CTI Trading Indicator Review

CTI Trading Indicator Review

In this post I will be reviewing the CTI Trading Indicator which is effectively an indicator to be used on multiple trading platforms to form part (or all of) a manual forex trading system. This is another forex product form the trading strategy guides development team who have a vast array of indicators for manual forex trading and even some automated versions of these manual systems. The CTI Trading Indicator is suitable for all levels of traders as you simply set it up on your trading charts using the provided instruction in just a few minutes. I would personally use any manual forex trading system on an ECN forex broker for the best possible trading conditions with low trading costs.

CTI Trading Indicator Review
CTI Trading Indicator Review

CTI Trading Indicator Trading System

The CTI Trading Indicator will analyse all the charts and time frames that you run it on for you whilst giving you an alert when it finds a signal. This means that you simply set it up on the charts you want it to track and it will do all the hard work for you so that you do not need to stare at the screen all day.

The CTI Trading Indicator is flexible as it can be used any time of the day on any currency pair to suit your online trading needs. You can use it for scalping, intra-day trading or swing trading.

I would personally trade it on the EURUSD & GBPUSD major currency pairs as I find that these tend to have the most liquidity and seme good movement.

In a nutshell, the CTI Trading Indicator is based on trading the channels which when done correctly can give powerful breakout signals. You may take the CTI Trading Indicator signals as they are stand alone or use further analysis such as a moving average or your very own support / resistance lines. If you have the knowledge, channel trading can be more powerful when combined with price action analysis (candlestick patterns).

CTI Trading Indicator Review
CTI Trading Indicator Review

CTI Trading Indicator Summary

Overall, the CTI Trading Indicator does a great job of automatically spotting and pointing out channels for you which you can then use for breakout trading.

If the market ranges, you could get into trouble but I would use sensible money management with a favourable risk to reward ratio so that my winning trades are greater than my losing trades. I would also have my trading discipline in check.

The CTI Trading Indicator comes with detailed instructions, trader’s dashboard, full support and a money back guarantee.

CTI Trading Indicator









  • Multiple Trading Platforms
  • Multiple Currency Pairs
  • Multiple Timeframes
  • Manual Forex Trading System
  • Channel Trading System
  • Traders Dashboard
  • Forex Signals
  • Detailed Instructions
  • Full Support
  • Money Back Guarantee