The Do IT EA is a forex trading strategy that offers traders a disciplined and low-risk approach to trading. Using a proprietary trading system, the EA employs buy and sell pending orders to enter the market at predetermined prices. In this review, we will explore the key features of the Do IT EA, including its trading system, risk management tools, and customization options, and evaluate its performance to help you make an informed decision about whether it is the right trading strategy for you.

DO IT EA Strategy

The DO IT EA is an expert advisor that utilizes a proprietary trading system to identify optimal trade entry and exit points for any currency pair and time frame. This EA is designed to execute trades through the use of buy and sell pending orders, without relying on risky trading strategies such as grid or martingale.


Each trade is secured by a stop loss and take profit order, which helps to protect the trader from substantial losses. Additionally, the EA includes protection against false breakouts, which can help prevent trades from being triggered prematurely.

Another strength of the DO IT EA is its customizability. The trading bot offers a range of options and settings that can be tailored to the trader’s specific preferences and risk tolerance. This allows traders to optimize the EA to their individual needs and to make adjustments as market conditions change.

However, one potential weakness of this EA is that it may not perform as well in certain market conditions. Like any trading system, the DO IT EA may struggle during periods of high volatility or unexpected market events. Additionally, the EA may require some experience and knowledge to set up and customize effectively.

In terms of risk management, it is important for traders to be aware of the potential risks associated with automated trading systems. While the DO IT EA includes risk management features, traders should still monitor their accounts closely and be prepared to adjust settings or disable the EA if necessary. It is recommended that traders test the DO IT EA on a demo account before using it with real funds. This will allow traders to become familiar with the EA’s performance and to make any necessary adjustments before risking actual capital.

DO IT EA Features

  • The Do IT EA uses a proprietary trading system that can pinpoint trade entries and exits for any time frame and currency pair, providing traders with a precise and reliable approach to trading.
  • By employing buy and sell pending orders that are triggered when the market reaches a predetermined price, the strategy minimizes the risk of unexpected market movements.
  • The EA secures all open trades with stop loss and take profit orders.
  • With its protection against false breakouts, the Do IT EA helps traders avoid entering trades on false signals that could lead to losses.
  • The Do IT EA is designed to avoid risky trading methods such as grid and martingale, which are known to increase the risk of significant losses, providing traders with a disciplined and low-risk approach to trading.
  • The trading bot offers multiple interesting customization options and settings, allowing traders to tailor the strategy to their individual preferences and risk tolerance.
  • The Do IT EA can be used on any time frame and currency pair, making it a versatile tool for traders of all experience levels.
  • The strategy is user-friendly and easy to use, with a simple interface that makes it accessible to traders of all levels of experience.
  • The Do IT EA comes with reliable customer support, ensuring that traders receive assistance whenever they need it.

DO IT EA Settings

  • Lot for Balance: Automatic lot calculation based on account balance
  • Balance: Automatic lot calculation based on a fixed step size
  • Fix Lot (if 0 then Auto): Fixed lot size for trades
  • Number of Opened Deals: Maximum number of trades allowed to be open at one time
  • Time to Start Hour: Time of day to start opening trades
  • Time to Finish Hour: Time of day to stop opening trades
  • Comments: Optional comments to add to trades for tracking purposes
  • Magic: Unique identifier for trades
  • Open Opposite Deals: Whether or not to allow opening trades in the opposite direction
  • Max Spread: Maximum allowable spread for trades to open
  • Trailing On/Off: Whether or not to use a trailing stop loss
  • Trailing Start: The distance in pips from the current price to start the trailing stop
  • Trailing From: The distance in pips from the current price at which the trailing stop is activated
  • Trailing Step: The distance in pips between each adjustment of the trailing stop
  • Use Breakeven: Whether or not to use a breakeven function to protect profits
  • Take Profit: The profit target in pips for each trade
  • Stop Loss: The stop loss in pips for each trade

DO IT EA Summary

The Do IT EA is a trading bot that uses a proprietary system to provide traders with precise entry and exit points for any time frame and currency pair. Its strengths include the use of buy and sell pending orders, stop loss and take profit orders, and protection against false breakouts. It also offers customization options and comes with reliable customer support.

However, before using the Do IT EA with real money, it’s recommended that traders demo test the bot with historical data to assess its performance and suitability to their trading style. Applying good risk management settings is also crucial in order to minimize potential losses. Although the Do IT EA offers a range of customizable features and reliable customer support, it’s important to keep in mind that there are no guarantees in trading. The Do IT EA is best suited for traders who prioritize disciplined, low-risk trading strategies.

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