Especulador Scalper EA

The Especulador Scalper EA is an automated forex trading robot that specializes in scalping, a trading strategy that involves making multiple small trades from small price movements in the market. This trading tool is available for free download and is programmed to operate on EURUSD currency pair, which is a major currency pair in Forex Market. With its algorithms and automated trading capabilities, Especulador Scalper EA tries to find the potential trades for the traders.

Especulador Scalper EA Strategy

The Especulador Scalper EA allow users to scalp the market with an option of setting up the specific trading times and days in the settings, giving them control over their trading activity. This tool is designed to employ scalping methods that utilize Stop Loss (SL) and Take Profit (TP) orders, along with a trailing stop. Moreover, the Especulador Scalper EA have the option to trade with a fixed lot or use an auto lot, which automatically adjusts the size of the transaction based on pre-specified criteria of the scalping strategy. This intelligent feature ensures that the robot can adjust to changing market conditions.

Especulador Scalper EA Features

  • The robot requires a minimum account balance of $100, according to the developer.
  • It is capable of trading on any currency pair, but have the default settings for EURUSD and GBPUSD pairs.
  • The robot is designed to operate on any time frame, but have the default settings to trade on the M15 timeframe.
  • Especulador Scalper EA is equipped with a news filter that tries to avoid uncontrolled slippage during high-impact news events such as NFE/NFP or FOMC.

Especulador Scalper EA Settings

  • Trade Pair                                                                  EURUSD M15
  • Developer                                                                  Miguel
  • Info base                                                                    ===== Basic setup =====
  • Codice licenza                                                           0
  • Magic                                                                         455222
  • Commento                                                                Especulador VIP
  • Parameter_Money_Management                       ******* Basic Trading *******
  • Autolots                                                                     false
  • Balance Lot                                                               5
  • Risk                                                                             30.0
  • Lotto Fisso (Multiplier*4)                                       0.01
  • Slippage 0=Auto                                                       0
  • Stop pips 0=Auto                                                     0
  • Target pips 0=Auto                                                  0
  • Loss Volumetrico                                                     90.0
  • Profitto Volumetrico                                               75.0
  • max Spread 0=Auto max 20 points                     0.0
  • Close_Day                                                                 true
  • MaxFX Watch                                                           false
  • Massima Apertura Lots Consentita                     10.0
  • Parameter_Time                                                      ******* Time Work EA *******
  • Ora Start EA                                                              0
  • Minuti Start EA                                                        0
  • Ora Stop EA                                                              23
  • Minuti Stop EA                                                         59
  • Lunedi’                                                                        true
  • Martedi’                                                                     true
  • Mercoledi’                                                                 true
  • Giovedi’                                                                      true
  • Venerdi’                                                                      true
  • Trail                                                                             ******* Trailing  *******
  • Use Trail                                                                     false
  • TrailingLevel                                                              75
  • TrailingStep                                                               5
  • Parameter_News                                                     ******* Filtro Notizie Hight Impact  *******
  • News Filter                                                                false
  • GMT del broker                                                        2
  • Quanti minuti prima Stop EA                               60
  • Quanti minuti dopo Riprende EA                        60
  • Copia questo url in Opzioni,exc_importance&importance=1,2,3&calType=week&time
  • Special                                                                          *** Ottimizzazione ***
  • Massime Aperture Live                                            1
  • Stop Trade Alta Volatilita’                                        true
  • Massime Aperture multiple fisse lots*4              3
  • Trade Buy                                                                     true
  • Trade Sell                                                                     true
  • Trade Inverso                                                              false

Especulador Scalper EA Summary

Overall, the Especulador Scalper EA designed for scalping, and operate on the popular EURUSD currency pair. The Especulador Scalper EA also provides the option for lot sizes, which are automatically adjusted as per the user-defined settings of scalping strategy in the EA.

It is important to note that the Especulador Scalper EA could be powerful tool, but there is no guarantee of profitability. Traders are advised to test the tool on a demo account first to ensure its effectiveness for their trading needs.

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