EA V5 Pro 2020

The EA V5 Pro 2020 is an expert trading platform designed to optimize trading performance in the Forex market. It incorporates three powerful robots that work across multiple currency pairs, including EURUSD, USDCHF, and USDJPY. With its automatic lot size calculation based on account balance and advanced money management system, the EA V5 Pro 2020 aims to minimize risk and ensure optimal trade execution. While the specific strategy of the robots is not disclosed, the EA V5 Pro 2020 utilizes take profit and stop loss levels to manage trades effectively. In this comprehensive review, we will delve into the features, performance, strengths, and weaknesses of the EA V5 Pro 2020. By exploring its capabilities and risk management settings, readers will gain valuable insights to help them make an informed decision about whether this expert trading platform aligns with their trading goals and preferences.

EA V5 Pro 2020 Strategy

The EA V5 Pro 2020 is a trading platform that consists of three expert forex robots, each designed to work on the H1 timeframe for the currency pairs EURUSD, USDCHF, and USDJPY. The robots operate on all pairs but exclusively on the H1 timeframe. It is important to note that the EA does not work during backtesting.

EA V5 Pro 2020
EA V5 Pro 2020

One of the strengths of the EA V5 Pro is its powerful money management system, which ensures a controlled approach to risk management. The system automatically adjusts the lot size based on the trader’s account balance, allowing for proper handling of both small and large balances. This feature contributes to the EA’s ability to mitigate risks associated with trading.

The EA V5 Pro also incorporates forex news time filters for all three robots. By avoiding trading during significant news events, the EA aims to protect against sudden market movements that can lead to undesirable outcomes. This filter is designed to close all trades during big news time, ensuring that the EA remains cautious during potentially volatile market conditions.

EA V5 Pro 2020 Activity
EA V5 Pro 2020 Activity

Additionally, the EA V5 Pro utilizes Take Profit and Stop Loss levels as part of its strategy. These tools are essential for managing profits and limiting potential losses, contributing to a disciplined approach to trading. The EA allows for a minimum lot size of 0.01, enabling traders with various account sizes to participate in the market. It supports trading in any currency pair.

The EA V5 Pro operates automatically, eliminating the need for traders to monitor the markets constantly. Traders have the option to use a Virtual Private Server (VPS), enabling the EA to function independently without requiring their computer to remain operational throughout the day. This automated feature provides convenience and flexibility for traders with busy schedules.

While the EA V5 Pro offers several strengths, it is essential to consider its limitations. The lack of backtesting functionality means historical performance cannot be accurately assessed. Traders must rely on real-time trading results and forward testing to evaluate the EA’s effectiveness. Furthermore, the minimum account balance recommendation of $3000 in a low-spread true ECN Forex broker might not be feasible for all traders.

Unfortunately, the information available does not disclose the precise trading strategy used by the robots within the EA. The focus of the EA V5 Pro is primarily on its money management system, forex news time filters, and the use of Take Profit and Stop Loss levels. The absence of a specific trading strategy may limit the transparency and understanding of the underlying principles guiding the EA’s trading decisions. Traders considering the EA should carefully evaluate this aspect and assess whether the lack of strategy disclosure aligns with their own trading preferences and requirements.

To assess the performance and suitability of the EA V5 Pro, it is recommended to test it in a demo trading environment. This enables traders to gain confidence in the EA’s performance and make informed decisions about using it in live trading.

EA V5 Pro 2020 Features

  • Expert trading platform for forex robots
  • Consists of 3 experts (EURUSD, USDCHF, USDJPY) in H1 timeframe
  • Works with all currency pairs on the H1 timeframe
  • Powerful money management system to handle various account balances
  • Lot size adjustment based on the account balance
  • Forex news time filters to avoid trading during high-impact news events
  • Take Profit and Stop Loss levels for risk management
  • Minimum lot size requirement of 0.01, compatible with any currency pair
  • Automated trading, eliminating the need for constant monitoring
  • Can be used with a Virtual Private Server (VPS)
  • Recommended minimum account balance of $3000 in a low spread true ECN Forex broker.

EA V5 Pro 2020 Settings

  • Lot Size Calculation: Automatic lot calculation based on the account balance
  • Forex News Time Filter: Avoids trading during high-impact news events
  • Take Profit and Stop Loss: Implements predetermined profit target and stop loss levels
  • Risk Management: Powerful money management system to handle various account balances
  • Minimum Lot Size: Supports a minimum lot size of 0.01 for flexibility
  • Multiple Currency Experts: Consists of 3 experts (EURUSD, USDCHF, USDJPY) for diversified trading
  • Trade Time Settings: Allows customization of trade start and end hours
  • Spread Filter: Filters trades based on the maximum spread allowed
  • Trailing Stop: Offers trailing stop functionality to protect profits
  • Breakeven Function: Implements breakeven function to secure profits
  • Magic Number: Assigns a unique identifier for the trades
  • Open Opposite Deals: Enables the logic for opening trades in the opposite direction

EA V5 Pro 2020 Summary

The EA V5 Pro 2020 is an expert trading platform that offers three currency experts for EURUSD, USDCHF, and USDJPY, working on the H1 timeframe. It incorporates a powerful money management system and utilizes forex news time filters to reduce risk. The EA applies automatic lot size calculation, take profit, and stop loss levels, making it suitable for both beginner and experienced traders.

While it works automatically and can be used with a VPS, it is important to conduct demo testing and apply proper risk management settings to assess its performance and protect capital. It is important to note that the specific strategy of the EA is not disclosed, which can be considered a limitation. The EA V5 Pro 2020 is designed for traders seeking an automated trading system with risk management features and a focus on select currency pairs.

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