Elite Tactics EA

Elite Tactics EA is an Expert Advisor that operates entirely on autopilot and employs a comprehensive analysis of critical market levels. It executes pending orders that come with stop losses that can help to provide your account with protection against adverse effects. The EA features advanced filters that offer further protection against significant spreads and slippage. A notable benefit is that the EA refrains from using hazardous trading techniques such as Martingale, Grid, or Arbitrage. Its implementation ensures that your account stays on guard.

Elite Tactics EA Features

  • EA version 1.0
  • Trades on Major Pairs
  • Developed for H1 and H4 Timeframe
  • Can only be used for MT4
  • Does not use Martingale and Grid or Arbitrage in placing trades
  • Fully automated trading strategy
  • Customizable settings including optimized preset files

Elite Tactics EA Strategy

The Elite Tactics EA is a fully automated Expert Advisor that analyzes the market levels to execute pending orders while providing ample protection against risks such as slippage and large spreads. The EA’s algorithm trades pending orders based on certain levels, including Pivot levels such as support/resistance, daily highs/lows, and Fibonacci levels, among others.

Money Management features are integrated into the EA, and traders have the option of choosing between a fixed or automatic lot. Additionally, the Trailing Stop feature enables traders to manage open positions effectively. The EA operates without any limitations on currency pairs and Time frames, although the EURUSD, AUDUSD, GBPUSD, and USDJPY pairs with the H1 Time Frame are recommended.

To ensure the highest level of effectiveness, the Elite Tactics EA offers several Preset files for each of the four currency pairs. During testing, all of the settings were thoroughly optimized, and the optimal results for each of the four pairs were presented. The EA’s safety-first approach emphasizes using advanced filters that eliminate dangerous trading techniques such as Martingale, Grid, or Arbitrage.

Elite Tactics EA Settings

The Elite Tactics EA is highly customizable, allowing users to optimize settings to their preferences. To ensure optimal performance, consider the following recommendations:

  • If you prefer not to use the automatic Lot size calculation, modify the FixedLotSize parameter based on your account possibilities and level of risk.
  • If you are trading with low-leverage accounts, ensure you have an adequate margin to open positions. The EA will warn you if insufficient funds exist, but it is best to verify this yourself.
  • To utilize the Automatic Lot size calculation feature, select “UseAutomaticLot = true” and adjust the “RiskInPercentOfBalance” parameter to reflect the maximum loss you are willing to incur per trade. The Lot size is calculated based on the account balance and stop-loss level, providing a more personalized approach to risk management.


The Elite Tactics EA is a fully automated trading robot that prioritizes safety by utilizing advanced filters to eliminate risky trading techniques like Martingale, Grid, and Arbitrage. Traders can customize the settings to their preferences, (whilst it also includes) optimized preset files and money management tools that enable them to manage risk efficiently. The algorithm operates by executing pending orders based on crucial market levels like Pivot levels while providing significant safeguards against slippage and significant spreads. By optimizing the EA settings, traders can achieve maximum performance and personalized risk management according to their own preferences.

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