City Traders Imperium Review

Traders Imperium is a prop trading firm that is especially helpful for people who wish to start off small and take use of a top-notch funded trader programme and educational platform. One aspect that sets City Traders Imperium apart from its rivals is the scaling plan; you can start with an account size as little as $2,500 and earn additional profit shares as you build up. Trading FX pairs, gold, and indices can earn you up to $2,000,000 per account and a total of $4,000,000 in trading capital.

In this City Traders Imperium review, I will cover the fundamentals of the company’s trading challenges and educational possibilities, as well as your alternatives for obtaining cash through the funding programme.

Who are City Traders Imperium?

City Traders Imperium is a limited business with its headquarters in London, is recognised as one of the top proprietary trading companies in the UK. Former head traders Martin Najat and Daniel Martin founded it in 2018, with the goal of creating a global prop trading company with an online trading floor of funded investors.

City Traders Imperium, a forex prop firm, emphasises trader development, values a synergistic process of advancement, and accepts various trading philosophies, such as news trading, swing trading, and EAs.

All of City Traders Imperium’s funded traders have access to the MT5 trading software for Windows and Mac OS. Only traders who are copying from their personal trading accounts are permitted to utilise copy trading software, and they must show verification that the MT5 statement of the trading account they are copying corresponds with the account they administer for City Traders Imperium.

While the industry average spread on the EUR/USD is roughly 1 pip, City Traders Imperium has one of the lowest spreads on the market, at an average of 0.3 pips. Despite this, City Traders Imperium does not make its broker’s identity known to the public.

Funded Trader Accounts

Three different funding trading account kinds are provided by City Traders Imperium:

Planned evaluations

As an evaluation trader, you can select between the Classic Funded Trader Program, which has a profit objective of 7% and an assessment phase that lasts up to a year, and the Standard Funded Trader Program, which has a profit target of 9% and an evaluation phase that lasts up to six months.

You are permitted to trade with leverage of up to 1:10 with both account types, which entails that if you spend $10, you can buy assets worth $100. City Traders Imperium gives a 50% profit share as soon as you hit your first profit goal, with a maximum of 70% on the top tier.

Because it has fewer restrictions and a longer review period than the industry standard, the Classic Evaluation Plan is especially appealing to beginning traders. The five account types are $2.5k, $5k, $10k, $12,500, and $17,5k for evaluation account sizes.

For all account sizes, the maximum loss during the evaluation phase is 5% relative drawdown.

The Standard Evaluation Plan’s maximum loss is set at 5% absolute drawdown, or a 5% loss of the initial account balance, for all account sizes.

For both funded trader plans, a trader must complete a minimum of 30 active trading days, which are defined as “days an Evaluation Trader opens a new trade on a new day” and are not calendar days in order to finish an evaluation phase or seek a withdrawal.

Every trade must have a stop loss, which can only be less than 1.5% of the opening balance. Any deal that is closed without a stop loss is deemed to have violated the risk management policies of City Traders Imperium.

After you successfully complete the evaluation phase, City Traders Imperium offers you the opportunity to trade as a portfolio manager with a 10% growth target and a potential 100% profit share for 400% of the evaluation initial amount. You are free to trade at your own speed as a portfolio manager because there are no requirements for minimum trading days or time constraints. Additionally, if you finish your assessment phase earlier than the permitted evaluation time limit and meet all other requirements, you will be promoted to portfolio manager right away.

Once you pass the evaluation during the evaluation phase, withdrawals are permitted. After the evaluation stage, you may submit a request once every month. Withdrawals are available using TransferWise, Revolut, and PayPal at City Traders Imperium.

City Traders Imperium gives discounts for future Classic or Standard Evaluation purchases from the same funding programme category if you fail the evaluation process. If you purchase your second evaluation within 24 hours of failing your first exam, you receive a 20% discount; otherwise, you receive a 5% discount. You can get a 10% discount on your subsequent assessment purchases in the event that your portfolio manager account is closed.

Direct Funding Initiative

The City Traders Imperium Direct Funding Program, which enables earning and withdrawing gains right away, is an option for traders who prefer to forgo the evaluation step.

Four account sizes are available: $20k, $40k, $50k, and $70k accounts, with corresponding one-time payments of £1,059, £2,099, £2,599, and £3,649 per account.

At every 10% profit target, your account doubles, and you can receive 70% to 100% of the profits.

The direct financing program’s maximum loss is 5%, and the stop-loss risk is 1.5% for all account sizes.

