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Launched in 2000, ChoiceTrade is an online stock trading broker and flat-fee options provider. They provide active and self-directed traders with a range of trading platforms and tools to suit each individual style and experience level.

ChoiceTrade Reviews - Trustpilot
ChoiceTrade Reviews – Trustpilot

The broker offers low, fair, and simple pricing for all account sizes. Commission fees for options are $5 plus 0.15 per contract or $10 plus 0.00 per contract. Stock trading commissions start from $0 with a $5 monthly fee. They have a range of exclusive products that include WatchPlus, Power Basket, and Options Strategy Identifier.

ChoiceTrade Platforms & Tools

ChoiceTrade provides clients with a variety of premium paid online trading platforms that allow them to trade from anywhere in the world, provided there is an internet connection. The various trading platforms are available and can be accessed via desktop, web browser as well as easy to use and convenient mobile apps. The trading platforms include:

QuoteStream Trader

An online streaming stock quote platform, QuoteStream can be launched directly from the broker’s website for stock and options trading. The platform delivers free real-time market quotes with advanced market data/research and technical stock trading analysis and capabilities.

ChoiceTrade Review - Quotestream Platform
ChoiceTrade Review – Quotestream Platform

ChoiceTrade Elite Trader

This is the premium web platform; it offers simple trading yet has a wide range of trading tools. There are proprietary rankings, advanced charts, and screeners, as well as fundamentals that can help traders with their trading decisions.

ChoiceTrade Review - Elite Trader
ChoiceTrade Review – Elite Trader

ChoiceTrade Direct Pro Trader

A level II direct access stock trading platform, ChoiceTrade Direct Pro Trader offers more advanced trading tools. It is designed specifically for the more active stock and options trader.

ChoiceTrade Review - Direct Pro Level 2 Pricing
ChoiceTrade Review – Direct Pro Level 2 Pricing

ChoiceTrade Research & Education

The broker’s website has some tutorials and articles on how to use the various trading platforms amongst other topics.

ChoiceTrade Trading Accounts

ChoiceTrade offers a variety of account types to choose from. They include Individual, Joint, Custodial, IRA, and Specialty Accounts. There is a required minimum deposit of $100 to open a ChoiceTrade account. If you apply for a margin account, there is a $2,000 required minimum deposit.

ChoiceTrade Review - Account Types
ChoiceTrade Review – Account Types

ChoiceTrade Account Funding

The broker accepts only bank transfer for account funding and withdrawals. Transactions can take a few business days to clear. Third-party payments are not accepted, and the broker does not charge a deposit fee. Accounts can be opened only in USD, so currency conversion fees are charged when accounts are funded in another currency.

ChoiceTrade Customer Service

ChoiceTrade provides traders with a personalized customer support team that answers any general, technical, and account-based questions that clients may have. They are available from Monday to Friday from 9:00 am to 5:00 pm (EST) and can be reached via telephone and email.

ChoiceTrade Regulation

ChoiceTrade is registered with the Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC). The SEC is an independent federal government agency of the United States that is responsible for protecting investors, maintaining fair and orderly functioning of the securities markets, and facilitating capital formation.

ChoiceTrade Review Summary

ChoiceTrade is an online stock and options broker that has competitive commission fees with a variety of powerful and flexible trading platforms to choose from.














  • Premium trading platforms
  • Tutorials and trading articles
  • A responsive customer support team