Desire to Trade Review

Desire to Trade is more than just a Forex trading academy; it’s a global platform committed to the growth and development of traders, regardless of their geographical location. Conceived as an all-encompassing trading resource, it also tries to offer a diverse range of other services like personalized one-on-one trading consultations and a specialized Forex trading assistant. However, today the main spotlight is on the academy’s cornerstone: its in-depth trading course designed to elevate your skills to new heights.

The visionary behind this multifaceted service is Etienne, a Montreal-based entrepreneur and expert in the Forex market. A prolific writer, Etienne continually tries to enrich the trading community by trying to pen insightful articles on his widely-read blog. He also hosts a notable Forex podcast that has not only captured the attention of traders but has also amassed a substantial library of 175 episodes, making it one of the market’s leading audio resources for trading insights.

If you’re keen to connect with Etienne for specialized guidance or support, he’s made it simple through a contact form provided on his website. It’s worth noting that due to his hectic travel agenda, he politely requests that users allow him a response window of 24 to 48 hours. With a passion for trying to help others succeed in the world of Forex trading, Etienne’s Desire to Trade tries to stand as a comprehensive tool for both novice and experienced traders alike.

Desire to Trade Review
Desire to Trade Review

Core Philosophy and Course Methodology

The bedrock of Desire to Trade Academy is built upon the belief that potential in Forex trading comes from surrounding oneself with traders who operate at a level higher than one’s own. Etienne Crete, the founder, tries to embody this philosophy based on his own transformative journey in the trading world. His early setbacks tried to serv as invaluable lessons that inform the academy’s core teachings today.

As for the course methodology, the academy primarily tries to adopt a swing trading approach to navigating the Forex market, much like Falcon Trading Guidance (FalconFX). While the sales page may not provide exhaustive details, the curriculum is structured around ten pivotal modules. These modules try to serve as a comprehensive guide to trading essentials, covering a broad spectrum of topics from crafting effective trading strategies to mastering the psychological aspects of trading and even various money management techniques.

Features and Community Engagement

Desire to Trade Academy tries to distinguish itself by offering an amalgamation of self-paced educational modules and expert mentorship. A key feature is the array of actionable resources, including guides, checklists, and cheat sheets. These are designed for immediate application, trying to ensure that participants can quickly put theory into practice.

However, what truly sets the academy apart is its community engagement. Members become part of a dynamic network of traders who are committed to mutual growth. Within this active community, traders can swap valuable insights, problem-solve together, and share advice to refine their trading strategies.

To reinforce commitment and track progress, the academy tries to employ an accountability system that includes monthly webinars and office hours. These regular interactions with coaches and peers try to serve to keep members aligned with their trading objectives.

Desire to Trade - Overview
Desire to Trade – Overview

Comprehensive Programs Overview

Desire to Trade Academy takes a multi-faceted approach to Forex trading education by offering a suite of seven specialized training programs. Each program is designed to target specific aspects of trading and is valued between $195 and $697.

  • Power Trader: This foundational program tries to serve as the starting point, offering core knowledge essential for every trader.
  • Ultimate Day Trader: Geared towards hands-on learning, this program includes live trading sessions that introduce traders to the market’s mechanics and diverse trading approaches.
  • Trading Strategy Playbook: This module tries to delve into the specific trading strategies employed by Etienne Crete, offering participants a behind-the-scenes look at successful trading.
  • Trading Strategy Series: A program trying to focus on three swing trading strategies that are designed to be effective while requiring minimal daily time investment.
  • Forex Trading Psychology Mastery: Aimed at helping traders understand their trading personalities and styles, this program tries to focus on the mental and emotional aspects of trading.
  • Professional Trader’s Risk Management Intensive: This intensive course teaches effective money management and risk assessment, crucial elements for long-term potential trading.
  • Full-Time Forex Trading Accelerator: The capstone program prepares traders for sustainable, long-term potential by providing them with the tools to establish a robust trading business model.

Final Thoughts

In conclusion, Desire to Trade Academy, founded by Etienne Crete, tries to offer an all-encompassing framework for achieving consistent potential in Forex trading. By melding a core philosophy of communal growth and mentorship with a pragmatic, step-by-step methodology, the academy tries to strive to provide an unmatched educational experience. It also tries to stand out not just for its rich curricular offerings, but also for its dynamic community engagement and accountability systems.

With a comprehensive suite of programs targeting various facets of trading—from strategies and psychological tuning to risk management—the academy tries to aim to be a one-stop-shop for aspiring and experienced traders alike. Each program is designed to add unique value, trying to ensure that members are well-equipped to navigate the complexities of the Forex market.

By offering actionable resources, a vibrant peer network, and consistent accountability, Desire to Trade Academy goes beyond mere theoretical instruction to try fostering practical skills and long-term profitability. It’s not just about becoming a trader; it’s about becoming a potential traders, full-time Forex trading professional.

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