Dracula EA

In the ever-evolving landscape of Forex trading, automated solutions have become increasingly popular, promising efficiency, precision, and hands-free trading. Dracula EA emerges on this scene, boasting a unique strategy that distances itself from conventional techniques like grid trading, martingale, and averaging positions. This review seeks to unravel the intricate features, testing protocols, expert parameters, and overall performance of Dracula EA, shedding light on its potential as a robust trading tool.

Dracula EA
Dracula EA

The Core Strategy

At the heart of Dracula EA lies a strategy designed for simplicity and effectiveness. The automated system employs a dual approach: utilizing limit orders when the market is flat and seamlessly transitioning to market orders when conditions dictate. The key premise revolves around setting two limit orders during market inactivity. Once an order is triggered, the position undergoes closure either through TAKE_PROFIT, SIGNAL_TRAILING_TAKE_PROFIT in an unfavorable scenario, or by STOP_LOSS_VIRTUAL. Post-position closure, the expert meticulously examines the outcome, adjusting the lot size in case of profit (RISE_LOT) or maintaining it at its previous value in case of a loss.

Risk Management Dynamics

One of the standout features of Dracula EA is its robust risk management system. All positions are equipped with a fixed Stop Loss and a dynamic Take Profit. The inclusion of two Stop Losses, virtual and real, adds an extra layer of risk mitigation. The virtual Stop Loss acts as a shield against dynamic spread fluctuations, ensuring that the position is not prematurely closed due to erratic market conditions. On the other hand, the real Stop Loss comes into play in unforeseen circumstances such as connection loss or broker issues.

Currency Pairs and Testing

Dracula EA recommends a carefully selected set of currency pairs for trading, with initial focus on EURCHF, USDCHF, EURGBP, GBPUSD, and EURUSD. For those seeking diversification, additional pairs such as CADCHF, AUDCAD, EURCAD, GBPCHF, AUDUSD, AUDCHF, and NZDCHF are suggested. Prior to any live trading, the expert advisor emphasizes the importance of thorough testing, with historical data quality set at a minimum of 90%.

Trading Recommendations and Optimization

The recommendations provided by Dracula EA extend beyond its core strategy. Users are advised to opt for a Forex Virtual Private Server (VPS) or ensure a reliable internet connection for uninterrupted communication with the broker. The expert performs optimally on ECN accounts with moderate spreads and commissions. Furthermore, the advised time period for chart analysis is the H4 timeframe.

Testing and optimization are critical components of Dracula EA’s deployment. Historical data for the recommended currency pairs is a prerequisite, and the expert stresses the need for a simulation quality of at least 90%. While default settings are available for the recommended pairs, users are encouraged to explore individual optimization to align with specific broker conditions.

Delving into Expert Parameters

Dracula EA provides an extensive array of expert parameters, offering users the flexibility to tailor the trading experience according to their preferences. These parameters cover aspects such as risk management, lot increment methods, Stop Loss and Take Profit settings, trading conditions, and additional features like trade on Friday and Monday settings, magic numbers, and maximum spread allowances.

Risk Management Parameters

  • USING: This parameter allows users to choose between trading risk or a fixed lot.
  • LOT/RISK: Specifies the amount of risk or the fixed lot.
  • STATIC/DYNAMIC: Determines the lot increment method.
  • RISE_LOT: Sets the increment size, either in lots or as a percentage of the original lot.

Stop Loss and Take Profit Parameters

  • STOP_LOSS_VIRTUAL: Virtual Stop Loss to protect against adverse spread fluctuations.
  • STOP_LOSS_FORCE_MAJEURE: Real Stop Loss for unforeseen circumstances.
  • TAKE_PROFIT: Real size of the profit, dynamically closed during trading.

