Earn2Trade Review

The trading industry can be complicated at times, and every trader’s initial schooling in the industry is no exception. Numerous trading courses and offers are available, but which one is the finest and which organisation has moral goals to teach you how to actually become a better trader?

Earn2Trade is one of the very few businesses that acts as a head-hunter looking for true talent. Excellent futures sponsored trader programmes are available from Earn2Trade to assist traders in quickly achieving their objectives. The biggest advantage is that investors can practise trading without putting their own money at danger. Instead, participants in this programme have the option to trade utilising funded trading accounts from trading partners and keep 80% of trading gains.

Earn2Trade debuted a brand-new Trader Career Path at the beginning of 2022. Through this path, traders can scale their careers by trading accounts up to $200,000 with a fixed drawdown. The Gauntlet Mini, an exam designed exclusively for intraday traders, and The Gauntlet, a software for maximum trader flexibility, are two of their other products, and this one is a great addition to both of them.

This Earn2Trade review examines all three Earn2Trade supported trader programmes in depth and outlines their similarities and distinctions.

What is Earn2Trade?

Earn2Trade is a provider of trading education that supports traders in their learning process. They also serve as a hiring agency for proprietary trading companies, picking out the best traders and allowing them to trade funded accounts up to $200,000 in value.

Two licenced commodity trading advisors and a former university professor started Earn2Trade in the beginning. The company is now handled by a group of traders and instructors who have a passion for assisting traders in obtaining funding after the original founders eventually sold their shares in the business.

The educational company Earn2Trade was founded in 2017 and has its headquarters in Wyoming, USA. It provides virtual accounts for futures trading as well as educational courses for amateur traders who want to become professionals. The top students who perform well in their trading under predetermined conditions are granted access to funds from proprietary trading firms in amounts ranging from $25,000 to $200,000. Subscriber costs for Earn2Trade’s three rate plans range from $90 to $429.

Earn2Trade Review
Earn2Trade Review

How does Earn2Trade work?

Earn2Trade is an education company rather than a brokerage. Additionally, it serves as a middleman between traders and prop firms, which are financial organisations that lend their assets to hired traders under specific restrictions. Customers of Earn2Trade have access to trade on the Chicago-based CME Group’s CME, CBOT, Nymex, and Comex exchanges. The largest derivatives market in the world, E, allows trading futures contracts for a variety of basic commodities, currencies, equities, and indices.

Briefly, this is how it goes. An investor signs up with Earn2Trade, pays a subscription fee to use an account, and begins trading with virtual money. He might receive real money for trading from an Earn2Trade partner if he complies with the requirements outlined in the offer. A retail trader therefore develops into a professional who may then trade using a prop firm’s funds and receive 80% of the profits. The business that provided the capital receives the remaining 20%.

Despite having its headquarters in the USA, Earn2Trade accepts traders from all nations—with the exception of those that are subject to sanctions—to become its customers. Budapest, Hungary is home to the technical support office. Earn2Trade provides paid learning courses, including those with a personal mentor, as well as multilingual support through a variety of communication channels.

Earn2Trade Review
Earn2Trade Review

Earn2Trade Trader Career Path

Compared to other proprietary trading firms, Earn2Trade is unique. To give traders and investors the widest range of options, they constantly enhance their offering, modify their programmes in response to customer requests, and roll out new offerings.

This is also true for the recently launched Trader Career Path, a financed trader programme created to aid traders in developing a scaling plan for their careers. Therefore, traders always begin by testing their skills on a $25,000, or $50,000 trading exam rather than choosing one particular account size. After passing the exam, they are already funded and join a proprietary trading firm.

From this point forward, investors can swap the company’s capital and cash out their gains. The distinctive feature of the Trader Career Path is that traders who achieve their goals advance within the company and trade increasingly larger accounts valued up to $200,000. This is unique in the market and enables traders to put up little money for the lowest trading challenge, but as they get better, they can trade greater accounts.

For those who wish to keep expenses to a minimum while having a good chance of managing a sizable portfolio in the long run, the trader career path is a great option.

For a price of $100, the Evaluation may be reset at any time. An account that is being used for live trading, however, cannot be reset. This implies that people who have already traded on a live account and reached certain milestones, including the drawdown maximum, will need to start over with their evaluation and the Trader Career Path.

While regular futures contracts are computed with $2.02 commissions per side, micro asset commissions are normally between $.0.74 and $1.00 per side. The balance of the simulated or live trading account is used to pay the commissions.

The cost of the Trader Career Path Evaluation’s monthly subscription is $150 for a 25k account and $190 for a 50k account. Any Evaluation reset will cost $100. After the Evaluation is finished, there are no further monthly membership payments.

Earn2Trade Gauntlet

The Gauntlet is a 60-day trading challenge that was created expressly to attempt and make the experience as near to real market circumstances as possible. If a trader meets the Gauntlet objectives, they can submit a 60-day trading performance demonstration and, if successful, receive an offer from a proprietary trading firm.

With this programme, there are very few restrictions, and traders can even maintain positions overnight. The candidate will receive an opportunity to join a proprietary trading firm and start their trading career after successfully completing The Gauntlet.

The Gauntlet can trade for 60 days and has a virtual starting balance of $25,000. To reach the 10% profit target with a 10% maximum drawdown by the end of The Gauntlet, the traders must trade for a minimum of 30 calendar days and once a week.

A one-time fee of $429 must be paid to The Gauntlet for the 60-day testing period. The traders in this Earn2Trade-funded programme are those who desire the greatest degree of trading flexibility, as well as a fixed 10% profit target and 10% maximum drawdown. Similar to the other two Earn2Trade programmes, The Gauntlet Mini and the Trader Career Path, those that are sponsored receive an 80% profit split.

Earn2Trade Gauntlet Mini

The Gauntlet Mini was introduced by Earn2Trade in August 2019. When all requirements are satisfied, the Gauntlet Mini, a version of the standard Gauntlet, permits you to receive a funded trading account after 15 trading days. This account has a virtual capital that can be anywhere between $25,000 and $150,000. Traders who satisfy the trading requirements for 15 straight days have access to real money equivalent to a virtual deposit. Gauntlet Mini has monthly payments ranging from $150 to $350, depending on the amount of trading funds available.

Conclusion: is Earn2Trade a good funded account program?

Some of the greatest funded trading account programmes are offered by Earn2Trade. By providing top-notch extra features like free admission to the trader community and Journalytix access, Earn2Trade stands out. Aspiring traders now trade with account sizes up to $200,000 according to the new Trader Career Path.

Each of the available programmes has advantages, so it’s wonderful that traders can select the one that best suits their requirements and trading preferences. It’s encouraging to watch how Earn2Trade develops its offerings yearly. They have continually improved, and positive customer reviews demonstrates how well-liked their funded account services are.










  • Very reasonable subscriber fees
  • Quality teaching by professional and approved traders
  • Access to free trading platforms and powerful analytics
  • Trading on the Chicago Mercantile Exchange (CME), which is the world’s largest futures exchange
  • Distribution of profits in favor of the trader who receives 80%; the firm whose capital is used in trades gets 20%
  • An affiliate program with different types of commissions


  • Clients of Earn2Trade can only trade on futures exchanges
  • Restricted to certain trading platforms
  • Requires lots of time to study and practice