EA Builder Pro Review

In the fast-paced world of financial markets, algorithmic trading has become an advantage, providing traders with the ability to automate strategies and execute trades with precision. EA Builder Pro stands out in this landscape as a freemium EA builder, offering traders the opportunity to create expert advisors (EAs) without the need for coding skills. In this detailed review, we will explore the features, functionality, and user experience of EA Builder Pro, examining how it empowers traders to bring their trading strategies to life effortlessly.

EA Builder Pro Review
EA Builder Pro Review

Overview of EA Builder Pro

Build Your EA Without Coding!

EA Builder Pro proudly asserts itself as the ultimate tool for creating EAs without the necessity of coding. The platform integrates everything a trader needs in one place, including indicators, strategies (such as Stop Loss and Take Profit), money management tools, and pre-built EA templates. The goal is to enable users to automate their manual trading strategies or explore new automated system ideas seamlessly.


To gauge the popularity and usage of EA Builder Pro, it’s noteworthy to highlight some impressive statistics from their website:

  • 50,000+ Users
  • 2 Million+ Backtests
  • 160,000+ Expert Advisors
  • 2 Million+ Exports

These figures underscore the widespread adoption of EA Builder Pro within the trading community, emphasizing its relevance and utility.

How Does EA Builder Pro Work?

  1. Get Started: Templates
    • EA Builder Pro simplifies the initiation process by providing users with templates to quick-start their EA creation. Users can choose from pre-designed templates or start from scratch with an empty template and add their indicators.
  2. Add Your Indicators
    • Users can seamlessly integrate standard MetaTrader indicators or upload custom indicators using the platform’s Web Library. The flexibility to upload custom indicators in various formats, such as EX or MQL, enhances the adaptability of the platform.
  3. Create Trade Signals
    • Trade Signals play a pivotal role in defining conditions for opening or closing orders. EA Builder Pro allows users to use indicators, functions, or fixed values to create versatile conditions, such as crossovers or price action. The drag-and-drop functionality streamlines the process of arranging trade signals.
  4. Strategy Modules
    • Strategy Modules empower users to manage open orders, set Stop Loss and Take Profit values, and define trading sessions. Regular additions of new modules ensure that the platform stays abreast of evolving trader needs.
  5. Configure Your Money Manager
    • The Money Manager feature determines the risk tolerance of the EA, allowing users to set a fixed lot size, a percentage of their account, or employ the Martingale strategy. Ensuring responsible risk management is crucial, and EA Builder Pro facilitates this with user-friendly configurations.
  6. Run a Backtest
    • Users can run cloud-based backtests effortlessly by choosing the desired time period, test model, and timeframe. The backtest results are conveniently presented in a dashboard, providing a comprehensive overview of the EA’s performance.
  7. Export to MetaTrader
    • When satisfied with the backtest results, users can export the EA to MetaTrader in their preferred format (MQL or EX). This step allows users to run the EA on their local machine or deploy it on a Virtual Private Server (VPS).
  8. Access Your EAs Anywhere
    • The web-based nature of EA Builder Pro ensures that users can access their EAs from any device without the need for installations. This flexibility is particularly advantageous for traders who prefer to manage their strategies on the go.

Why Do You Need EA Builder Pro?

No Coding and No Programmer Needed

EA Builder Pro emphasizes the elimination of coding barriers, enabling users to generate EAs without writing a single line of code. This approach not only saves time and resources but also broadens the accessibility of algorithmic trading to a wider audience.

Everything You Need for Any Expert Advisor

The platform boasts a comprehensive set of features, including custom indicators, entry and exit signals, advanced modules, risk management tools, and export and backtest functionalities. EA Builder Pro aims to provide users with all the building blocks necessary to construct an Expert Advisor. The platform’s documentation and tutorial further support users in navigating the complexities of algorithmic trading.

Cloud Backtesting

The ability to conduct backtests in the cloud with a single click offers a convenient way to identify profitable EAs or make adjustments swiftly. The cloud-based backtesting service, powered by solar panels, aligns with the platform’s commitment to sustainability.

Export to MetaTrader 4 & 5

Users can seamlessly transition from the platform to MetaTrader by exporting their strategies in either MQL or EX format. The option to choose between these formats adds flexibility, catering to users with varying preferences for code accessibility.

Access Your EAs Anywhere

The web-based nature of the platform ensures that users can access and manage their EAs from any device, be it a desktop, tablet, or smartphone. The platform’s commitment to providing a consistent user experience across devices enhances its appeal.

Support & FAQ: A Commitment to User Assistance

In the journey of building EAs, users may encounter technical challenges or have suggestions for additional features. EA Builder Pro addresses these needs through its support team, encouraging users to reach out for assistance. The platform’s responsiveness to user feedback is evident in its constant evolution and regular releases.

Tutorial & Documentation: Guiding Users to Success

EA Builder Pro understands the importance of user education and provides extensive tutorial documentation to facilitate a smooth onboarding process. Video tutorials, blog posts, and a frequently updated FAQ section contribute to a wealth of resources for users at various skill levels.

Future-Proof Development: Staying Ahead of the Curve

The commitment to constant development, introduction of new features, and utilization of the latest technologies ensures that EA Builder Pro remains future-proof. The platform’s responsiveness to customer feedback and regular releases indicate a dedication to staying ahead of the curve in the ever-evolving landscape of algorithmic trading.

Free Access: Lowering Entry Barriers

EA Builder Pro offers a free plan, allowing users to start building their EAs immediately without the need for registration. This free access lowers entry barriers, enabling users to explore the platform’s capabilities and build their expert advisors at their own pace. The web-based application eliminates the need for installations, making the process seamless and accessible.

Conclusion: EA Builder Pro – Empowering Traders Worldwide

In conclusion, EA Builder Pro emerges as a powerful and accessible tool for traders seeking to automate their strategies without delving into complex coding. Its user-friendly interface, extensive features, and commitment to user support contribute to its standing as a valuable resource in the algorithmic trading space.

The platform’s success is underscored by its substantial user base, impressive backtesting statistics, and a constant stream of expert advisors generated. EA Builder Pro’s focus on eliminating coding barriers aligns with the broader industry trend of making algorithmic trading more inclusive.

As algorithmic trading continues to shape the landscape of financial markets, EA Builder Pro stands at the forefront, providing both novice and experienced traders with a platform to turn their trading ideas into functional EAs. Whether you are a trader looking to automate a manual strategy or an enthusiast exploring new system ideas, EA Builder Pro offers a gateway to the world of algorithmic trading, without the complexities of traditional coding.

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