EA Thomas

EA Thomas is a fully automated trading robot for the MetaTrader platforms that comes with customisable settings. You can adjust the EA Thomas to your preferences and risk levels or even customize it for your specific broker. This Expert Advisor can be purchased from the MQL marketplace whilst there is a free demo version also available to give it a try before making any commitment. In this article, I will be taking a look at how the EA Thomas works. Hopefully, that will help you to decide if this is a trading robot that you would consider using on your trading account.

Using the EA Thomas

EA Thomas is a trading algorithm that employs five trading advisors at the same time. The EA analyzes 5 entry points on different timeframes at the same time and selects one of the five to open in the market based on the level of risk. The EA features allow you to specify which trading strategies will be used to look for entry points and on what timeframes. The built-in algorithm will constantly analyse the trading instruments on which chart the EA is applied, searching the charts for buy and sell signals. When the expert advisor finds an opportunity, it can place and manage trades on behalf of the user.

The EA can be used in 2 modes which include the following:

  • Conservative trading A1
  • Aggressive trading B2
EA Thomas
EA Thomas

Characteristics of EA Thomas

  • Algorithmic trading: The robot uses complex algorithms to analyze market trends, news, and historical data to make trading decisions.
  • Automatic trading: The robot can execute trades automatically on your behalf based on its analysis and predefined settings.
  • Risk management: The robot has built-in risk management features to control the amount of capital invested in each trade and to limit losses.
  • Customizable settings: The robot offers customizable settings, allowing the trader to specify which trading strategies will be used to look for entry points and on what timeframes.
  • Integration with trading platforms: The robot can be integrated with popular trading platforms such as MetaTrader to facilitate trading.

Some Attributes of EA Thomas

  • Can be used on all currency pairs.
  • Works on all timeframes.
  • Can be used on any MetaTrader 4/5 ECN broker.
  • Fully automated trading strategy.
  • Customisable settings including optimised preset files.
  • Built-in money management features.
  • Modifications to trading orders.
  • Smart Grid development (VARX).
  • Trading panel with the possibility of manual control.
  • System Token.
  • The EA employs a news filter to halt trading prior to and following news releases.
  • Close all trades.
  • Only close sell trades.
  • Only close buy trades.
  • Turn off advisor.
  • Stop advisor.
  • Restart advisor.
  • Statistics on total score.

EA Thomas Summary

Overall, I see some potential with the EA Thomas for anyone looking to trade the financial markets automatically in either of the MetaTrader platforms. The developer of the EA Thomas has shared some backtests for you to get an idea of how this expert advisor has performed over recent years through different market conditions.

It is important to note that past performance does not guarantee good results moving forward. Therefore, I would only test the EA Thomas on a demo account using a trial version to begin with. This would allow me to get a feel for how it works and see if it fits within my own trading style.

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