark pools, enabling them to optimize execution.
  7. Experience: Bright Trading has a rich history, founded in 1992 by experienced traders, and the managing partner has decades of experience in clearing firms.
  8. Mentoring: Traders can access a mentoring group, receiving daily help and instruction from professional traders to sharpen their skills.
  9. Financial Strength: Bright Trading is a well-capitalized firm, providing capital to its members intraday and overnight, ensuring trading continuity.
  10. Profit Withdrawal: Traders can conveniently withdraw their profits twice monthly through direct deposit or wire transfers.
  11. Remote Support: Bright Trading offers timely remote support, leveraging modern technology to assist traders whenever needed.
  12. Education: An Enterprise Agreement with StockOdds, Inc. allows Bright Traders to access unique and relevant education for today’s markets.
  13. Alternative Data: Another Enterprise Agreement with StockOdds, Inc. offers Bright Traders access to StockOdds’ predictive analytics database.
  14. Affiliations: Bright Trading is a broker dealer member of the NYSE Chicago, and all securities transactions are cleared through Goldman Sachs & Co., providing traders with a trusted foundation.
  15. Locates: GSCO provides adequate locate facilities for shorting stocks, enabling traders to explore various trading strategies.
  16. Technology: Bright Trading offers access to top electronic trading platforms like REDIplus and Real Tick, supporting manual trading and algorithmic strategies.
  17. Cost Structures: Due to favorable economies of scale, Bright Traders enjoy low transaction costs, optimizing profitability.
  18. Flexibility and Independence: Bright Traders are Class B Members of the Firm, not employees, granting them the freedom to trade whenever and however they wish.
  19. Remote Trading: Bright Traders have the convenience of trading remotely from the comfort of their own homes or offices.

Trading Platforms and Requirements

Bright Trading offers top electronic trading platforms, including REDIplus and Real Tick. Traders can execute trades manually, use provided algorithms, execute via FIX, or develop their own methods using various trading APIs. While cloud and mobile-based trading are not available, the firm provides access to developers to assist with strategy and software development.

To become a Bright Trader, individuals must register as securities traders of the broker dealer and meet regulatory requirements, including successfully passing the Securities Industry Essentials exam and the Series 57 exam. Bright Traders are not considered customers but members of the firm. A trader deposit, determined by qualifications, is required, and Bright Trading does not solicit or accept orders from retail customers.


In conclusion, Bright Trading, LLC stands as a prominent and well-respected player in the professional trading landscape. With a rich history dating back to 1992 and a commitment to providing traders with capital, education, and professional tools, it offers a unique opportunity for traders of all levels to thrive. The platform’s numerous features, transparent practices, affiliations with trusted entities like NYSE Chicago and Goldman Sachs & Co., and emphasis on trader flexibility and independence make it a compelling choice for those seeking to further their trading careers.

Bright Trading’s dedication to staying current with market trends, offering remote trading options, and providing access to advanced data and predictive analytics showcase its commitment to empowering traders in an ever-evolving financial landscape. Whether you’re an experienced trader looking for a new opportunity or a novice trader seeking mentorship and support, Bright Trading’s comprehensive offering is worth serious consideration.

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