Deep Blue Scalper EA

Deep Blue Scalper EA is a forex robot designed to provide efficient scalping strategies for traders. With its utilization of powerful indicators and focus on the main trend, this Expert Advisor aims to enter the market at optimal moments. By using the D1 timeframe to identify trends and shorter timeframes for market entry, Deep Blue Scalper EA aims to catch good moves consistently. This review will provide an in-depth analysis of its features, performance, safety measures, and pricing, enabling potential buyers to make an informed decision.

Deep Blue Scalper EA
Deep Blue Scalper EA

Features and Strategy

Deep Blue Scalper EA utilizes a range of powerful indicators to analyze the market. By focusing on the main trend, it ensures that trades are executed in alignment with the overall direction of the market. This strategy can help traders avoid counter-trend trades, reducing the risk of unnecessary losses.

Scalping is the primary strategy employed by this Expert Advisor, enabling it to take advantage of short-term price movements. With a short take profit and stop loss, Deep Blue Scalper EA aims to make quick trades while limiting potential losses. This approach is suitable for traders looking for frequent, smaller profits rather than long-term investments.

Adaptive Trade Trailing Algorithm

One of the standout features of Deep Blue Scalper EA is its adaptive trade trailing algorithm. This algorithm dynamically adjusts the stop loss level, allowing the EA to lock in profits as the trade progresses. This feature can be particularly beneficial during volatile market conditions when quick adjustments are essential to protect gains.

Risk Management

Deep Blue Scalper EA prioritizes risk management by incorporating a stop loss (SL) mechanism in all trades. This approach helps protect the trading account from significant equity drawdowns, mitigating the potential for substantial losses. Additionally, this Expert Advisor doesn’t employ risky strategies like martingale, ensuring a more conservative and controlled trading approach.


The performance of Deep Blue Scalper EA largely depends on market conditions, price volatility, and the settings utilized by the trader. While historical performance can provide insights, it is important to note that past results do not guarantee future success.

When properly configured, Deep Blue Scalper EA has the potential to catch good moves through its scalping strategy. However, users should be aware that scalping strategies can be sensitive to slippage and execution speed, so choosing a reliable forex broker with low latency is crucial.

Pricing and Availability

Deep Blue Scalper EA is available for purchase on various websites. The original price of $490 may seem steep, but it is important to consider the potential return on investment that a profitable scalping strategy can offer. It is worth noting that discounts can often be found on some websites, providing traders with an opportunity to acquire the EA at a reduced price. However, this might not be a legit copy so go careful.


Deep Blue Scalper EA is a short scalper Expert Advisor that aims to capitalize on short-term price movements using a robust set of indicators and a focus on the main trend. Its adaptive trade trailing algorithm and risk management measures provide additional protection to trading accounts. While the performance is subject to market conditions and individual settings, this EA has the potential to deliver trades when used appropriately. Traders seeking a scalping strategy to enhance their trading arsenal may find Deep Blue Scalper EA a valuable addition.