Bulenox Review

Bulenox provides a unique funded trader educational program for traders and investors as well as platform for selecting and training. As a funded futures trader evaluation program, Bulenox has grown extremely swiftly in popularity. The market is become more competitive with the emergence of numerous new prop trading firms. The pricing, account sizes, and rules of Bulenox are quite competitive in general although there are some key pros and cons to look out for if you are considering using them to get a funded trading account. I will try to cover everything in this Bulenox Review so you can learn a little more about them and what they do, to see if they meet your needs.

What is Bulenox?

The Bulenox platform was created by traders for traders that enables both professional and novice traders to learn the fundamentals of trading, improve their performance, and have exclusive access to the world’s financial markets without having to put their own money at risk.

Their ability to integrate a wealth of trading knowledge is what makes their strategy special. By utilising cutting-edge technology that is accessible to all of their clients, Bulenox create a completely new as well as secure access to trading in the international financial markets. The company has flexible conditions that give traders absolute freedom of actions and a convenient trading schedule.

What do Bulenox do?

A funded trading account can be accessed by traders through the funded trading programme run by the Bulenox prop trading company. If you are a good trader with a proven track record, you can trade futures using this funded account.

By integrating its many years of trading experience, the business has developed a distinctive strategy for managing the sponsored programme. This has made it possible for the company to create a brand-new, secure access to trading the global financial markets.

What software do Bulenox use?

By providing Rithmic as your data feed, account connection, and supplying NinjaTrader to utilise throughout the assessment, Bulenox adheres to the standards of the financed futures trading programmes. Once funded, you can keep utilising the free NinjaTrader licence. You can utilise a variety of additional platforms, but you must supply them yourself. On their website, under the support tab, there is a lengthy list, including Jigsaw Daytradr.

Bulenox Qualification Account

The Qualification Account is the Bulenox test for futures traders. The firm wants to find talented traders and give them financial support through the Qualification Account. The company works to provide traders with all the resources they need to turn their enthusiasm for trading into a stable business.

Traders need to demonstrate their trading prowess, choose an effective plan, and concentrate on their market vision. Traders will surely be eligible for the funded Account if they have demonstrated responsibility, dependability, and discipline. The Master Account is known as this financed Account. Follow the instructions listed below to complete the Bulenox challenge:

  • Creating a personal account and registering
  • Picking one of the available account sizes
  • Start trading on a Qualifying Account.
  • Display outstanding performance without violating any laws.

Bulenox Master Account

Bulenox are aware of how a shortage of funds affects one’s capacity to make wise trading choices. Therefore, they give you complete assistance and professional guidance so you can realise your trading potential.

A solid, mutually beneficial partnership that promotes both personal and financial success can be a good way to motivate both parties. This is how they assist professionals in progressing and reaching new heights. It is in the interest of the prop firm that the trader is successful as they can share any profits.

  • Utilise and change your own trading strategy
  • Without commissions, obtain your first $10,000
  • Earn as much as 90% of your earnings
  • Use the trading platform without cost

Bulenox Rules

Trading Days

A trader must trade at least 10 trading days to get to the Master Account.


The trading day starts at 5:00 pm and ends at 4:00 pm the following day, North American Central Standard Time (CST). Holidays and weekends do not count as a trading day. All positions must be closed by 15:30 (CST).

Maximum Position Size

The maximum position size depends on the selected account. A trader can have several positions at the same time.


The trader’s objective is to reach a profit target to get to the Master Account.

Trailing Drawdown

Do not allow the maximum drawdown on your account.


A trader can trade both standard and micro contracts at the same time. 1 standard contract is equivalent to 10 micro contracts.

Benefits of Bulenox

  • Permit Tiny Bitcoin (MBT) – Most businesses forbid micro cryptocurrency contracts
  • No uniformity requirement
  • A wide range of account sizes
  • After you earn $40K more, which is at an 80/20 split, the first $10,000 is 100% yours and 90% is divided with you
  • Various withdrawal options
  • Low monthly cost after funding
  • A Trader can simultaneously have several Qualification and Master accounts
  • Good range of financial instruments to choose from

Drawbacks of Bulenox

  • Only a few withdrawals, although this is becoming increasingly common with businesses that assist traders in establishing a balance, it has both benefits and drawbacks
  • They don’t have much history, so there is not as much feedback from users when compared to some other prop firms such as TopstepTrader
  • Minimum of 10 trading days but no maximum number of days

Bulenox Conclusion

I think the Bulenox prop trading firm can be worth consideration for anyone that is considering trading on a funded account and they are happy to share any profits with the company. That being said, you will need to learn as much as possible if you are lacking in trading experience as you will need to pass the Bulenox evaluation program in order to get access to a funded trading account.

I think a forex demo account can be a great place to practice different trading strategies and build your confidence up before taking part in a any trading challenge. You will need to be disciplined and have good money management as there is a strict Bulenox criterion to qualify for the master account. They do have a range of packages but trading platforms are somewhat restricted. Prices are very reasonable whilst you can always give them a go with the free trial option.










  • No consistency rules
  • Large choice of account sizes
  • First $10,000 is yours
  • Generous profit share
  • Multiple withdrawal methods
  • Low monthly fee once funded


  • Limited withdrawals to begin with
  • Not much company history
  • Limited trading platforms