Trading Conditions and Additional Settings

  • GMT_OFFSET: Specifies the GMT offset of the broker.
  • USE_LIMIT_ORDERS: Determines whether to use limit orders or trade on the market.
  • INPUT_SIGNAL: Input signal for optimization.
  • SIGNAL_TRAILING_TAKE_PROFIT: Signal for trailing profit, optimized for effectiveness.
  • A_SIGNAL_TO_CLOSE_PROFIT: Signal for closing profits, allowing for optimization.
  • FILTER_SWAP: Acts as a filter for swap conditions.
  • DISPLAY_SWAP: Enables the display of the current swap conditions.
  • TRADE_ON_FRIDAY and TRADE_ON_MONDAY: Settings to control trading activity during specific weekdays.
  • MAGIC_NUMBER: A unique identifier for the expert’s orders.
  • MAX_SPREAD_CLOSE: Specifies the maximum spread size for closing positions using STOP_LOSS_VIRTUAL.
  • TEMPLATE: Refers to the template used for trading.
  • USE_A_SOUND: Determines whether to use a soundtrack during trading.
  • PRINTING and MESSAGES: Control logging and message output.

Understanding Parameter Relationships

The interplay of expert parameters is crucial in defining the behavior of Dracula EA. The choice between trading risk or a fixed lot (USING) influences subsequent parameters. When using risk, dynamic lot sizes are derived from free margin, while fixed lots are used when opting for a fixed lot.

Similarly, the decision between static and dynamic lot increment methods (STATIC/DYNAMIC) dictates the increment size specified in RISE_LOT. When using a static method, this is a fixed increment; when dynamic, it is a percentage of the last position’s lot.

Stop Loss and Take Profit parameters contribute significantly to the risk management strategy. The virtual Stop Loss ensures that adverse price movements triggered by dynamic spread changes do not prematurely close positions. Conversely, the real Stop Loss provides a fail-safe mechanism for closing positions under unforeseen circumstances.

The Take Profit parameter is set as a dynamic value, allowing the expert advisor to autonomously decide when to close or trail profits. This level of flexibility empowers the trader to adapt to varying market conditions.

Trading Conditions and Timing

Dracula EA recommends using H4 charts, emphasizing the significance of choosing the correct time frame for analysis. The GMT offset of the broker plays a pivotal role in synchronization with market time. Users are guided to adjust this offset during daylight saving time changes, optimizing for the best performance.

The choice between limit orders and market orders (USE_LIMIT_ORDERS) is also a critical consideration. Dracula EA recommends the use of limit orders, providing traders with more control over entry points and potentially reducing slippage.

Minimum Deposit and Position Sizing

Dracula EA provides clear recommendations for minimum deposit requirements. For trading a single pair on one account, a deposit of at least 100 units is advised. When trading multiple pairs on a single account, a range of 50-100 units of deposit per currency pair is recommended. These guidelines provide users with a basis for position sizing and risk management, ensuring a balanced approach to trading.


In conclusion, Dracula EA emerges as a fully automated trading expert advisor with a comprehensive set of features, parameters, and recommendations. Its unique strategy, emphasizing simplicity and risk management, sets it apart from conventional trading approaches. The expert’s adaptability to different market conditions, coupled with its versatile parameters, offers traders the flexibility to customize their trading experience.

However, it is crucial for users to approach the deployment of Dracula EA with a thorough understanding of its parameters and a commitment to testing and optimization. Trading in the Forex market carries inherent risks, and the success of any expert advisor depends on a combination of strategic design and prudent risk management.

Before making a purchase, potential users are strongly encouraged to study the trading conditions on the website of their chosen broker and educate themselves about the risks associated with Forex trading. Additionally, continuous monitoring and adjustment of parameters based on evolving market conditions are essential for sustained success.

In conclusion, Dracula EA presents itself as a promising contender in the realm of automated trading, offering a blend of simplicity, adaptability, and robust risk management. However, as with any trading tool, diligence, ongoing monitoring, and adherence to best practices are key to unlocking its full potential in the dynamic landscape of Forex trading.

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