Esavdogar EA

The e-Savdogar EA is a forex trading robot that can operate either fully or partially automated. This means that it can execute trades on its own based on pre-determined parameters or under the guidance of a human trader. One of its key features is its ability to automate indicators, which can try to identify trading opportunities and make informed decisions. This can save traders time and effort by eliminating the need for manual analysis and interpretation of market data.

Esavdogar EA Strategy

The e-Savdogar EA utilizes three different modes of trading, each with its own unique approach:

Auto Trading Method

The first mode is auto trading, which allows the robot to adapt to the market conditions using the Hedge and Trailing functions. This means that the robot can automatically adjust its trading strategy to try to take advantage of market movements.

Manual Trading Method

The second mode is manual trading, which tries to provide traders the ability to enter the market and manage their own risk. When a position is opened, the robot can close it, providing an added layer for traders.

Indicator To Auto

The third mode is the indicator-to-auto method. This mode enables any indicator to be transformed into a robot without requiring complex coding. Essentially, this mode allows traders to create a robot that can automate any indicator, making it easier to identify trades and execute them automatically.

Esavdogar EA Features

  • Chart Analysis: Esavdogar EA provides chart analysis for traders to make decisions.
  • Hidden Take Profit: The EA has a feature that allows traders to set a hidden take profit level, which is invisible to the market, reducing the chances of the price hitting the take profit level prematurely.
  • Monitoring: The EA provides full monitoring of the market conditions, that tries to take advantage of trading opportunities.
  • Spread Management: The EA has a spread management feature that helps traders minimize drawdowns due to high spreads.
  • Candle Expiration Time: Traders can set the expiration time for each candle, that tries to customize their trading strategy to their specific needs.

Esavdogar EA Settings

  • Magic                                                                                324252
  • TradingMode                                                                    Auto
  • Direction Type                                                                BuySell
  • PassValidation                                                                  false
  • AutoSNR                                          Support and Resistance Indicator In Graph
  • SNR_Graph                                                                         true
  • BitmapSet                                       This function defines results in chart: <-Currency / Pips->
  • ShowBitmap                                                                      true
  • EA working Timeframe                                             15 Minutes
  • N1                                                                      ————————————————–
  • AutoRisk                                                            RiskFactor / 100000 * Account balance
  • AutoRiskSize                                                             true
  • RiskFactor                                                                 0.25
  • Manual_Lot                                                              0.01
  • MM                                                                            Proffessional Money management section
  • Distance Type                                                          CandleDelay
  • Distance                                                                    10
  • Hidden_TrailingStop                                               Able to manage Single and Martin Trailing
  • TrailingStop                                                              100
  • Lot_Increase Type                                                  Martingale
  • Multiplier                                                                  1.6
  • Breakeven                                                                false
  • BreakevenPIPs                                                         10.0
  • SingleOrder TP                                                        false
  • TakeProfit                                                                 30.0
  • SingleOrderSL                                                          false
  • StopLoss                                                                   30.0
  • _TP_                                                                  ||============== TP % Manage ==============||
  • TP_Type                                                                      Balance %
  • Enter Percent Profit                                                 0.0
  • Amount In $$                                                             0.0
  • OneSide Profit                                                           TP One Side %
  • OneSide Value                                                           0.1
  • _SL_                                                                    ||============== SL % Manage ==============||
  • SL_Type                                                             Balance %
  • Enter Percent Lose                                                 0.0
  • Amount out $$                                                         0.0
  • OneSide Lose                                                           TP One Side %
  • OneSide Value                                                          0.0
  • S5                                                ||======================= Session Filter =======================||
  • Local time zone GMT offset                                8
  • Broker MT4’s GMT offset                                    1
  • Show each session on the left top corner.      true
  • Session                                                                      All Sessions Trading
  • Extra Functions                                                       ————————————————–
  • DrawdownStop                                                       100.0
  • Maximum_orders                                                   30
  • Max_spread                                                             100
  • Slippage                                                                    2
  • Show Stat Info                                                        true
  • Set Color Symbol                                                    Red
  • N3                                                                              ————————————————–
  • IndicatorAutomation                           Indicator Automation: Choice In <-Trade mode-> section at home
  • Indicator Name                                                       SanityArrow
  • Buy Buffer                                                                0
  • Sell Buffer                                                                1
  • Order After Specific Bar                                       1
  • UseMartiDoubler                                                    false
  • Multiplier                                                                  2.0
  • Indicator order Stoploss in Points                      500.0
  • Indicator order Takeprofit in Points                  500.0
  • Traditional martingale for Inidicator automation           false

Esavdogar EA Summary

Overall, the e-Savdogar EA is a forex trading robot which allows traders to choose between having the robot execute trades on its own or having a human trader guide the trading process. One of the key features of this EA are its three different modes of trading. The first mode is auto trading, the second mode is manual trading, and the third mode is the indicator-to-auto method. These modes try to identify trades and execute them automatically.

It is important to note that the use of the e-Savdogar EA does not guarantee profits, and traders should always use caution when trading in the forex market. Additionally, it is recommended to use a demo account when first starting to use the EA to ensure familiarity with its functionality.

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