Epignosis Robot

Epignosis Robot represents an MT4 trading bot developed to trade assets with lower spreads during substantial price movements in trend-following market conditions.

Apart from forex and stocks, the Epignosis Robot can also be applied to trade Indices such as S&P 500, NAS100, UK 100, and DAX40.

The robot applies an algorithm-based trading strategy for identifying trading opportunities carrying a higher probability of success.

The robot weighs on increasing traders’ chance of success and takes advantage of the opening sessions of various markets when volatility is at its peak.

As an automated trading robot, the Epignosis EA can be used in all timeframes. Although, for beginners, it can be worthful to stick with one specific timeframe in the beginning so that you can accurately assess the nature and working procedure of the software.

This guide explains how the Epignosis Robot works as an MT4 EA, including its parameters and settings.

Epignosis Robot Strategy

The Epignosis trading strategy has been created based on several key indicators, including moving averages, support and resistance levels, and momentum indicators. The robot uses these indicators to identify trends in the market and make trading decisions accordingly.

Epignosis Robot MT4 Overview
Epignosis Robot MT4 Overview

Besides, traders can customize the robot’s settings to suit their individual trading preferences and risk tolerance levels. This allows traders to use the robot as a standalone trading tool or as part of a larger trading strategy.

Epignosis Robot Features

  • Applicable to forex, stocks, and indices trading.
  • Fully automated – can decide on trade entries, stop-loss, and take profits.
  • Advanced money management features.
  • Its parameters are easily customizable through MT4 settings.
  • Compatible with MT4 (build 600+), FIFO, and NFA platforms.
  • Suits all timeframes.
  • Doesn’t apply any trading account limitations.
  • Generates popup alerts on each trading activity.

Epignosis Robot Settings in MT4

Epignosis Robot MT4 Settings
Epignosis Robot MT4 Settings
  • Unique Magic Number – Set the unique magic number for the EA.
  • Session Open Time – Trading session open time for the robot.
  • Candle Close Time – Select the candle close parameters.
  • Pip Measurement – Set the pip calculation parameter.
  • Stop Loss Offset Pips – Stop-loss pip calculation parameter.
  • Reward Ratio – Set the risk-to-reward ratio for each trade executed by the robot.
  • Use Break Even SL – Activate/deactivate, bringing SL to break even automatically.
  • Profit Points for Break Even – Determines after how much profit the EA will place the SL at break even.
  • Close All Orders at TP – Enable/disable closing all orders at a specific TP point.
  • Close on % Equity Growth – Enable/disable closing orders based on a predetermined percentage of equity growth.
  • Closing Percentage Growth – Set the % growth limit for closing orders.
  • Lot Size – Default trading lot size for the EA.
  • Use Percentage Risk Lot – Set the risk factor for determining the trading lot size.
  • Close All Trades Outside Trading Window – Activate/deactivate the automatic closing of all trades outside the trading window.
  • Trading Window Open – Determine the trading window opening point.
  • Trading Window Closed – Set the trading window closing time.

Epignosis Robot Summary

The Epignosis Robot was developed to aid busy traders with a comprehensive trading solution. It can automatically determine the market entry levels, stop-loss, and trade-exit zones on behalf of its users. However, it’s important to check the robot’s consistency and sustainability before using it to manage trading with real money.

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