Funded Traders Day Trading Program

City Traders Imperium also has the choice to enrol in the Day Trading Funded Trader Program for a one-time fee of £289, a maximum drawdown of 10%, a profit target of up to 100%, and leverage of 1:33.

In order to be eligible for rewards on this challenge, which consists of an Assessment Phase and a Qualification Phase, traders must successfully complete each phase within a 45-day window. The trader can proceed to the next phase if all conditions have been satisfied without having to wait until the phase’s allotted time has passed, but they must finish at least 10 days of active trading in each phase.

The profit target is set at 10% of the starting balance for the Assessment Phase and 5% for the Qualification Phase, which is the total of the net eligible profit after closing all open positions and outstanding orders.

The Day Trading Funded Trader Program requires traders to adhere to a 10% fixed loss rule for both phases on any given day and a maximum daily loss cap of 4%.

The first 10% of profits made by traders are divided at an initial 70% rate. The profit split is then raised to 80%, and for those who are eligible for the Growth Plan, it is 90% for Tier 1 and 100% for Tier 2.

Account Growth Plan

Traders can increase the size of their accounts with the Account Growth Plan. When an investor funds a trader, the initial account in Tier 1 is enhanced by 30% of the initial account balance.

achieves a 10% or higher profit target over the course of four consecutive months, with two of those four months being profitable; processes at least two withdrawals during those four months using the 80% profit split; and ends the fourth month with a positive account balance.

You receive 100% of the net profit after three repetitions of Tier 1 in City Traders Imperium.

One month after their first trade or when they make a profit of at least 15%, traders can request withdrawals.

Other Features

Platform for Additional Services Education

City Traders Imperium gives traders access to a wealth of instructional materials and mentoring to help them become consistently successful traders.

City Trade Imperium Forex Education provides private lessons to assist traders in developing abilities depending on their unique objectives. The Bank Level Trading course provides tried-and-true methods, including as Wyckoff Theory, Wave Theory, and Smart Money Concepts, to assist traders choose which stocks to buy and when.

The CEO of City Traders Imperium, Daniel Martin, created the Symmetrical Triangle Theory (STT) approach in 2008 with the intention of lowering the risks associated with trading psychology that can undermine traders’ efforts. The STT strategy training has a high success rate and is ideal for swing traders.

Both novice and experienced traders can benefit from the Corrective Strategy course by learning a clear, rules-based method that makes day trading easy and keeps them from sliding into the discretionary trading trap.

With the help of the Build Your Edge course, traders may learn effective risk management, trading psychology, and how to control their emotions.

A five-day course called Learn to Trade Forex helps traders lay solid foundations and gain a thorough understanding of markets and forex trading.

Trading Community

To follow news, take use of the support channel, or exchange trading ideas with other funded traders, traders can join the City Traders Imperium Discord channel, which has more than 7,000 members.

Additionally, City Traders Imperium has a YouTube channel with 4.63K subscribers that features tutorials on prop funded trading as well as trader success tales.

Conclusion: is City Traders Imperium a good prop trading firm?

Due to the flexibility of its offering, the range of its products and services, and the personalised care that is frequently lacking in the sector, CTI differentiates apart from other funded account providers.

Although the one-time costs for the various programme tiers are slightly greater than the industry standard, they are nonetheless worthwhile. With CTI, you have access to relevant educational materials and a vibrant community that can only help you advance.

In summary, CTI should be at the top of your list if you want to trade consistently or benefit from all the advantages of a funded trader offering that doesn’t limit you to currency trading.

City Traders Imperium









  • Excellent education and mentorship programs
  • One-step evaluation, two-step evaluation, and direct funding programs
  • One-time free retake (Day trading challenge)
  • Competitive and scaleable profit split up to 100%
  • Funding up to $4,000,000
  • Support for different trading styles
  • Weekly withdrawals on all funding programs
  • One year to pass the challenge (Classic evaluation accounts)
  • 45 Calendar days to pass each stage of the Day Trading Funding program
  • No maximum daily loss rule (Classic and Standard evaluation accounts)


  • No cryptocurrencies
  • 30 Active minimum trading days (Classic and Standard evaluation accounts)
  • No free trial opportunity
  • 5% Relative Drawdown rule (only on Classic evaluation accounts)
  • Low leverage compared to competitors
  • Requires 30 minimum active trading days
  • Maximum of two accounts for portfolio managers